Boiler and Heating Guides

Having issues with your current boiler? Or just want to learn more
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Boiler and Heating Guides

Need some help and advice? Not sure what a condensing boiler is, or how gas boiler installation works? Below we’ve created, and continue to create, a lot of helpful advice for customers. We’re trying to ensure that everyone is as well informed as possible.

General Advice

When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Old Boiler?

February 23, 2018/by jyles_ks

What size combi boiler do I need?

December 23, 2019/by jyles_ks

What is an Open Vent Boiler? | A Detailed Guide

July 24, 2019/by Ash

What is a heat exchanger in a boiler?

September 17, 2019/by jyles_ks

What is a Diverter Valve and how do they work?

July 11, 2019/by jyles_ks

What is a Boiler Filling Loop?

October 9, 2019/by jyles_ks

Understanding Boiler Efficiency

August 24, 2018/by Boilerhut

Should I Replace My Boiler?

December 21, 2018/by jyles_ks

New Boiler vs Getting it Repaired

April 10, 2017/by Boilerhut

How to Use a Combi Boiler

October 11, 2018/by jyles_ks

How to Save Money on Energy Bills

December 7, 2018/by Ash

How to reduce your carbon footprint

March 22, 2023/by Ash

How to Bleed a Radiator

April 18, 2023/by Ash

How Long Will It Take Our Team To Install Your New Boiler?

February 21, 2018/by jyles_ks

How long do boilers last?

November 12, 2019/by jyles_ks


May 13, 2021/by Boilerhut

Energy Efficient Combi Boilers

January 4, 2019/by Boilerhut

Cost of boiler repair vs new boiler installation

April 10, 2017/by Boilerhut

Condensing or Combi Boiler

October 3, 2018/by Boilerhut

Central Heating Costs

May 15, 2023/by Ash

Can a combi boiler go in the loft?

November 13, 2023/by Adam Apperley

Can a combi boiler go in the garage?

November 13, 2023/by Adam Apperley

Boilers Bristol – Which Boilers are Best to Buy in Bristol 2023

November 27, 2017/by jyles_ks

Boiler Service Costs

May 26, 2023/by Ash

Boiler Service Cost vs Brand New Boiler

October 26, 2017/by jyles_ks

Boiler Plus Legislation 2018

April 13, 2018/by jyles_ks

Best combi boiler for 3 bedroom house

November 12, 2019/by jyles_ks

Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Boiler

October 27, 2023/by Adam Apperley

A simple guide to balancing radiators

July 7, 2023/by Ash

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