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Are External Oil Boilers Good?

Exploring the Viability of External Oil Boilers for Efficient Heating

External oil boilers offer a practical heating solution for over 4 million UK homes. They tend to be beyond the reach of the main gas supply. This presents a slightly more complicated challenge compared to gas.

This guide examines the merits and considerations of choosing an external oil boiler.

Understanding External Oil Boilers

External oil boilers are virtually identical to their internal siblings. The major difference is that they’re insulated to ensure protection from being placed outside the home. As with internal units, external oil boilers are available in combi, system and regular types. They heat water to warm your home or supply hot water to your taps or hot water cylinder.

Advantages of Opting for an External Oil Boiler

Installing an oil boiler externally can bring several benefits. These include freeing up indoor space, reducing noise and eliminating carbon monoxide risks. They also prevent oil leaks inside the home. Maintenance access tends to be improved, too.

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Top Picks for External Oil Boilers

Leading the market are high-quality external oil boilers from manufacturers like Navien, Grant, and Worcester Bosch. These models offer various output ratings for different property sizes and heating requirements.

Are external oil boilers good? | Boilerhut

Considerations for External Oil Boiler Installation

Choosing an external oil boiler requires careful thought about outdoor space. You will need an oil tank, which will add to the cost. You will also require a hard and flat surface for the boiler to be installed on.

But you will also need to consider maintenance implications due to weather exposure and ensure proper setup to avoid efficiency loss and general damage. Also, with all modern technology, sometimes a boiler needs to be reset. This will mean a trip outside to the boiler.

Oil Types and Fuel Comparison

Most domestic heating systems use 28sec (kerosene) or 35sec oil, with kerosene preferred for its cleaner burn. While oil heating is more expensive than gas, it remains more cost-effective than LPG and electricity. Read our guide on oil vs LPG.

Oil boilers offer a viable option for homes without gas access. Modern oil boilers achieve impressive efficiencies, comparable to the best gas boilers, albeit with a higher upfront cost.

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Save up to £590 PER YEAR on your heating bills.
Quote in 30 seconds. No obligation. Next Day installation.
Save up to £590 PER YEAR!

Is an External Oil Boiler Right for You?

Modern external oil boilers are designed to withstand weather challenges. With proper insulation and installation mitigating most concerns. Their advantages in space-saving and safety can outweigh the initial higher cost. However, it’s essential to look at your specific needs, home layout, and aesthetic preferences when deciding.

Grant external oil boiler - Are external boilers good?

Installation and Professional Guidance

For the best performance and compliance with safety regulations, external oil boiler installation should be entrusted to OFTEC-registered engineers. Costs will vary based on the complexity of the installation. It is always worth obtaining multiple quotes to ensure competitive pricing.


External oil boilers stand out as a robust heating solution, particularly for properties off the gas grid.

While they offer significant benefits regarding space, safety, and convenience, it’s crucial to weigh these against the initial cost.

There are many considerations before you take the plunge. Get a free, no-obligation quote with Boilerhut. We’ll be able to go through the specifics of a new external boiler with you.

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