Boiler Installation in Bristol

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Save up to £590 PER YEAR

Boiler Installation in Bristol

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Compare quotes for the best new boiler installation in Bristol & the South-West. Whether you need a natural gas boiler, LPG boiler or an oil boiler, or if it’s an emergency boiler replacement, our instant online quote tool will give you a fixed cost for a fully installed boiler.

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Instant quotes for a new boiler in Bristol

Embarking on a new boiler installation in Bristol? Understanding the new boiler cost and options available can be daunting.

Below we will provide insights into the average costs, factors influencing the price, and the best boilers available for your home.

We are a UK-wide boiler installation company with a team of experienced Gas Safe registered heating engineers covering Bristol and the South-West.

Boiler Installation in Bristol Costs

The typical cost for a new boiler installation in Bristol hovers around £2,582, aligning closely with the national average. Costs can vary if you’re considering a replacement, a conversion, or relocation. However, Bristol offers competitive pricing, and with our next-day installation service, convenience is just a quick quote away.

If you are not connected to the gas grid, you will need to consider LPG or oil. Currently, the most popular alternative boiler option is an oil boiler. On average, an oil boiler installation in Bristol costs £4,908. At Boilerhut, we recommend the best boiler brand in the UK, Viessmann.

Boilerhut offers fixed pricing no matter where you live. Getting a quote from us directly may surprise you.

Average installation costs

Boiler Type Least Expensive Most Expensive
Gas Combi boiler £2,055 £4,499
Oil Combi boiler £3,699 £6,359
Storage Combi boiler £4,039 £5,236
System boiler £2,233 £4,766
Regular boiler / Conventional boiler £2,233 £4,236

Factors Affecting Boiler Installation Costs

Several elements can influence the final price of your boiler installation, including:

  • Boiler Type: Combi, system, or regular boilers come at different prices.
  • Fuel Source: Gas, electric, or oil boilers have varying costs.
  • Installation Complexity: Relocating or converting your boiler type can add to the expense.
  • Additional Features: Smart thermostats and filters, though optional, can enhance performance and efficiency but at an extra cost.

Why choose Boilerhut?

We’ve installed 1000s of boiler across Bristol and the South-West of the UK. All our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered or APHC accredited.

  • 100s 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Up to 12-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Next day boiler installations.
  • Manufacturer accredited installers.
  • Service plans available.

Is Bristol a hard water area?

Yes, Bristol is amongst the 60% of locations in the UK that is categorised as having hard water. Supplied by Bristol Water, Bristol’s water is described as hard due to the level of calcium carbonate that it contains.

Hard water isn’t an issue for us at Boilerhut, to remedy this we will install a hard water filter at the same time as installing your boiler. This filter will work to remove the limescale that forms when calcium carbonate in the water is heated. We will also undertake a full chemical flush to resolve any existing limescale issues in your heating system.

Installation Timeframes

The duration of your boiler installation can vary. It typically ranges from a single day for straightforward replacements to two days for more complex conversions and central heating installations. If you are changing to a combi, there may be further complexities to consider like pipework and tank removal.

Is It Time for a New Boiler?

Boilers typically last 10-15 years. If your boiler is frequently breaking down or if it’s an older model with low efficiency, considering a new boiler could save you money. Modern boilers reduce running costs and are more environmentally friendly. Some of our premium Viessmann boiler models can reach 98% efficiency.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice in Bristol

In Bristol, opting for a new boiler installation can be a wise investment, potentially aligning with the national average in terms of cost. Remember to compare quotes, seek recommendations, and consider the long-term savings of a more efficient system.

At Boilerhut, we’re here to assist you every step of the way, from selecting the perfect boiler to installation and continued support.

For a hassle-free new boiler installation in Bristol, choose Boilerhut. Get an an online quote in less than 1 minute with our online tool.

What next?

If you need a new or replacement boiler or are looking at having a central heating system installed, get an online quote (it takes less than 1 minute), and you’ll get an instant price. But why choose Boilerhut:

  • Next-day boiler installation in Bristol and the South-West.
  • Instant, no-obligation quote in less than 1 minute.
  • Boiler finance options available for new boilers and central heating installation.
  • 10 to 12-year warranty on boilers.
  • ‘Excellent’ 5* customer satisfaction on Trustpilot.
  • Fixed prices. No hidden extras.
  • Get up to three quotes for different-tier boilers.

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