Boiler Installation Hereford

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Save up to £590 PER YEAR

Boiler Installation Hereford

Are you looking for boiler installation in Hereford?

If your boiler has broken or it’s just time for a new one, we are here to help with our boiler installation services in Hereford.

With a network of over 100 Gas Safe registered engineers, we offer boiler installations across the UK. However, due to our head office being located just over 1 hour away in Rumney, Cardiff, we have a local installation team covering Hereford and the wider Herefordshire area.

In addition to the city itself, we also offer our boiler installation services to many other locations across Herefordshire. We offer installations in locations that include Leominster, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye and Bromyard.

How much does a boiler installation cost in Hereford?

The average cost of a premium gas boiler installation for a 3 bedroom house in Hereford is £2,196. However, it should be noted that as Herefordshire is one of England’s most rural counties, 49.5% of the overall county is not connected to the gas grid*.

This means that gas boilers are not an option, and an oil or LPG boiler should be installed instead. The cost of an oil boiler installation in Hereford is more expensive with an average cost of £4,978.

Is Hereford a hard water area?

Hereford is a moderate water area. This means that the water in the area is not as harsh as 60% of the UK which is classed as having hard or very hard water. Moderate water is not an issue. However, it does have higher levels of calcium carbonate than soft water.

When it comes to having a boiler installed, this may mean that an additional hard water filter needs to be fitted as part of the installation.

The reason for this is when moderate to hard/very hard water is heated and left to stand the dissolved calcium carbonate minerals will solidify as limescale, which can build up and affect the efficiency of your heating system. At Boilerhut, we provide a chemical flush of your heating system to remove any existing limescale issues.

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