Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler

The Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler is part of Ariston’s ONE range. Our team have comprehensively reviewed this model and have summarised what you need to know before choosing this boiler for your home or company premises.

Price (Installed): From £ (inc. VAT)

Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler Technical Specification

ModelClas System ONE
Efficiency Rating94%
Energy Efficiency ClassA Rated
LPG CompatibleYes
Warranty8-year warranty
Central Heating Max. Output29.2 or 30.6 kW
Weight28.5 or 31.1 kg
Dimensions745mm (Height) x 400mm (Width) x 385mm (Depth)

The Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler is available in the following models – 18, 24 and 30kW 

Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler Key Features

  • The Ariston Clas System ONE is a wall-mounted boiler, featuring a large back-lit display panel.
  • Can be installed on a wall, some cupboards (dimensions allowing) or an airing cupboard.
  • Offers improved water flow thanks to the patented Xtratech™ which has a single coil design with wide waterways to prevent blockages by debris.
  • Holds an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating and is 94% efficient for heat and hot water.
  • Includes 1:7 modulation ratio, which provides the required heating levels, while also keeping gas bills low.
  • Compatible with smart technology, including Ariston’s Ariston Net app.
  • As a system boiler, requires a water cylinder to function.

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About the Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler

  • The Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler has been designed for homes that require access to continuous hot water, available from more than one room in your home simultaneously and are average water consumers
  • Wall-mounted, this boiler weighs just over 31kg making it fairly average for a boiler of this output rate
  • Can integrate with smart thermostats, including the Ariston Net system, as well as other brands like Tado and Hive
  • Fairly energy-efficient, one of the top energy efficiency ratings at 94% among the Ariston ONE range

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Our thoughts on the Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler

The Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler is a reliable system boiler engineered to provide energy-efficient hot water and heating to medium-sized homes. Comes with a range of features, including Ariston’s patented heat exchanger and soundproofing technology.

This boiler may fit in a cupboard, depending on the dimensions, but can fill a space where a dishwasher or washing machine may sit in a kitchen or an airing cupboard. However, as a system boiler, there will need to be room for a water cylinder if you do not already have one installed which needs to be factored into installation costs.

Ariston – a global brand

Ariston has become a trusted name in the boiler world. Their boilers have won awards for design and this model is aesthetically pleasing, with no sharp edges and a well-designed manual control panel. 

Increasingly, Ariston is synonymous with reliability and a low risk of malfunction. While they don’t yet have the brand recognition of Worcester Bosch or Viessmann – thanks to their engineering commitment to reducing blockages, Ariston is often recommended by engineers.

Commitment to energy efficiency 

The Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler is available in three models – 18, 24 and 30 kW. 

All three boiler models have a high energy efficiency rating, A-rated and with above 90% efficiency. This will help ensure that – despite their powerful heating and hot water systems -that your gas and electricity bills stay low and you can reduce your home’s carbon emissions.

Easy to service and monitor

Due to their design, fully colour coded and with the ability to monitor diagnostics both manually and digitally via the Ariston Net app, you can rest assured that any issues with this boiler can be swiftly resolved, often without the assistance of an engineer. You also benefit from an eight-year warranty for total peace of mind.

Choose from a range of control options

With the Ariston ONE boilers, you can opt for the standard manual control panel, featuring a back-lit LED display. You also have the option to install a complimentary smart heating system, via the Ariston Net app. Utilising smart technology, you can control heating remotely with compatible Android and iOS operating system smartphones, tablet and computers.

Wide availability of parts 

The Ariston Clas System ONE Gas System Boiler is not manufactured in the UK. However, if you need a replacement item for repairs, your engineer will easily find spare parts at Screwfix, Plumbase and other plumbing merchants both in-store and online.

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