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Combi Boiler System

A combi boiler system does not require attic tanks or hot water cylinders. It produces central heating and hot water within the boiler unit itself. What do we mean by a Combi Boiler System? This may be confusing for some people, because essentially there are three types of boiler configurations: Open Vent/Conventional/Regular Boiler (Requires tanks […]

Combi Boiler Reliability

Combi boiler reliability is of utmost importance today, especially when boiler manufacturers have been accused of manufacturing frail boilers that only last last long enough to cover their warranty period. Reliability is not dependent on brand name, brand reputation, after-sales service, how many service engineers the brand has, or national pride. Combi boiler reliability depends […]

Combi Boiler Reviews

We’ve put together these combi boiler reviews as a great way to “try before you buy”.  At Boilerhut, we have a team comprising heat engineers with over 40 years of experience. Over the years, we have installed and worked on combi boilers from all of the major boiler manufacturers in the UK. If you’re ever […]

Should I Replace My Boiler?

“Should I replace my boiler with a condensing boiler?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Boilerhut. In this post we’ll try and give you factual and in-depth advice on whether or not your hard earned money should be spent on a new boiler. According to the UK’s Energy Saving Trust, […]

New Boiler Quote Online

New Boiler Quote Online is without doubt the fastest (and probably the safest) way to get your boiler installed. Allow us to explain why. We’re in 2019 now and have made the transition into a truly digital age.  You can now buy everything from a pin to a plane online, from your smartphone!  This wasn’t […]

How to Save Money on Energy Bills

It’s not difficult to save money on energy bills. In fact it takes a few simple tweaks, and often times you don’t even have to be involved! Energy companies have a way of pulling the rug from underneath you from time to time.  One sunny afternoon when everything is going well, you receive a sky […]