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How to Buy the Best Boilers in the UK 2019

If you’re searching for Best Boilers online, chances are: Your old boiler has broken down. You would actively like to start saving money on your energy bills. You’ve read that a condensing boiler can save 40% a year on your energy bills (average savings up to £600). You’re losing money on boiler repair, because your old […]

Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann boilers

Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann – Which is the Better Boiler? Worcester bosch vs Viessmann comparison is now gaining traction in the UK, as more and more people are looking at the latest Best Buy Boiler report for 2018. Worcester Bosch boilers are well-established and award-winning in the UK, and their boilers have been installed in over […]

Should I Get a Combi Boiler?

“Should I get a Combi Boiler?” is probably the biggest question on your mind if your boiler has packed up just as it’s starting to get cold in October, or whether you’re in the middle of holiday season at the end of the year.  In this post, with help from the best heating experts in […]

Viessmann Boiler

Viessmann Boiler – Best Kept Secret in Britain While we’re all proud and like to support and back national/local “Made in Britain” products, sometimes it’s better to work on facts.  Especially when you’re making a buying decision as big as a new boiler or a central heating system.  It’s no secret that the Viessmann Boiler brand […]

Recommended Combi Boilers

The recommended combi boilers list in this post have been carefully picked by our heating experts with over 40 years experience in heating and plumbing.  Before we go forward, if you haven’t had to change your boiler in the last 20 years, chances are you haven’t had to bother researching combi boilers.  We have done […]

Cheap Combi Boiler

Sometimes it’s better to have a cheap combi boiler than no central heating at all in your home in the middle of winter.  When it comes to a cheap combi boiler, it’s best to have realistic expectations, or no expectations at all.  Central heating boilers have evolved into complex machines relying on high quality internal […]

Combi Boiler Problems

Brace yourselves, winter’s coming, and so are combi boiler problems.  So if you don’t want to feel like that in the middle of winter, our best advice is to solve your combi boiler problems now in the transition period.  (This post was updated in September 2018.) Get FREE Online Quote Everyone is familiar with that […]

How to Use a Combi Boiler

Before we delve deeper into How to Use a Combi Boiler in the most efficient way possible, probably it would be a good idea to understand What is a Combi Boiler and How a Combi Boiler Works, for which we’ve done in-depth guides on our website previously.  Briefly, combi stands for combination, because the boiler combines heating and […]

Combi Boiler Makes

Fortunately in the UK we’re spoiled for choices with several combi boiler makes available, even though many of the combi boiler makes may not actually be British. Why Buy Combi Boilers? Combi boilers are increasingly becoming the boilers of choice in the UK because of the reasons listed below: They’re more efficient: Because combi boilers […]

Condensing or Combi Boiler

We’ve had a lot of queries from clients asking about condensing or combi boiler, or what is the difference between a combi boiler and a condensing boiler.  To make it clear from the start, those are incorrect questions because all modern combi boilers are condensing boilers.  If your boiler has suddenly broken down after 20 […]