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Baxi 600 Boiler – Review

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Witten by Bernard Morgan (Engineer) & Adam Apperley (Marketing). Published: June 16, 2021. Updated: January 23, 2024

Boiler only price: from £1,204

(13kW Regular/heat boiler-only price: comparing up to five suppliers, including Screwfix and Plumbase, where possible. Correct January 2024).

The Baxi 600 boiler is a mid-range wall-mounted boiler from Baxi. The 600 range is available as a combi, system or regular (known as ‘heat-only’ by Baxi) and is designed for medium-sized properties. The Baxi 600s can convert to LPG or natural gas without the need for additional hardware.

We have outlined below the major features of the Baxi 600 boiler range. We’ve also highlighted what you should know prior to purchase so you can decide if it’s the right boiler for the needs of your home and household.

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The Baxi 600 range are mid-range boilers for medium-sized homes. They are available in multiple power outputs to suit a range of homes.

The 600s are compact and can easily fit inside a kitchen cupboard or be hidden away in a utility room, loft or garage.

The Baxi 600 range is also compatible with Baxi’s uSense, and other smart thermostats. This will allow you to have fine control over the heating in your home.

The 600 Combi 2 and 600 System 2 versions have an LCD display to ensure you can see temperatures and fault codes easily. They are also Open Therm compliant ensuring the boilers can modulate to save you money.

All the boilers have frost protection and come with a 7-year warranty.

Models in the Baxi 600 range

  • Combi boilers
    • Baxi 624 Combi 2 – 24kW
    • Baxi 630 Combi 2 – 30.9kW
    • Baxi 636 Combi 2 – 36.9kW
  • System boilers
    • Baxi 615 System 2 – 15kW
    • Baxi 618 System 2 – 18kW
    • Baxi 624 System 2 – 24kW
  • Heat-only/regular boilers
    • Baxi 613 Heat – 13kW
    • Baxi 616 Heat – 16kW
    • Baxi 619 Heat – 19kW
    • Baxi 625 Heat – 25kW
    • Baxi 630 Heat – 30kW

Key Features

  • Holds an ErP ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, with an operation of 93% efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight design: easy to install
  • Can be installed in a large cupboard or airing cupboard space because of its small size, or it can be wall-mounted
  • Simple to use controls with LCD display (Combi 2 and System 2 versions)
  • Provides a maximum heating output of 27.1kW

Technical Specification

Manufacturer Baxi
Model 600
Condensing Yes
Efficiency Rating 93%
Energy Efficiency Class A Rated
LPG Compatible Yes (no kit required)
Warranty 7-year standard warranty
Central Heating Max. Output Combi 2: 21.8 – 27.1kW
System 2: 16.3 – 26.3kW
Heat: 13 – 30kW
Power Outputs Available Combi 2: 24, 30 and 36kW
System 2: 15, 18 and 24kW
Heat-only: 13, 16, 19, 25, 30kW
Hot Water Flow Rate Combi 2: 10.2, 12.2 and 15 litres/minute
Mounting Wall Mounted
Weight 29.5 kg
Dimensions Combi 2 & System 2: 700 x 395 x 285 (height x width x depth – mm)
Heat-only: 625 x 370 x 270 (height x width x depth – mm)
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Our thoughts

The Baxi 600 range is well-designed and flexible thanks to the options available. the Combi 2 and System 2 are the latest versions of the boiler and come with stainless steel heat exchangers.

They are a good size for cupboards or for hiding away. While it is not as powerful as other models on the market, it is popular due to its affordability and ease of installation.

It is worth noting, however, that the Combi 2 and System 2 versions have a maximum central heating capacity of 100 litres. This is an average medium-sized home. If you have too many radiators these boilers won’t have the power to pump the hot water around the system.

The stainless steel heat exchangers in the Combi 2 and System 2 versions are a welcome addition to this boiler. But the Heat version has yet to migrate over. We would recommend waiting for the Heat to migrate over to stainless steel before choosing this model.

The 600 range is also able to convert to LPG from natural gas without the need for additional hardware. This is a great feature as it will keep the price down for homes without natural gas.

An award-winning global brand

Baxi has won awards for its customer service and innovation. Designed in The Netherlands and manufactured in the UK, Baxi has a reputation for reliability and support.

Choose the right model for your needs

The Baxi 600 range is available in combi, system and regular boiler options, and in a range of kW, making it suitable for nearly every home.

A combi boiler heats water directly from the mains, as well as providing efficient heating from one unit. Instant heating reduces energy waste and helps to minimise water inefficiency in your home.

A system boiler requires a cylinder and can supply hot water to multiple taps simultaneously which is ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms.

Regular boilers, like the Baxi 600 Heat, need a hot water and cold water tank and an external pump.

The right Baxi model for you will depend on your water usage, the number of bathrooms in your property, and your existing heating system.

Reduce gas and electricity consumption

The UK government has committed to achieving a net zero emissions rating within the next decade. Baxi takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030.

A Baxi boiler can help your home reduce carbon emissions and save money on your energy bills. However, it is worth noting that the energy efficiency rating for the Baxi 600 range, while an A rating, can be beaten by other manufacturers.

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