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Witten by Bernard Morgan (Engineer) & Adam Apperley (Marketing). Published: June 15, 2021. Updated: February 1, 2024

Baxi Platinum+ System Boiler Review

The Baxi Platinum+ System Boiler was part of Baxi’s Platinum range and was designed for larger properties with several bathrooms and households with high hot water demands.

This boiler has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured. Please see other boilers in the Baxi range. Some older stock may still be available. Ensure you confirm warranty periods before purchasing these boilers.

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer Baxi
Model Platinum+ System 
Condensing Yes
Efficiency Rating 92%
Energy Efficiency Class A Rated
LPG Compatible No
Warranty 10 year parts and labour
Central Heating Max. Output 32 kW
Mounting Wall mounted
Weight 38.4 kg
Dimensions 780 mm (Height) x 450 (Width) x 345 mm (Depth)

Key Features:

  • The Baxi Platinum+ System was suitable for houses that have the space for a hot water cylinder, as this will need to be incorporated into the heating system
  • Perfect for homes that use a lot of hot water or need to use hot water in multiple locations of the home at once
  • Includes an Adey Micro2 magnetic system filter to protect the heating system and boiler
  • Like the other models in the Platinum range, it has an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating and is 92% efficient.
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  • The Baxi Platinum+ System Boiler was a popular system boiler in the Baxi range. The main benefits of a system boiler were that you could access hot water from different parts of your home simultaneously without impacting the pressure. It was compatible with the market-leading Megaflo Eco hot water cylinder, which can be installed alongside the boiler
  • It’s of a medium size, so it could fit in an airing cupboard, or fit on the wall in somewhere like a kitchen or bathroom. However, it’s too large to fit in a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Includes built in frost risk protection via the thermostat
  • The Baxi Platinum+ System does not have OpenTherm Interface, which means it does not work with smart heating controls.
  • Available with an extended warranty period of ten years
  • Can be controlled via a simple LCD display on the front of the boiler where you can monitor the boiler’s settings.
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Save up to £590 PER YEAR on your heating bills.
Quote in 30 seconds. No obligation. Next Day installation.
Save up to £590 PER YEAR!

Our thoughts:

Please be aware this is a discontinued boiler.

The Baxi Platinum+ System Boiler requires a water cylinder if you don’t already have one. It is designed to integrate with the Megaflo Eco cylinder, which can help to maximise the efficiency of your boiler and increase its hot water flow rates.

This style of boiler can generally provide more hot water than an equivalent standard combi boiler. Our installers will be happy to advise if this boiler is suitable for your home.

Reliable choice

The Baxi Platinum+ System is manufactured by Baxi. This company is all about reliability and affordability. The boiler works by heating the water in your central heating system as well as by storing hot water in a domestic cylinder.

This boiler has an A ErP rating and operates at 92% efficiency, so whilst not the highest efficiency boiler, it will make a marked difference to your energy bills if you choose this to replace an older non-condensing system boiler.

Technologically advanced

The Baxi Platinum+ System is operated using its simple integrated LCD control panel. Installation is also made easier, thanks to the included pre-plumbing jig, which means the plumbing works can be completed before the boiler is installed. There are also multiple flue options available which maximise the possibilities of where the boiler can be installed. The boiler is compatible with many mechanical timers and thermostats.

Manufactured in the UK

The Baxi Platinum+ System boiler and its components are manufactured in factories in Preston and Norwich – just like the other models in the Baxi range. If you are looking to buy a UK-made system boiler – look no further. Parts for Baxi products, when you need a service or a repair, are widely available across the UK.

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