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Boiler Fuel Types

We install gas, oil, and LPG boilers. Our boilers are Boiler Plus
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Boiler Fuel Types

As an independent boiler installation company, we are able to supply and install many boiler fuel types, such as gas, oil and LPG boilers, from any manufacturer available in the UK.

However, as a team of heating engineers with over 40 years of experience, we constantly review the UK marketplace and will only ever recommend a boiler that suits the exact needs of your property and household.

Whilst we are able to install boilers from any manufacturer, our constant research into the UK marketplace has resulted in us being proud to be Viessmann Trained Installers, part of the Grant G1 scheme, Ariston recommended installers and approved Navien Certified Installers.

All of the boilers we install are Boiler Plus compliant, A-rated and offer more than 90% efficiency.

Our Boiler Fuel Types

We will supply and install everything that is required for a full central heating system.

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Gas Boilers

With a network of over 100 gas boiler installers, we are able to provide boiler installation to all mainland UK postcodes.

Oil Boilers

With a large network of oil boiler engineers across the country, we are able to provide oil boiler installations to all mainland UK postcodes.

LPG Boilers

We offer a comprehensive LPG boiler installation service. If you’re looking for an alternative to oil, or if you are replacing an existing boiler in your property.

How to choose the best boiler fuel type for your home

Selecting a new boiler has become more intricate due to advancements in eco-friendly technologies and fuels. This has been driven by the UK government’s sustainability goals.

There are a number of options. You must also consider the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and regulation changes for low-carbon heating systems.

Gas remains the most prevalent heating source in the UK, despite concerns over carbon emissions. Gas boilers offer high efficiency and affordability, and the regulations do not ban gas boilers. They are being restricted for new homes only.

Oil is another common choice for off-grid homes. They offer energy efficiency but face challenges with rising prices and higher emmissions than gas. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) provides a compact storage solution and lower emissions compared to oil. Although it comes with higher installation costs and a limited pool of qualified engineers.

Heat pumps, heralded for their efficiency, draw heat from the air, ground, or water. While they offer long-term savings, the initial investment can be substantial. Electric heating, while emission-free and low-maintenance, incurs higher operational costs. This is especially true as electricity is 3-4 times the price of gas.

With each heating option presenting distinct advantages and challenges, homeowners must weigh factors such as efficiency, cost, and environmental impact.

For more information we’ve written a number of guides which will help you decide which fuel is best for you:

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