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The Best LPG Combi Boilers 2023

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The Best LPG Combi Boilers 2023

Last Updated on March 8, 2023

The Best LPG Combi Boilers 2023

An LPG combi boiler is one of the best alternatives to a Mains Gas combi boiler, especially if you live off the gas grid or in a static caravan where a gas meter cannot be installed.

A few years ago you had very few options, but now there are high-efficiency LPG combi boiler models available in the UK from several manufacturers.

LPG boilers, just like gas boilers, are available in Open Vent/Conventional, Sealed System and Combi (short for combination) boiler models.  If you need help choosing which LPG boiler is most suitable for your property, you can do so by going through our intelligent quoting system.

Once you’ve received a price estimate from us, our heating expert may call you for any free heating advice, questions and help you choose the best LPG combi boiler for your property.

Before we look at the best LPG combi boiler in the UK for 2023, let’s compare LPG with its alternative for off-grid homes.  Heating oil.

LPG vs Oil Boilers for Off-Grid Homes

Which Fuel is Cheaper?

Mains gas is the cheapest fuel to run your central heating on.

But if you’re living off the UK’s mains gas grid, the options you have for central heating are (in no particular order):

  • Heating oil
  • LPG
  • Electric
  • Heat pumps (ground source)
  • Biomass boiler
  • Solar panels

Heating oil and LPG are comparable in price, and also widely available.

They are not necessarily the cheapest or the most efficient fuel source, as electric, ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar panels have them beat in the areas of energy efficiency and long term savings.

Oil may be marginally cheaper to use compared to LPG when it comes to boilers and central heating.  However, heating oil may be more damaging to the environment because it produces more carbon dioxide.  Furthermore, heating oil is restricted to the boiler only.  Whereas LPG can also be used as fuel for other kitchen appliances like gas fire, hob, oven etc.

LPG or Oil Boilers. Which is Cheaper?

Oil and LPG boilers are vastly different.  LPG boilers can be anywhere between £1,000 to £2,000 cheaper than oil boilers depending on your property size and the output that’s needed.  There are external oil boiler models also available, which may be more expensive.

Why are LPG boilers cheaper?  Because Mains Gas and LPG boilers are almost identical, manufacturers don’t have to make an LPG combi boiler separately.  A mains gas combi boiler can be converted to an LPG combi boiler with an LPG conversion kit fairly easily.

Then there are premium, high-end boilers like the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W, which can automatically adjust to a fuel type (Gas or LPG) without the need for an LPG conversion kit.

Best LPG Combi Boiler UK 2023

Choosing which LPG combi boiler is best can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin.  This is why this article is full of factual, unbiased and in-depth information on the best LPG combi boiler you can buy in the UK in 2023.

Seems like our top 5 list is dominated by German LPG combi boiler manufacturers.  But no need to worry, these are multinational companies, all of them headquartered in the UK.

Spare parts are available at several different plumbing merchants across the UK.  Brexit won’t have any effect on their sales or after-sales service either.

The list below is irrespective of price, as we’re looking at performance, energy efficiency and other features to help you choose the best LPG combi boiler possible for your home.

1. Viessmann Vitodens 200-W LPG Combi Boiler

Approximate Boiler Only Price: £1,600 inc. VAT
Approximate Boiler Installation Price: £3,000 inc. VAT

As we have mentioned several times on our blog in the past, this is the bees-knees among the best boilers available in the UK.  It’s the highest efficiency, most powerful residential boiler money can buy right now.  And for good reason.  At 98% energy efficiency it blows the competition away.  With Viessmann weather compensation and other settings, it can be even 100% efficient, which means no fuel wasted at all!

This is also one of the only boilers we know of that doesn’t need an LPG conversion kit.  Once installed, it automatically adjusts to different fuel types.

Furthermore, if you have this boiler along with other energy-saving appliances and practices like cavity wall insulation, your home gets the A rating by the EPC register.  Which on top of saving you money in terms of energy efficiency over the long term, also makes your home super attractive to potential buyers.

With more facts coming to the surface, like how animal agriculture is destroying our planet, people are becoming more environmentally conscious.  By simply reducing your consumption of red meat, pork and chicken, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

This boiler may just save enough fuel so you don’t feel guilty for having that steak.

Key Features:
  • Up to 98% of the fuel used is converted into heat
  • Quietest LPG combi boiler in the UK at 34db
  • Automatically Adjusts to LPG or Mains Gas
  • Compact dimensions, only 450 mm wide
  • Pressure Release Valve and Condensate combined (easy installation)
  • Easy to operate Vitotronic control unit with a 5-inch colour touchscreen
  • Control via app and internet (with optional Vitoconnect 100 WLAN adaptor)
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • System boiler: Cascade with up to six boilers up to 594 kW possible
  • Environmentally responsible MatriX cylinder burner
  • Optional remote fault notifications for Viessmann Trained Installer

2. Viessmann Vitodens 100-W LPG Combi Boiler

Approximate Boiler Only Price: £1,050 inc. VAT
Approximate Boiler Installation Price: £2,500 inc. VAT

This is the mid-level offering from Viessmann. The price difference between this and the 200-w is about £500 to £600. You don’t get the sky high-efficiency figures you get with the 200-w, but this is not far off.

With the help of weather compensation and programmable or internet-enabled smart thermostats like Nest, this boiler can get up to 94% efficiency. Which is not that far off from a premium boiler.

Key Features:
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Quiet operation thanks to low fan speed
  • Available in outputs from 4.7 to 35 kW
  • High-quality Stainless Steel Inox-Radial Heat Exchanger
  • Pressure Release Valve and Condensate combined (Easy Installation)
  • Class A rated for Energy Efficiency
  • Low CO2 emissions for reduced environmental impact
  • User-friendly Backlit LCD Touch screen for easy operation
  • Optional room thermostats available
  • Up to 10 year extended warranty available
  • LPG Conversion Kit Available

3. Vaillant EcoTEC Pro LPG Combi Boiler

Approximate Boiler Only Price: £1,090 inc. VAT
Approximate Boiler Installation Price: £2,600 inc. VAT

A very good LPG combi boiler made by one of the best boiler brands in the UK.

Vaillant are one of the top 3 manufacturers in the UK, and recipient of the “Best Buy Boiler” award in 2017 and 2018 alongside Viessmann and Worcester Bosch.  And for good reasons.

Vaillant have dabbled with using stainless steel heat exchangers for their boilers and it’s made a return for some of their premium models.  This is what’s gained them the third spot over Worcester Bosch in this list.

Having said all that, there are plenty of complaints about Vaillant’s heat exchanger design, as it keeps getting blocked due of sludge and debris.

Key Features:
  • Three combi models covering 24, 28 or 30kW heating outputs
  • A flow rate of up to 12.3 litres per min for fast instant hot water
  • ErP A rated for both hot water and heating efficiency
  • Dimensions in mm (825 model): H 720 x W 440 x D 338
  • Works with LPG where required

4. Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi LPG Combi Boiler

Approximate Boiler Only Price: £1,250 inc. VAT
Approximate Boiler Installation Price: £2,800 inc. VAT

Worcester Heat Systems Ltd was fully acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH in 1992.  Highest selling boiler in the UK, and market leader.  Why is it at number 4?

Solid boilers, great customer service, wide availability of spares, good after-sales care etc. but let down by Worcester Bosch’s reluctance to use higher quality internal components.  They’ve decided to stick with aluminium for their heat exchangers when stainless steel is obviously the more durable and reliable metal.

So, while this boiler will be at high efficiency starting off.  After the first 1000 operating hours, the efficiency drops down dramatically due to the fact that aluminium is more corrosion-prone.  This is not just factual but from personal experience, because as a business we’ve had calls from Worcester Bosch customers wanting to replace their boilers after the first 6-8 years of use.

And because of their market position, history, and the name, “Worcester”, Bosch can charge a premium and some customers will blindly pay it without fully researching the product they’re buying.  Of course, their accredited installers and sales reps will disagree with us vehemently.

Key Features:
  • Simple boiler control knobs with clear temperature display
  • Low energy pump reduces electrical usage
  • Frost protection is included, reducing frost risk if installed in a garage or a loft
  • Larger two bathroom properties can be supplied by higher output options
  • Wide choice of controls enables greater comfort and economy
  • Inbuilt keyless filling link making it easy to refill your system
  • Large Condensesure style siphon built into the boiler – eliminates frost risk*

5. Viessmann Vitodens 050-W LPG Combi Boiler

Approximate Boiler Only Price: £850 inc. VAT
Approximate Boiler Installation Price: £2,100 inc. VAT

Viessmann’s entry level model packs a surprising punch! This is cheaper than all of the boilers listed above and is almost as efficient, if not more than some of them. Furthermore, Viessmann’s patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger makes its way into the 050-W as well.

Because Viessmann manufactures the heat exchanger and other internal components in-house instead of sourcing it from third parties, they can compete at a better price point for this boiler than other manufacturers. This may give the impression that this is a cheap LPG combi boiler, but it’s really not.

The only reason this model isn’t above the Worcester Bosch or Vaillant models is that Viessmann doesn’t offer a 7-year Parts & Labour warranty instead of 10 years throughout. You can however get full 10-year warranty on this model (Parts & Labour and Heat Exchanger) if installed by a Viessmann Premium Partner like Boilerhut.

Key Features:
  • Ultra-compact – Just 707mm in height
  • DHW output ratings of 5.9 to 35 kW
  • High-quality stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger
  • Pressure Release Valve and Condensate combined (Easy Installation)
  • Integral instantaneous water heater
  • High efficiency – up to 97% (Hs) [gross cv]
  • Low CO2 emissions for reduced environmental impact
  • Digital user interface with LCD display for easy operation
  • Optional room thermostats, plug in time clock and wireless receiver
  • Up to 7 year extended warranty available
  • Class A rated for energy efficiency

6. Ideal Vogue GEN2 LPG Combi Boiler

Approximate Boiler Only Price: £1,030 inc. VAT
Approximate Boiler Installation Price: £2,500 inc. VAT

Along with Worcester Bosch, they are one of the most installed boilers and well-known boiler brand in the UK. But just like Worcester Bosch, they haven’t bothered to use stainless steel heat exchangers. That on top of complaints about bad customer service, unreliable boilers and shoddy after-sales service, things don’t look that good for Ideal Boilers.

Key Features:
  • Compact. 10 – year warranty
  • Backlit 3.5” LCD full-colour display
  • Built using premium components
  • Multi-function buttons for ease of use
  • Energy Saving Trust endorsed
  • LPG conversion available

Why is Viessmann Better than their Rivals?

You must have seen us promote Viessmann over other brands.  At Boilerhut, we believe in working with the best brands.  So, even if we weren’t Premium Partners with Viessmann, or approved installers, or had any liaisons with any other manufacturer, we will still promote Viessmann.

A couple of reasons for that:

1. Most Impressive Boiler Range in the World

Solution for Every Need.

Nobody else can boast of high 98% efficiency residential boilers like the Vitodens 200-W or the Fuel Cell Heating Appliance, the Vitovalor 300-P (generates power and heat simultaneously).  Or floor standing, space-saving storage combi boilers like the Vitodens 222-F and the Vitodens 242-F.

2. World Leading Commercial Heating Experience

Viessmann has a long and rich history in the commercial heating space.  Their commercial boilers keep many of the world’s largest stadiums, corporate buildings, and factories warm, including the Principality Stadium and Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

3. Focus on Energy Efficiency and Excellence

Viessmann have brought their commercial heating experience into the domestic boiler market and made some of the highest efficiency, technologically brilliant boilers.  There’s no other way to say this.  These are the best boilers in the UK right now, and it shows in how they’ve won the Which? Best Buy Boiler UK status for the second year running.

4. Patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger (Manufactured In-House)

The best heat exchanger on the market.  Patented.  Manufactured in-house.  So you as the consumer get the highest quality central heating for a nominal price.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion in a wide range of pH levels.  Whereas for aluminium, if the proper fluids are not used to produce and maintain a narrow pH range, it will corrode much faster. Without the use of proper fluids, you can damage an aluminium heat exchanger.

And if you do damage the heat exchanger, your warranty will be voided, because the manufacturer will cite improper use of fluids.

In direct comparison, stainless steel heat exchangers do not require special fluids, are compatible with plain clean water and commonly available propylene glycol.

Inox Stainless Steel is an alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass and a maximum of 1.2% carbon by mass.  Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, and low maintenance, make it an ideal material for a heat exchanger inside a boiler that has to go through furnace-like thermal stresses on a daily basis.

This means a Viessmann boiler will be durable and reliable for much, much longer compared to boilers with an aluminium heat exchanger.

No other brand can use the patented Inox-Radial design.  Nor do they have the facility or the know-how to manufacture it in-house to keep the cost of new boiler down.  This is why when you go with any other brand, you’re getting a below-par boiler for the same price.

For more information on these vital components, take a look at our ‘What is a Heat Exchanger?‘ blog post.

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