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Which is the best oil boiler?

A new oil boiler is more expensive to buy than electric or LPG boilers (for homes without access to natural gas). But, they tend to be cheaper to run. Unlike their gas equivalents, the choice of oil boilers is small. Still, deciding on the best oil boiler for your needs can be challenging.

Our Top 3 Best Oil Boilers

  1. 1. Navien LCB700 Blue Flame Oil Boiler

    LCB700 Oil Boiler - Best oil boiler | BoilerhutPrice: from £2,266 for a 21kW system boiler (not including installation)

    We recommend the Navien LCB700 series for almost any oil installation. They have a range of power outputs across combi, system and regular types. Plus, they have an external version of each for flexibility.

    • Efficiency: The Navien LCB700 provides excellent efficiency of 93% thanks, in part, to its Blue Flame operation
    • Warranty: With a 10-year warranty, the Navien has the longest warranty period for an oil boiler.
    • Technology: For superior efficiency, the Navien boiler uses different technology. This includes Blue-flame technology and a stainless steel heat exchanger. It also has self-learning hot water usage monitoring. Plus an integration with Navien Smart Plus room thermostats.
    • Lighter: Making it easy to transport and install.
    • Modulation: 1:10. The only oil boiler on the market to modulate.
  2. 2. Grant Vortex Pro Oil Boiler

    Price: from £3,033 (boiler only)

  3. The Grant Vortex Pro oil boiler is known for its reliability and performance. It is available as a regular, combi and system boiler. It’s also available with options for internal and external installation.
    • Efficiency: The Vortex Pro is up to 93% efficient.
    • Warranty: 5-year warranty as standard.
    • Technology: Equipped with the award-winning Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger, ensuring efficiency.
    • Quiet: 50.6 dB operation.
  4. 3. Worcester Greenstar Heatslave II Oil Boiler

    Price: from £2,989 (boiler only)

  5. The Heatslave II is a floor-standing oil boiler that can fit under most kitchen worktops. It is also available in both internal and external versions to allow you to save room in your home. It is available as a regular, combi and system boiler.
    • Efficiency: 94% efficient.
    • Warranty: 5-year warranty as standard.
    • Offers hot water flow rates of up to 22 litres per minute with the 32 kW model.
    • Unfortunately, it uses an aluminium heat exchanger, which can degrade over time, causing efficiency loss.
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Getting Started With an Oil Boiler

If you don’t have a gas supply and prefer oil to LPG, you will need a tank to store the oil in bulk. This is normally located next to the property or garage. This will need filling at least once a year, but it depends on your oil tank size. The majority of oil boilers in the UK use kerosene oil.

Like gas and LPG, oil boilers come in three types: Combi boilers are an all-in-one unit providing heating and hot water without the need for a hot water cylinder; And system and regular boilers that do require additional tanks and cylinders, normally in the loft or airing cupboard.

When replacing an oil boiler, you are not required to replace your oil storage tank. But you may need to if the boiler and tank don’t pass building regulations.

We considered the following when recommending boiler brands and models: price, warranty, design, material quality, customer feedback, customer service, awards and accolades. As discussed in the introduction, we have also considered blue and yellow flame technology.

So what’s the best oil boiler for me?

When it comes to selecting a boiler for your home, there are certain factors you need to consider. These include the size of your property, your hot water and heating needs, and your budget.

It is essential that you choose a boiler that can provide you with enough hot water and heating. Additionally, you should take into account the energy efficiency rating, brand, and warranty of the boiler.

Our team can talk to you and suggest the most appropriate and efficient boiler for your home. They can also discuss the various brands and models available.

Remember, oil boiler installation is more expensive than gas and LPG but if you don’t have access to natural gas it may be the best option.

Get Your FREE Online Quote Today!
Save up to £590 PER YEAR on your heating bills.
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Save up to £590 PER YEAR!

Frequently asked questions

Boilers over 10-15 years old can be inefficient, operating at 50-70% efficiency. Upgrading to a modern condensing oil boiler, can give you efficiencies of up to 94% with oil. This could significantly reduce your heating bills and your carbon footprint.

There is no more danger with oil than with gas. They’re both very safe. Often, external oil boilers can be placed outside of the home, alleviating fears further. With proper upkeep, oil boilers are among the safest options for home heating.

The most common oil used in home heating is kerosene. This is usually purchased in bulk through your local supplier. They will then deliver and transfer it to a tank on your property.

Like any boiler, we suggest getting an annual service through a manufacturer-authorised engineer. This will ensure proper servicing, and if the boiler is new, your warranty should be kept safe.

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