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7 Ways to Get the Best Boiler Installation in Cardiff

Boiler installation Cardiff has become somewhat of a hot topic since the 2018 Great Britain and Ireland cold wave because a lot of old boilers suddenly stopped working.  Imagine that.  One of the worst winters in recent times, sub-zero temperatures, and the only thing keeping you and your family warm stops working.  The phones at our offices went off the chains with people asking for emergency boiler repair because of a sudden boiler breakdown.  If you are proactive during the warmer months, you can prevent this from happening and save yourself an unnecessary headache (on top of a cold).  You can get an online boiler quote for boiler installation Cardiff by entering your postcode below and hitting the green button.

This post gives you 10 best ways you can ensure you get the best boiler installation Cardiff to keep you and your loved ones warm and secure during another harsh cold wave.

1. If your boiler is older than 12 years, don’t repair it.  Replace it.

If your property has a non-condensing boiler (generally older than 12-15 years), chances are it is not as efficient as a modern A-rated condensing boiler.  The reason a boiler loses efficiency over time is because its internal components go through extreme temperatures and ridiculous thermal and mechanical stresses on a daily basis, especially during winter.  If these boilers are not serviced at least once per year, eventually something will break.  Which is the same for any mechanical device, whether it’s your car or your boiler.

Yes, we know paying for a new boiler installation Cardiff can be a one of the biggest buying decisions in a household.  But if you’re already spending money on repairing your old boiler every couple of months, you’re just losing money hand over fist on top of low energy efficiency.  A usual plumber visit can cost you upwards of £150 for minor repairs such as a replacement fan, gas valve or printed circuit board.  For more serious problems like replacing a heat exchanger, expect to cough up £300.  These are just estimates, actual cost can vary depending on several different circumstances.  According to market research data, an average consumer can spend anywhere between £800 to £1000 a year on boiler repairs.

Older boilers can be even more expensive to service, because the parts may not be available, and if they are, it may be more expensive to source them.  If you live more remotely compared to others, the plumber may charge you extra because they have to travel further.

2. Save Time & Money: Get an Online Boiler Quote

The days of traditional boiler quotes are long gone.  If you still prefer to be nostalgic and call a local plumber to come to your house and give you a cost breakdown on a flimsy paper with “Invoice” in big letters on the top, crack on.  Do keep in mind though, you’ll have to take time out of your busy schedule and wait for the plumber to arrive at your house.  And if the plumber can’t come for the survey on the weekend, you may have to take time off work for the physical survey, causing even further delays.  And if the plumber cancels their appointment last minute and you have to reschedule, that just puts a massive cherry on top of the time wasting cake.  Add to that another week to a few weeks for the boiler installation Cardiff to go through.

There is a simple solution to all the problems mentioned above.  Leverage modern technology.  Even if you are allergic to the internet, get someone you know to get an online boiler quote for you.  It literally takes a few minutes.  You can begin by entering your postcode and hitting the green button below:

It’s as easy as clicking on a couple of question cards, and takes a few minutes.

3. Discuss your Boiler Installation Cardiff with a Heating Expert

boiler installation cardiff

Usually after getting an online boiler quote, you will discuss your needs with a heating engineer over the phone.  99% of the installations are straightforward, and can be planned with the help of a few photos or a video survey.  If it’s too complex however, a physical survey can always be set up.  Below are a couple of things you should always discuss in detail with a heating engineer or a boiler expert before deciding on a boiler installation Cardiff:

Hot water demands: How many bathrooms, number of people in the house.

Size of your property: How many bedrooms, number of radiators.

4. Choose a Boiler Installation Company over an Independent Plumber

There are a couple of reasons for this recommendation.  We are fully aware that we are a boiler installation Cardiff company ourselves, but we’re trying to be unbiased for this article and presenting facts rather than opinion.  Probably one of the biggest reasons to choose a local, independent, solo plumber is for a cheaper price.  However a boiler installation company would be more beneficial for you.  Simply because one-man-bands, where a lot of the business depends on one or two people, may mean you have to wait longer for everything depending on the person’s schedule.  Whether it’s the initial boiler quote and survey.  Or the boiler installation Cardiff can be delayed depending on the plumber’s schedule.  And if something goes wrong, you may have to wait longer again for a repair visit.  If your boiler breaks down in the middle of winter, and the plumber is on vacation in Mexico, you have no other option but to wait until he comes back or arranges his colleague/team member to visit you.

Boiler installation Cardiff companies like Boilerhut have more structured practices in place.  They also have several teams of heating engineers and Gas Safe installers on their payroll.  There are measures put in place so that there is always someone available, whether it’s a weekend or you’re in the middle of a holiday season.  Getting an online quote takes 2-3 minutes.  Finalising the quote can be done on the same day, and the boiler can be installed within 2-3 days, even on weekends.  In an age where time is of essence, and because of technology, you as the consumer is in the driving seat to choose to spend your time wisely.

5. DO NOT Install the Boiler Yourself. Check for Certification and Accreditation

This goes without saying, you shouldn’t be installing the boiler yourself.  Not only is it illegal, but also highly dangerous.  Illegal gas workers are prosecuted daily and there is good reason why.  You as a layman do not have the expertise or the knowledge or the correct test equipment to install a boiler.  Especially when there are gas connections involved.  Even if you decide to break the law and install the boiler yourself, and have your Gas Safe Registered friend sign off on it, both of you are in breach of the law and can face hefty fines and even prison sentences.  Please do not listen to idiots on the internet who may try to convince you to save money and install a boiler yourself.  You will not only be putting yourself, but also your family in danger.  Below are a couple of reasons why you should never even consider doing a boiler installation Cardiff yourself:

  • A highly skilled Gas Safe Registered Engineer spends almost 5 years studying, and probably doesn’t hit their true level of experience until 5-10 years.
  • They have to use Flue Gas Analysers, which cost between £600 & £1000.
  • Flues Gas Analysers need to be calibrated annually and hold a certificate.
  • Suitability of the boiler for the property needs to be checked.
  • Siting of the boiler needs to be safe and comply with Gas Safe & Building Regulations.
  • Appropriate materials and fittings specified by the manufacturer have to be used.
  • Making a gas connection to a new boiler not done by a Gas Safe Registered Installer means heavy fines or prison.
  • Equipment like Manometers test the gas supply and make sure the pressures are safe.
  • Gas integrity needs to be tested prior to connecting the boiler.  And again once connected.
  • Let-by test & tightness test.
  • Flow rates need to be checked and adjusted.
  • Gas Safe Engineers need to gas rate the boiler, and check gas pressures and flue integrity.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you read all of the above, and somehow by miracle or divine intervention, still decide to install the boiler and make gas connections yourself, you will invalidate the boiler warranty.  (On top of paying a hefty fine or sharing a bunk bed with your Gas Safe friend who signed off on it)

6. Don’t buy from Large Heating Companies

This may seem like a shock, and even ridiculous to some people, but hear us out.  Judging by a lot of clients who have left massive energy companies like British Gas, E.ON, SSE etc. and come to Boilerhut, it seems something’s not right there.  Below are a couple of reasons why:

  • Energy Company Quotes are Much Higher

Clients have gotten quotes from Boilerhut up to £2000 cheaper for the exact spec, model, extras compared to energy companies like British Gas, E.ON, SSE etc.

  • It takes forever to get a quote, and weeks to a month further to book an installation.

  • Expect similar time delays for service call-outs as well.

  • No Personal Connection or Client Care

Because they are massive companies with billions in annual turnover, for them you are just a number.  Whereas for medium scale boiler installation companies, every client matters, and you get treated with much more care.

7. Look for Unbiased, Online Reviews

boilerhut reviews

Luckily for you as a consumer in 2018, you can find unbiased reviews left by satisfied customers on places like Facebook or TrustPilot.  These websites check and confirm to make sure the reviews are legitimate, for the most part.  Now, do keep in mind, every business has reasonable and unreasonable customers.  It’s not always peachy.  So, always look for the overall score.  If a company’s score is anything above 8 after a respectable number of reviews, it means you can’t go wrong.

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