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Boiler Installation

Save up to £590 a year on your heating bill with a new boiler installation.
We simplify the process and offer next-day installation.
5* Rated - Find out more below.

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Save up to £590 PER YEAR a year
on your energy bill

Boiler Installation

Boiler installation that gives back

  • Lower heating bills

    Save up to £590 a year on your heating bills with highly efficient boiler installation.

  • Reduced carbon footprint

    Up to 98% efficiency means you use less gas to heat your home. Reducing carbon emissions.

  • Modern condensing boilers

    Sleek boilers, smart copper pipework and modern radiators all help make your home look good and stay warm.

  • Quiet operation

    Whisper quiet operation means new boilers can be put into kitchens without disrupting your day-to-day life.

  • Continued support

    At Boilerhut, we like to fit and support for ten years. We don’t fit and forget about you.

Why choose Boilerhut for your boiler installation

Nationwide, next-day boiler installation. Save money and stay warm with premium boilers from a 5-star rated boiler installation company. Get a free, no-obligation quote to get your new boiler.

  • Get up to four quotes to compare prices
  • Price includes the boiler, installation, flushing, filters, labour, and VAT
  • Premium Viessmann-approved boiler installation – the best boilers in the world
  • Installation includes wireless room thermostat, flue, building regulations and induction to your boiler
  • Flexible finance available – pay back early with no penalty
  • Service with us to guarantee your warranty for 10 to 12 years
  • Installation next day where possible

Why trust Boilerhut?

5* rated service

Fixed price installation quote

Fixed pricing, no matter where you live

Gas Safe approved

Next day boiler installation

Get up to 3 quotes for a new boiler

Up to 12-year warranty

Expert advice and support

Boilerhut is here for the long term. We’ve been a boiler installation company since 2013 and are proud of our 4.9* Trustpilot and 4.7* Google ratings.

Our engineers are highly professional and manufacturer-certified. This means your new boiler installation will follow all the manufacturer’s strict instructions, giving you peace of mind.

We offer great value, and we will continue to support you for the life of your boiler.

If you have a new Viessmann boiler installed, we can monitor it from our office and arrange for them to service it annually. Essentially, ensuring perfect operation.

So why wait? Compare up to 4 boiler installation quotes now. It’s free, and there is no obligation.

Boiler Installation Case Study

This video shows Boilerhut swapping an old boiler for a new one.

Combi boilers are the most popular boiler type in the UK. They offer fantastic flexibility and save you money as no additional hot water tank exists.

Watch Boilerhut swap an old combi boiler for a new boiler.

Replacing your boiler is a decision that will transform your home, ensuring warmth, efficiency, and peace of mind for years. Typically, a well-maintained boiler serves your home for 10 to 15 years. Yet, as a boiler approaches this age, it’s wise to consider a new boiler.

The decision to replace your boiler might come sooner if you notice signs of wear or malfunction. Frequent breakdowns, low efficiency, escalating energy bills, unusual noises or leaks indicate a replacment boiler is probably required. While some issues can be resolved with professional repairs, a persistent problem signals it’s time for an upgrade.

Choosing your next boiler is an opportunity to enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency. Consider the boiler type that aligns with your home’s requirements. Your usage patterns, the size of your home and cold water pressure are all important factors to consider.

Reliability is key, so researching reviews and performance ratings will guide you to a trustworthy choice. But don’t only research boilers, look at installation company reviews too.

Boilerhut is ready to help you with a new boiler. We offer fixed quotes that cover the boiler, installation, and removal of your old unit.

Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free transition:

  • Removal: Our skilled installer will remove and dispose of your old boiler.
  • System Flush: A thorough flush or clean of your system prepares it for the boiler installation.
  • Installation: Your new boiler will be installed, complete with any necessary pipework and extras (filters and flue etc). This is followed by testing and regulatory paperwork.
  • Handover: We’ll make sure you know how to use your new boiler. All warranties are secured for your peace of mind.

Typically, a straightforward combi boiler replacement is completed within a day. More complicated installations will extend this timeline. For example, changing an old back boiler for a combi boiler can take two days. Also, if we’re installing radiators, new gas pipes, vertical flues, or performing advanced flushes it will take longer.

Discovering your ideal boiler with Boilerhut is a breeze (see our guide on the best boilers available). Our online quote and comparison tool is designed for ease of use. It requires only a few details about your home and current heating system to tailor our recommendations to your specific needs.

When you choose Boilerhut for your boiler replacement, you’re not just getting a new boiler. You’re receiving a service that includes the boiler and it’s installation plus we’ll be there to support you for the life of that boiler. All this is included in the price…that’s often better value than other, larger companies.

Embrace the future of heating with Boilerhut. Efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction are key.

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