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How did we create our boiler range?

The UK boiler market is one of the largest in the world with hundreds of boiler manufacturers to choose from. This can make the decision process incredibly difficult.

To remove the hard work for our clients, we ensure that our stock only contains the best boilers available from each of our hand-picked suppliers. 

Using expertise and experience, we complete a comprehensive assessment to ensure that our products are energy efficient and offer incredible performance. Before deciding to work with a particular boiler manufacturer, we consider the following points: 

  • Our engineers’ experience in installing boilers from the manufacturer
  • Components used in the boiler (e.g. whether they use stainless steel or an aluminium heat exchanger)
  • Ease of installation (this can be very important and can reduce installation times saving you money)
  • Parts availability
  • Service level agreements with various manufacturers
  • Warranty period
  • Warranty terms and conditions
  • Independent testing

Boiler Hut is passionate about looking out for our clients. We strive to ensure that your boiler is long-lasting and saves you money over time. With professional installations and comprehensive warranties, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. 

Certified Installation Services

Boiler Hut is dedicated to providing professional and reliable services from purchase and even many years after installation. As part of our commitment to offering the highest quality boiler installation service, we are certified with the following:

  • Viessmann Trained Installers
  • Part of the Grant G1 scheme
  • Ariston recommended installers 
  • Approved Navien Certified Installers

However, as an independent boiler installation company, we are also able to install boilers from any manufacturer available in the UK. Contact us today for more information.

Which Type of Boiler is Right for Me?

Before discovering our full range of boiler systems below, it can be helpful to know what exactly you are looking for. With so many high performing appliances on the market, Boiler Hut offers plenty to choose from.

There are three types of boilers commonly installed within homes across the UK. These include combi, conventional and system boilers. For your understanding, we’ve provided an explanation of each boiler system below.

Combi Boilers

As the name suggests, combi boilers offer a combination of hot water production for both taps and radiators. Combi boilers are increasingly popular within smaller homes due to their compact nature. These appliances work by heating water within the boiler system, as and when hot water is required.

All modern combi boilers will include condensing technology to increase their efficiency. This means that during heating, excess water vapour condensation is gathered to be recycled. This uses less fuel and offers savings on your energy bills.

Conventional Boilers

Generally considered to be the traditional method of heating a home, conventional boilers are a great choice when plenty of hot water is required at the same time. The system operates with two water tanks for hot and cold storage. This generally requires a large amount of storage space in the home.

Different outputs can be installed depending on the size of your house to ensure there is always enough hot water for the number of bathrooms. Due to the ability to store heated water, hot water can be supplied directly to the taps as soon as it is requested. 

Discover more information about Conventional Boilers

System Boilers

System boilers are one of the best boilers for homes with more than one bathroom as they are also compact to store. They tend to be highly efficient and can be quick and easy to install. 

Due to a lack of cold water storage, the system takes up less space within the home. Instead, many of the heating components are housed inside the appliance. Hot water is then stored within cylinders to ensure an efficient supply of hot water as it is needed.

Discover more information about System Boilers 

Our Boiler Range

Viessman Boilers

Awarded Which? Best Buy status every year since 2017, Viessman Boilers are renowned for their use of innovative technology to enhance efficiency and sustainability. 

At Boiler Hut, you can discover a range of Visessman combi boilers, storage combi boilers, system boilers and conventional boilers in a range of sizes. 

Discover our Viessman Boiler range 

Ariston Boilers

As a global leader in heating solutions, Ariston provides boiler systems in over 150 countries worldwide. Boiler Hut is a certified supplier of a selection of both their combi boiler range and system boiler range. 

Discover our Ariston Boiler range

Navien Boilers

Navien has long been regarded as one of the world’s best-selling boiler brands, despite only being introduced to the UK market in 2014. If you’re looking for a boiler that is celebrated for efficiency and reliability, check out the full range at Boiler Hut.

As Navien certified installers, the team at Boiler Hut can expertly install Navien gas combi boilers, oil boilers, electric water heaters and the Navien hybrigen SE boiler.

Discover our Navien Boiler range

Valliant Boilers

Operating as a family run business for almost 150 years, Valliant is an award-winning brand who are invested in improving the energy efficiency of its appliances. 

Boiler Hut is a supplier of some of Valliant’s best boiler systems, including both the ecoFIT and ecoTEC ranges with various outputs. 

Discover our Valliant Boiler range

Worcester Boilers

Established and ran in the UK, Worcester Bosch is recognised as the UK market leader for domestic boiler systems. With numerous accreditations and awards, Worcester offers some of the best gas, oil and system boilers available at Boiler Hut

Discover our Worcester Boiler range

Grant Boilers

As pioneers in the heating industry, Grant introduced condensing technology within their Vortex range in 2002. Their current systems are endorsed by the Energy saving trust, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. 

Boiler Hut is pleased to offer two of the best boilers that Grant has to offer, the Vortex and VortexBlue oil boiler ranges.

Discover our Grant Boiler range

Boiler range by Fuel Type

Boiler Hut is committed to selecting and providing the best boilers available across the UK. As an independent installation company, we are able to supply and install a range of Gas, Oil and LPG boilers from several manufacturers. 

If you’re looking to replace a system that utilises an alternative fuel, you can browse our boiler range by fuel type below.

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