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Last Updated on October 27, 2023

Emergency Boiler Repair

This guide is about emergency boiler repair and replacement. Boilers can malfunction at the most inconvenient times, whether it’s the peak of winter or the height of summer. If your boiler is over 15 years old, the risk of a breakdown is significantly higher than if it was new.

A malfunctioning boiler can disrupt your daily life, particularly if you have a family and especially during colder months. We’ll aim to help you navigate emergency boiler repair and potential replacement.

Immediate Steps to Take

  • Turn Off the Boiler

    For safety, the first action is to switch off the boiler. Turning off a malfunctioning boiler is a safety precaution. Even if the boiler appears to be non-operational, it could still pose risks such as gas leaks or electrical faults or it could even cause more damage to itself or the heating system, eventually costing more money to repair or replace.

    A gas leak would be rare, but not impossible. If it’s broken give the boiler a good visual inspection without taking anything apart. A Gas Safe engineer will always be the best person to open the boiler up to take a look inside. Plus, it could still be hot. As well as gas issues, if something has happened to the electrics turning the boiler off will minimise the risk to you and your family.

    Turning the boiler off should also stop anything getting worse over time. If the boiler turns on it could break even more, or cause damage to pipework and radiators. Again, this is rare, but could happen.

  • Call a Certified Gas Safe Engineer

    Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to evaluate the situation and determine if a repair is feasible. For a list of Gas Safe engineers near you, the Gas Safe website has a great local search. Find the page here >

  • Assess Your Situation

    Consider the urgency of the repair based on the current weather conditions and your household needs. If the repair is urgent, you may need to consider paying more for an out of hours callout. If not, you might be ok waiting a couple of days for the engineer to fit you into their schedule.

Things to Think About

  • Spare Parts

    Boiler manufacturers are required to make spare parts available for 10 years. This seems like a long time, but some boilers can last 15+ years. Some manufacturers, however, will continue making parts longer than this.

    It’s also worth noting that replacement parts for older boilers can sometimes be very expensive or hard to find. We work very closely with Viessmann who will ensure we can get parts for their boilers.

  • Boilers Can Be Written Off

    Boilers, like cars, can be written off for a number of different reasons. The worst of these is that it has become unsafe over time with leaking seals or pipes. This would require the engineer turning the boiler off and advising you to NOT turn it back on.

    Another reason could be that parts are not available or are now very expensive as the boiler is 10-15 years old. In these cases it would be more economical to replace the boiler; especially as a new Viessmann boiler could be around 96% efficient.

  • New Boilers Might Be The Best Option

    If your boiler has given up it’s worth knowing that all manufacturers offer warranties and newer boilers are, most likely, more efficient than boilers that are 5+ years old. We’re a Viessmann premium supplier and can offer up to a 12 year warranty on certain models and 10 year warranties on others. This is why they’re a Which! recommended manufacturer.

  • Size and Sound

    It’s worth noting that modern boilers are quieter during operation and usually smaller in physical size than older boiler. This makes them more atheistically pleasing and can often give you space back inside your home.

Calling Around And Quoting Online

  • Get On The Phone

    Despite the convenience of online services for almost everything, many people still opt for traditional methods when it comes to boiler repair. You may need to call multiple local plumbing and heating firms for quotes, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

    To find local people try asking friends, family and neighbours if they know anyone they can recommend.

  • The Modern Way

    With the power of the internet, you can now get an immediate online quote for emergency boiler repair or replacement. This not only saves time but also allows for quicker service.

So where does Boilerhut come in to all this?

combi boiler imageEmergency boiler repair doesn’t have to be a lengthy or complicated process, but be quick. Don’t leave it.

As discussed, boilers tend to breakdown at the most inconvenient times, and you probably won’t be alone. If it’s late autumn, or winter we almost guarantee that other households are in the same boat. And they’ll all be in queue for the same number of engineers.

If Boilerhut didn’t install your boiler we’ll be unable to help with a repair. But if we installed a Viessmann for you we may be able to log into the boiler from our office and check what’s happening.

So, if your boiler is repairable, thats great news. It means you can be back up and running as quickly as the engineer can get a part, or clean out a heat exchanger, often within a day.

However, some boilers will never turn on again. It’s just their time, and Boilerhut are here to help you out with quick replacement.

So why choose Boilerhut?

  • Instant Quote in 1 Minute

    We have a great online quote tool for boiler replacements, upgrades or conversions from one system-type to another. Boilerhut puts you in control, eliminating the need for initial time-consuming physical surveys and allowing you to have a full quote after a quick phone call with our experienced team.

  • The Best Boilers

    We’re a Viessmann authorised seller and specialise in their Which! Best Buy range. But, we can get almost any boiler on the market. So, why specialise in Viessmann? We know they’re fantastic products. When installed by us, we can offer up to a 12 year warranty (if serviced through Viessmann annually) and they come with a stainless steel heat exchanger which doesn’t lose efficiency over time like aluminium exchangers. See the Viessmann boilers >

  • Experienced and Certified

    With over 40 years of combined experience, Boilerhut works with top manufacturers like Viessmann, ensuring high-quality boilers, extended warranties and fast and quality installations.

  • Finance Available

    Boilers are not considerate, they always seem to breakdown at the worst time of year, and as such we can offer finance through a partner to help you pay for your new heating system.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Unlike many competitors, Boilerhut offers the possibility of next-day installations and even weekend appointments. Obviously, this depends on the time of year but more often than not we can complete an install within 5 days.

  • High Customer Satisfaction

    At Boilerhut, we are proud to have a Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on over 820 reviews. This is a testament to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, who provide excellent customer service, our after sales care, and the fact that we install high-quality energy efficient boilers.

We understand that having your boiler replaced can be a stressful experience, so we do everything we can to make the process as smooth, easy and quick as possible. We offer a fast and efficient service, a wide range of highly efficient boilers to choose from, expert installation, competitive prices, and extended warranties.

We are also committed to Boiler Plus compliance, so you can be sure that your new boiler will be highly energy efficient to help to reduce your carbon footprint, and your install will be by-the-book.

Here are some of the things that our customers have said about us on Trustpilot (or visit the Trustpilot site here >):

  • "Overall friendly, good customer service and reasonably priced. Installed the boiler on Sunday."

    Farrow, 16th October 2023

  • "Engineer arrived on time. Very polite and thorough. Cleaned up afterwards and explained everything about boiler. Excellent service. Fitted on Saturday which was very convenient."

    Michael, 9th October 2023

  • "Great Experience with Boiler Hut, very Efficient and installed quickly, Oliver explained everything, and sorted what I required, Fitted by Robin and Mick top guys, Thank you Spot on."

    C Purdue, 8th August 2023

If you need to have your boiler replaced because it has become unreliable, or it has broken down, we encourage you to get a quick free, no obligation, online quote from Boilerhut. We are confident that we can provide you with the best possible service and fantastic value.

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