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Last Updated on May 1, 2023

Cost of boiler repair vs new boiler installation

What is better? Boiler repair vs replacement?

Boiler repair vs replacement is often a thought circling around in a homeowner’s head.  People don’t often give much thought to their central heating systems.  We just expect to turn them on and ta-da! they work, heating up our homes and supplying us with hot water. As we all know, “winter is coming”, and people will be using their boilers more in this cold British weather. Unfortunately, they can be an expensive inconvenience even at the best of times for people who are considering boiler repair vs replacement. And even more unfortunately, more boilers tend to break down in the colder months because they’ve been inactive over the spring/summer. And then they’re expected to come back to life in autumn/winter but that isn’t always the case.

replacement boiler

We want people to stay warm and let everybody knows the cost of getting boiler repair vs replacement  rather than getting a brand new one installed. Because when a boiler reaches a certain age, then they’re more likely to break down even if they have previously been repaired. In fact we’ve known them to break down more often after their first repair.

If you’ve had a broken boiler before, then you may know some of common boiler faults:

  • Water not heating up to a high enough temperature to wash comfortably. Or perhaps the water not even warming up at all.
  • The boiler’s leaking or dripping.
  • You’re hearing strange banging noises, whistling, or gurgling sounds coming from your boiler.
  • The pilot light on a back boiler has gone out.
  • The water temperature is alright but the pressure is dreadful, just a dribble coming out of the tap, similar to having a shower from leftover water on a tree.

With the prices and quality reviews at Boilerhut the decision of boiler repair vs replacement becomes really easy with no upfront costs. Depending on what you prefer, anywhere between 2-3 to 7 years payment plans, we could agree to a convenient monthly repayment amount to suit your budget. Or if you qualify for a free boiler grant, then you could receive a free boiler from us completely free of charge.

We checked the prices for boiler repair vs replacement with British gas and found that it could cost between £3500 and £5000. And they charge £110 as a call out fee .

Then we looked at getting boiler repair costs with a local plumber and their call out charge is roughly £50. And the parts and labour cost would be around £370. Now, while this seems better than getting a new boiler, because it’s cheaper up front, but then it’ll only need repeat boiler repairs again and will turn into false economy.

Boiler repair vs replacement – Facts

Thankfully our finance options at Boiler Hut make replacing your old boiler affordable. And you can rest at ease knowing that all of our finance options are backed with a full 7-year warranty on parts and labour and 10 years warranty on Inox-radial stainless steel heat exchangers on Viessmann A-rated boilers.

We understand that one finance package does not necessarily always suit everybody’s monthly budget, so that is why we have various finance options available. And it’s also why we are confident in saying that we have a finance option available tailored to your needs and budget. If you would like to know more, either:

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