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Boiler Service Cost vs Brand New Boiler

What are the usual Boiler Service Costs

We look at some of the main reasons for your boiler service costs.

Preserve the Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you don’t have the boiler repaired by the manufacturer annually or semi-annually, you may have your warranty voided, which would be very detrimental for you over the long term.

Service, Repair and Extras

In the UK, if you have a Gas Safe registered engineer/company pay you a visit to repair your boiler, it will cost you at least £60 to £100 for the regular check-up and maintenance. When the engineer arrives, they may find there are more problems with your boiler, and along with any extra fittings, the boiler service costs may go from £400 to £500. (These are rough indications of pricing, and may vary depending upon what work needs to be done, who does it, and the boiler manufacturer.)


If you do not adhere to the safety guidelines and have your boiler serviced when it should be by a Gas Safe registered company or engineer, you could have gas or carbon monoxide leaks, which are potentially deadly. You could be putting yourself and your whole family at risk by being negligent.

Problems with an Old Boiler

If your boiler is more than 10-15 years old, chances are that according to the UK’s Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register, your boiler could have a rating of B or below, and it could also have degradation on the heat exchanger.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, as per an EPC Register check, your boiler could be B rated, and only 70% efficient. What that means in monetary terms is that for every £100 you spend on your energy bills, you could be losing £30 simply because of your boiler. Those things add up, and you could be losing up to £200 every year on energy bills alone.

Save up to 40% on your Energy Bills

If you’re holding onto a 10-15 year old boiler for whatever reason, it could be costing you huge amounts of money. Simply because they’re running on older technology, worn out heat exchangers and older parts. All of that means they are nowhere as efficient as the latest boilers utilizing the latest condensing technology.  Modern boilers can have a Class A rating, and be highly efficient (Viessmann condensing gas boilers with stainless steel heat exchangers have achieved class leading 98% efficiency).

For example, if your old back boiler is 50% efficient, you could be losing 50% of the money on energy bills. Which means by switching to a brand new boiler, savings can be £350 per year, or 45% of your energy bills!

Heating bills account for about 60% of what you spend on energy per year, so a high-efficiency boiler makes a huge difference in your overall expenses.

If you are fed up of getting your boiler repaired over and over again, only for them to stop working right in the middle of winter, what is the solution?

Brand New Condensing Boiler – High Efficiency

Starting at £1695 – up to £4000 (Depending on extra options)

Modern boilers are highly efficient for many reasons, but their main advantage is that they are all condensing boilers. All modern boilers burn fuel very efficiently, but they eventually lose some heat in the hot gases that escape through the flue. A condensing boiler has a large heat exchanger, so it recovers more heat and sends cooler gases up the flue, in turn achieving higher efficiency. Sometimes the flue gases get so cool that the water vapour in the gas condenses out, hence the name, and even more energy is recovered from the condensing vapour.

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W

Viessmann – Class A – 98% Efficiency

We’ve talked about this in our previous posts, but it is important to stress that Viessmann condensing boilers use Inox radial stainless steel heat exchangers, compared to other boiler brands utilizing aluminium heat exchangers. That alone gives Viessmann the efficiency and reliability edge, helping them achieve up to 98% efficiency requiring less energy, modulating their energy usage between 5 KW and 30 KW. Old boilers use all of 30 KW consistently.

Decided on a new boiler? Some considerations.

Once you’ve decided to invest in a brand new boiler (right choice BTW) instead of carrying on with bleeding money into boiler service costs, the next couple of decisions are quite easy.

Type of Boiler

Combi boilers may be the most efficient in terms of needing the least amount of space compared to regular or system boilers. Gas boilers may also win out on requiring lesser installation time and cost.

Hot water requirement and space

If it’s a big house with many occupants, it’s probably a good idea to stick with a regular boiler. If it’s an apartment or a smaller house with a few occupants, a combi boiler may be the best choice.

Eco friendly – Solar compatibility

solar water heating, eco heating

If you are keen on renewable energy now or in the future, you will need a cylinder that is right for the job. So, if you are considering solar thermal or solar PV, a heat-pump, or even a wood-burner, a cylinder will fit your needs. For a solar thermal option, a twin coil cylinder would be appropriate. If you want to go for heat pumps, a larger single coil cylinder maybe required because of the lower temperatures they operate at, requiring greater surface area. With solar PV, a cylinder with immersion can heat water during daylight hours for evening use.

Most combi boilers won’t be very compatible with solar technology, so if you’re planning on solar, perhaps a regular boiler would be the way to go.

Find the best boiler installer

As per the regulations, Gas and LPG boilers must be installed by Gas Safe registered installers. You can find registered installers on Gas Safe Register.

Boilerhut is a boiler company that makes this whole process super easy for you. Once you request for a quote through the Boilerhut website, you can get it done in as soon as 1 day, and the boiler installed in the next 3-4 days. Whereas other boiler companies may take up to 3 weeks to give you a quote, and another few weeks to install the boiler!

Boilerhut also have been in the boiler business for several years, and have excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook and Google.

And because we are Gas Safe registered, we’ll ensure that your system complies with current building regulations, and make sure you get all the documentation to prove this. Those documents are essential and should be kept safe because you’ll need them when you sell the property.

When you buy your boiler online with Boilerhut, you get the highest quality boilers for the lowest price installed in days, not weeks.

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