What we Require from You

Thanks for taking the time to get an online quote from Boilerhut.  Please note, the estimate you got on the previous page is not the final quote.

For us to confirm the quotation, and move on to installation, we require some photos.  All you need is an iPhone or any other smartphone or a digital camera.

If you can provide us with these photos within the next couple of hours, we will contact you and offer you an install date, which in many cases can be within 24-48 hours.

Below you can see best examples of photos that will help us firm up the quote.  So, which photos do we need?

If you have a Combi Boiler

Your existing boiler 2-3m away

boiler installation photos

Below the boiler, so gas pipes are visible

existing boiler photos

If you have a Sealed System Boiler

Your existing boiler 2-3 meters away

boiler installation photos

Gas pipes below the boiler

existing boiler photos

Any Hot Water Cylinders in the house

boiler photos quote hot water cylinder

If you have a Regular/Open Vent or a Back Boiler

Your existing boiler – 2-3 meters away

boiler installation photos

Better angle so below the boiler is visible

open vent boiler, boiler quote photos

Any Hot Water Cylinders in the airing cupboard or next to the boiler

hot water cylinder, online boiler quote

Photo of the Back Boiler

back boiler photo for quote

Cold Water Tank in the Attic or above the Hot Water Cylinder

If you have an LPG Boiler, a photo of the LPG cylinder or tank

If you have an Oil Boiler, a photo of an oil tank at your property

Existing Flue

Existing fanned flue where it exits the wall

existing flue, boiler quote photos

If it’s a balanced (square) flue

boiler quote photos old flue

If it’s a Vertical Flue, where it exits the roof

boiler quote phots vertical flue

Existing Heating Controls

Existing Programmable Roomstat, if any

boiler photos eph programmable roomstat

Existing Internal Programmer

Existing Thermostat

boiler quote photos thermostat

Existing External Programmer, if any

boiler photos page existing programmable roomstat

Extra Photos

Existing Fused Spur

Gas Meter at your property

gas meter online boiler quote

Your Property

Front of your House

boiler photos quote - front of the house

Back of your House

boiler quote photos back of the house

How can you send these photos to us?

There are two ways:

  • Email your photos to survey@boilerhut.co.uk from your device with your name and postcode in the subject line.
  • If you’re on WhatsApp, you can send the photos over to 07796 898985.