System Boiler Installation

System boilers are perfect if you require more hot water than
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System Boiler Installation

We provide system boiler installations nationwide

At Boilerhut, we offer installation of system boilers all across the UK.

System boilers are an ideal boiler solution for homes with high hot water demands.

Also known as sealed system boilers, system boilers sit in the middle between combi boilers and conventional boilers because they require an unvented hot water cylinder but don’t need an exterior pump and a header tank.

At Boilerhut, we supply and install a comprehensive range of highly efficient system boilers suitable for all kinds of properties.

Our experienced installation team is here to assist you should you require a system boiler.

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System boiler installation cost

On average a new system boiler installation will cost you £2,500.

Cost is based on a like-for-like boiler replacement, retaining the existing unvented hot water tank.

A system boiler installation will also include the following services:

  • Old boiler decommissioning and removal.
  • Chemical flushing the heating system.
  • New boiler installation.
  • Installation of any accessories including the system filter.
  • Commissioning of the new system.

Please note that no two boiler installations are the same and the cost of installing a boiler can depend on many factors, including whether it is a like for like replacement, a boiler relocation, or a system upgrade involving an upgrade of the gas pipework.

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Is a system boiler right for my home?

This type of boiler is ideally suited for larger homes with a higher number of radiators and multiple bathrooms.

As system boilers require a separate cylinder for storing hot water, it is important that you consider whether your home has enough space to accommodate this type of boiler.

It is these space considerations that prevent many homes from being able to accommodate the cylinder used with a system boiler. However, if you have an airing cupboard or spare cupboard space to hide the cylinder away, a system boiler will be suitable for installation at your property.

You might consider a system boiler as opposed to a combi boiler because you require hot water from more than one outlet at a time and you require higher levels of hot water than a combi boiler can provide.

Typically, combi boilers will only supply hot water to one shower or tap at a time. System boilers on the other hand can accommodate multiple showers and taps calling for hot water at the same time.

This makes system boiler installations ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms.

You might consider a system boiler as opposed to a conventional boiler system for a number of reasons. These include a lack of space in the loft for the header tanks which feed the hot water cylinder and maintain the water level in the radiators.

Other reasons for considering a system boiler rather than a conventional boiler could be due to your home suffering from low water pressure or because it has older radiators that aren’t suitable for the high pressures system boilers provide.

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Our System Boiler Range

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W System Boiler

  • Size: 11kW, 19kW, 25kW, 32kW
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Warranty: 12 Years

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W System Boiler

  • Size: 30kW, 35kW
  • Efficiency: 98%
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life System Boiler

  • Size: 30kW, 35kW, 40kW, 45kW
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Navien LCB700 Blue Flame Oil System Boiler

  • Size: 21 kW, 28 kW, 36 kW
  • Efficiency: 93%
  • Warranty: 7 Years

Worcester Bosch Danesmoor Oil System Boiler

  • Size: 18kW, 25kW, 32kW
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i System LPG Boiler

  • Size: 18kW, 25kW or 32 kW
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Frequently asked questions

System boilers work on a closed heating system, and only require a boiler and an unvented hot water cylinder for storing hot water.

Like conventional boilers, system boilers heat your central heating system by producing hot water for a storage cylinder.

However, unlike conventional boilers but similar to combi boilers, system boilers don’t require an exterior pump and a header tank, as all of the heating and hot water components are built into the boiler unit.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save up to £315 annually by replacing your old inefficient boiler in your detached house with an A-rated condensing system builder with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs)*.

*Figures based on fuel prices as of September 2022

System boilers are available in the UK from manufacturers including:

Regardless of the manufacturer, the system boilers available to purchase in 2021 are far more efficient than those that were available to purchase a few years ago.

The efficiency of these can be further increased when combined with smart thermostat technology.

  • Hot water supply is near-constant – this gets stored in the hot water cylinder and you’ll have hot water ready for whenever you need it until this runs out
  • Multiple taps and showers can be used at the same time – the hot water supply can be used straight away over several taps. As it’s coming from the hot water cylinder, there won’t be a drop in temperature between taps and showers
  • No need for a cold water storage tank – this frees up space, allowing more options for expansion/conversion of your property
  • Ideal for properties with more than one bathroom – as the hot water is stored in the hot water cylinder, it’s ready to be supplied across multiple bathrooms. This can make life a lot easier for families in the morning that need to use more than one bathroom
  • Space for installation – the hot water cylinder takes up a great deal of space and will usually fill an airing cupboard or similar storage area
  • Hot water cylinder size – this determines how much hot water you have stored ready to be used. Like other types of boiler with a hot water cylinder, if it’s empty, you’ll have to wait for the boiler to heat up more before it’s ready

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