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Combi Boiler Buying Guides, Comparisons and Reviews

Which boiler is best 2020

Which Boiler is Best in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

This is one of the most complete boiler buying guides on the internet and helps you to find the best boilers suitable for the size of your property.  Before you buy a combi boiler online, it’s worth taking a look.  We explain the different types of boilers available:

  • Combi Boilers
  • Open Vent Boilers (also called regular or conventional boilers)
  • System Boilers

We look at which boiler is best for the following type of properties:

  • Flat/1-2 Bedroom House + 1 Bathroom
  • Semi-Detached, Mid or End Terraced House – 3 Bedrooms – 2 Bathrooms
  • Detached House/Bungalow – 4+ Bedrooms – Multiple bathrooms

We also look at the best boiler brands in the UK and rank them in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, durability and quality of internal components.

Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann Combi Boilers

Before you buy a combi boiler online, it’d be a good idea to look at this boiler comparison post comparing two of the best combi boiler brands in the UK.  Both brands have been given the “Best Buy” award across several years  in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  But there’s a massive difference underneath the outer shells which make one of these boilers a definitive winner in terms of reliability, durability and efficiency.

Worcester Bosch have been the market leaders in the UK when it comes to residential boilers.  Viessmann are world leaders in the commercial boiler space for a long time now, heating large stadiums, buildings, factories, royal palaces etc. around the world.  Dipping their toes in the residential boiler space, they’ve brought their expertise and more to this arena.  We review both brands in terms of energy efficiency, durability and reliability of internal components.

Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann
Best Combi Boilers

Best Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are an incredibly popular choice for homeowners in the UK for a long time now, and it’s never been easier to buy a combi boiler online.  This is largely due to a couple of facts:

  • Cheaper than Open Vent or System Boilers.
  • Space saving: no need for attic tanks or hot water cylinders.
  • Ease of installation; easy to set up for the installer.
  • Compact Dimensions; some models may even fit inside a kitchen cabinet.
  • They may be more energy efficient in some cases.

Best Combi Boilers are also, crucially, very compact.  Which is why they are perfect for smaller homes….

Storage Combi Boilers

Combi Boilers with a Thermal Store for Larger Properties

Before you buy a combi boiler online, it would be prudent to consider storage combi boilers.  In simple terms, a storage combi boiler has a hot water storage cylinder housed within the boiler unit itself.  Storage combi boilers used to be floor standing larger boilers, but by leveraging latest technology and innovative thinking, some manufacturers have pioneered wall-mounted, compact storage combi boilers.

Smaller sized storage combi boilers are well suited to larger apartments or flats with a family where there is no space for Open Vent or System Boilers, but the residents have high hot water demands. For example, if everyone in your home has to get ready and leave the house at around the same time, whether they’re going to work or to school, it helps to have a boiler capable enough to deliver hot water for bathrooms and sinks and washbasins simultaneously.

condensing combi boiler
buy a combi boiler online

How a Combi Boiler Works

When you buy a combi boiler online, it’s good to do your research beforehand.  Combi is short for combination, as explained in our previous post What is a Combi Boiler.  They combine home heating and on-demand hot water within the same compact unit.  In direct contrast, Open Vent (also called Regular, Standard or Conventional) boilers and System Boilers heat water that’s stored in a tank.  How a combi boiler works (at least a modern combi boiler) is:

  • They have two heat exchangers inside them;
  • 1. A primary heat exchanger. (For central heating)
  • 2. Secondary plate heat exchanger. (For hot water)
  • Primary heat exchanger heats and recycles the water that goes through the pipes into the radiators.
  • Secondary plate heat exchanger heats up the hot water that goes into your taps.

How much do Combi Boilers cost?

When you’re going through the options for a new combi boiler, it’s important to consider the cost of the installation as well. Research is always useful – not just to ensure you’re confident with a decision, but to help you to understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Some things that can be easily be overlooked during an installation, but must be included to ensure your boiler can work at it’s given capacity. Some of these include:

To help develop your understanding of this, we recommend reading through our ‘How much does a boiler cost in 2020?‘ article.

Taking time to assess how your money is spent on a new boiler can be incredibly rewarding in the long run. With the right high-quality boiler from a reliable manufacturer, you could be saving a lot more money than you think.

How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

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Very happy to supply me with any information on the boilers I wanted.  2 engineers completed the job with minimum disruption. I highly recommend the company. Very professional, honest, and reliable.  Best of all was the price.  Thank you all at Boilerhut.

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Excellent Company

Really, really excellent company, highly recommended – went over and above the call of duty to fix us up with a boiler in the coldest of weather.  Wonderful service and very happy to recommend the entire experience.

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Exceptional Workmanship

All of the plumbers I spoke to for quotes, all tried to tell me what I wanted, except Boilerhut. they listened to what I wanted. Old boiler out, new boiler in, exceptional standards of workmanship. I cannot praise them enough

online boiler quote, trustpilot 5 stars

Professional, Quick & Efficient

Boilerhut provided a professional service from beginning to end. The assessment of my boiler was thorough and quick. Due to it being so bad, Boilerhut managed to get my new boiler fitted the next day. The fitters were pleasant,clean and quick. I highly recommend Boilerhut.

buy a combi boiler online

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W

  • Patented Inox-Radial heat exchanger
  • Combined PRV and Condensate Connection
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • 10 Year Warranty Against Corrosion
  • 92% Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency CAT A Pump
  • Modulating High Efficiency Stainless Steel Cylinder Burner
  • Digital User Interface with LCD Display
  • Self-Cleaning. Counteracts dirt and sludge deposits
  • DHW convenience through integral booster function
  • Manual Exhaust Gas Adaption
  • Suitable for Weather Compensation and/or Open Therm Control Operation
buy a combi boiler online

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W

  • Modulating MatriX Structure Cylinder Burner
  • Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • 94% Energy Efficiency.
  • Modulation ratio: up to 1:6
  • Patented technology, manufactured in-house by Viessmann.
  • 10 Year Warranty Throughout.
  • Compact Dimensions Save Space.
  • Simple conversion kit to LPG.
  • Ideal for under floor heating installations.
  • High Efficiency A Rated Pump.
  • Boiler Programmed with Large Backlit LCD Touch-Screen Display.
Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

  • 98% and above Energy Efficiency
  • Energy cockpit; 5-inch colour touch-screen.
  • Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger and MatriX Burner.
  • Optional Control via App and Internet.
  • Future Proof Lambda Pro Control Combustion Controller.
  • Automatic Adaptation to Different Gas Qualities; no LPG Conversion Kit required.
  • Quick, straightforward installation thanks to innovative push-fit system, fully assembled and wired.
  • Optional sub-mounted mixer kit ideal for Under Floor Heating
  • Automatic Flue Adaptor, automatic partial load adjustment

1-2 Days Install

new combi boiler installation cost
  • Experienced Install Team
  • Gas Safe Registered
  • Raving Fans in Reviews

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Highest Energy Efficiency Combi Boilers Available in the UK

combi boiler reliability, viessmann 200-w

Boiler Model Pictured: Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

  • 92% to 98% Energy Efficiency
  • Save up to 40% Per Year on Your Energy Bills
  • Smart Controls and Weather Compensation
  • 100% Energy Efficiency Possible
  • Affordable Combi Boiler Options Also Available
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What You Get when You Buy a Combi Boiler Online from Boilerhut

Brand New, A-Rated, Condensing Combi Boiler, Installed on Your Wall

Your Gas Safe Registered Boiler Installation Includes:

  • Programmable/Smart Learning Thermostats
  • Patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Extended 10 Year Guarantees
  • Chemical Flush/Power Flush
  • Magnetic Filter
  • Limescale Filter (If Required)
  • Microbubble DeAerator
  • Gas Run Upgrades
  • Commissioning and Testing, Complete Benchmark
  • Building Regulations and Landlord Certificates
  • Training on Smart Thermostat Usage
  • Handover and Induction on Boiler Usage and Best Practice

*Final Price will depend on Boiler Model and Extras

FREE Help & Advice

If you are new to the world of combi boilers because you haven’t had to bother with changing your boiler in the last 2 decades, we understand your pain.  Which is precisely why we’ve tried our best to make it easy for you to buy a combi boiler online.  If you want to understand what are combi boilers and how do they work, we’ve done in-depth factual articles on both on our blog earlier.  You can read either article by clicking on the links below:

What is a Combi Boiler?

How a Combi Boiler Works

Rest Assured, You are in Good Hands

UK Wide Network of Gas Safe Registered Installers

Quality and Safety

Boilerhut adhere to safety best practices and employ only Gas Safe Registered Engineers and Installers.  We also make sure that their Gas Safe certification is up-to-date, and hasn’t expired before every job.  When you buy a combi boiler online with us, every boiler is installed with the utmost care, adhering to the latest building regulations and safety guidelines.  You as a customer then need to have your boiler serviced on recommended annual service dates by a Gas Safe registered company or engineer.  That can also help you preserve manufacturer’s warranty.

Extended Warranties & After Sales Service

Because Boilerhut are Viessmann Premium Partners, on top of getting the best possible installation of your boiler, you also get extended warranties: 7-10 Years on Parts and Labour, and 10 Years Warranty on the patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.  In case of a technical fault, we will have an engineer at your doorstep within 24-48 hours.

replace my boiler, gas safe
nest learning thermostat

Use the Latest Technology to Improve Energy Efficiency

When you buy a combi boiler online with Boilerhut, on top of saving money on your energy bills with a brand new high efficiency boiler, you get the choice of modern tech goodies included with your boiler installation.  All the thermostats listed below are Boiler Plus Legislation 2018 Compliant.  You can pick and choose from any of the following: