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Witten by Bernard Morgan (Engineer) & Adam Apperley (Marketing). Published: May 21, 2021. Updated: February 8, 2024

Full Central Heating Install in Cyncoed, Cardiff

Project details

Installation of a full central heating system including radiators, pipework, and an Ariston Clas ONE Gas Combi Boiler into a property development in Cyncoed, Cardiff.

Customer Requirements

In April 2021, we were approached by the owner of a property development on Cyncoed Road in Cyncoed, Cardiff. They were looking for full central heating installation, including boiler, radiators and pipework.

Day nursery central heating installation| BoilerhutThe property was a detached bungalow that had been converted into a doctor’s surgery. Now, however, it was being turned into a small nursery. As part of the development of this property, the owner was looking to upgrade the heating system.

The nine-room property consisted of five consulting rooms, two WCs, a waiting room and a lobby. The new central heating system needed to fit the needs of the new business.

Our Solution

The customer got an online quote, and we reviewed the details before calling them back. After a quick chat, one of the main upgrades the property would need was a new gas supply pipe. It needed to be upgraded from 15mm to 22mm due to building regulations.

We talked the customer through the requirements and explained what we thought would be best. The work included all pipework around the property and 13 radiators. The boiler was a 38kW combi for heating and hot water needs.

We recommend the 38kW Ariston Clas ONE combi for the installation along with the following:

  • 1 x Ariston horizontal flue
  • 1 x Spirotech SpiroTrap magnetic filter
  • 1 x Ariston Cube S Net WiFi boiler thermostat
  • 22mm gas supply upgrade
  • Lagging of all new pipework in the attic
  • 13 x high-efficiency radiators
  • 12 x 15mm thermostatic radiator valves
  • A chemical flush and addition of an approved inhibitor to the system

Installation Details

The central heating install of the Ariston Clas ONE combi boiler took place over three days. As the property was undergoing major redevelopment we were unable to finish the job in two days. Instead we needed to ensure that other trades has time and space to work around us.

Our installation involved the laying of the pipework in each room of the property and the positioning of the radiators. From here, we then undertook the installation, connection and lagging of the new pipework in the attic. Finally, we hung the radiators, installed and commissioned the boiler and undertook a chemical flush of the system.

Our Recommendations

We recommended the Ariston Clas ONE due to it being an efficient boiler that would save the customer money on energy bills. As there were 13 radiators and high volumes of hot water the 38kW was the perfect fit. It’s efficient, a good price and will suit the property and setup well.

Pipework installation at a day nursery | BoilerhutOne of our main reasons for recommending the Ariston Clas ONE, is the stainless steel heat exchanger. They are designed to retain efficiency for the lifetime of the appliance. This is a major selling point of this boiler and ensures that there would be no sudden spikes in the cost of the customer’s monthly gas bill. The boiler also has an 8-year warranty giving the customer peace of mind that they have many years of trouble-free heating ahead of them.

Upon our suggestion, the customer also opted for Ariston’s Cube S Net WiFi boiler thermostat. This thermostat is Open Therm compliant meaning that it can modulate down to lower powers to save money. It’s a plug-and-play device with no major setup costs. It also uses weather compensation to reflect external temperatures.

We also installed 12 thermostatic radiator valves. These will enable the customer to control the temperature of each radiator room by room. This will be especially useful for a day nursery catering to the needs of different age groups.

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