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What is the cost of moving a boiler?

The cost of moving a boiler can vary significantly. They can range from £400 to £1,200, with potential increases for extensive pipework or flue work.

The process generally takes 1 to 2 days, and professional installation is crucial whether moving within the same property or to a new one. Costs can escalate with the need for additional pipework, new flue installation, or a boiler conversion.

Relocating a boiler within your home can be complex and costly. It is influenced by various factors, including the distance of the move and the type of boiler involved.

Cost Of Moving Boiler

Moving a boiler - Cost to move boiler | BoilerhutBoiler relocation is not straightforward. It involves meticulous planning and significant labour and material costs. The expense of moving a boiler can vary widely depending on specific circumstances. Generally, it will cost between £400 and £1,200.

If you are having a new boiler installed and having its location moved this cost will rise as new boilers require new flues and other hardware.

If you want to learn more about new boiler costs we’ve got a helpful guide >

Factors Influencing Cost

  • Type of Boiler: The boiler’s type doesn’t usually affect the base cost of moving it, but additional costs can accrue if moving involves a system conversion or if the boiler is particularly heavy.
  • Distance and Complexity: The further and more complex the move, the higher the cost. This includes the need for new pipework, priced at around £300 to £700, and the potential need for a new flue system.
  • Labour Costs: Expect to pay a daily rate of £300-£500 for a Gas Safe registered engineer. The labour costs can increase based on the job’s complexity and the time it takes to relocate.

Deciding Between Relocation and Replacement

Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of moving a boiler versus installing a new one is essential. Modern boilers offer improved energy efficiency, leading to significant fuel bill savings (up to £590 annually, according to the Energy Saving Trust). They also come with extended warranties. This provides peace of mind and potentially avoids the high costs of future repairs.

Installation Time

The time it takes to move a boiler can vary, but it usually takes around 2 days. This timeframe includes the dismantling, moving, and reinstallation processes. It also includes any necessary adjustments to pipework and flue systems.

Boiler conversion and relocation - Cost of moving a boiler | BoilerhutOther Cost Factors

  • Boiler Conversions: Changing from one boiler type to another can significantly increase costs. For example, you may need to install or remove a header tank or hot water cylinder.
  • Additional Pipework: The requirement for extra copper pipes can add a considerable amount to the overall cost. Especially if the move is over a significant distance.
  • New Flue Installation: Moving the boiler’s location might necessitate installing a new flue. Particularly if moving the boiler to an internal wall. In this case you may require a vertical flue.


Relocating a boiler within your home can offer flexibility to optimise space and improve your heating system’s efficiency. However, it comes with notable financial considerations.

You will need to assess the age and condition of your current boiler and compare this to the anticipated benefits and cost of moving a boiler. This is crucial in making an informed decision.

Engaging with a professional to obtain a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs will ensure you understand all potential costs and implications.

How much will it cost you to move a boiler?

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