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ECO Scheme Funding

Can You Get ECO Scheme Funding For New Boiler Installations?

Long story short, you can find out for yourself by applying for it by clicking this link: Apply for a Free Boiler Grant

For the official website and explanation of the ECO Scheme Funding, please click the following link:  OFGEM – About the ECO Scheme

If you are not eligible for a free boiler grant, you can get an online boiler quote by entering your postcode below and hitting the green button:

The UK is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint considerably, but doing this has proven to be a challenge.  This is why the ECO scheme funding was put in place in 2013, in an attempt to get the Big Six energy companies to fund home efficiency measure installation in homes around the UK, including measures like insulation and free replacement boilers.  Over the years, since the ECO scheme funding has been launched, its scope has changed and the eligibility criteria for those who can obtain funding for new boiler installation has also gone through changes.  Today’s 2018 version of the scheme allows both private tenants and homeowners who qualify for the scheme and who claim the necessary means tested benefits to get their old and inefficient boiler completely replaced without any charge to the householder or at a heavily subsidised cost.

Who provides the ECO Scheme Funding?

eco scheme funding

ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation.  The Big Six energy companies fund the grants themselves, and they never have to be repaid at any time.  It’s no wonder then that millions of homeowners in the UK have taken advantage of this scheme, however many more still haven’t made claims that they are entitled to.

Which Energy Suppliers Are Involved In The Scheme?

The biggest energy suppliers in the UK are involved in the ECO Scheme. They include the Big Six:

  • British Gas
  • EOn Energy
  • EDF Energy
  • nPower
  • Scottish Power
  • SSE

Other energy retailers include:

  • Economy Energy
  • Co-Operative Energy
  • Extra Energy
  • First Utility
  • Flow Energy
  • OVO
  • Scottish and Southern Energy
  • Spark Energy
  • Utility Warehouse
  • Utilita

What is the Eligibility Criteria for a Free Replacement Boiler?

Not everyone in the UK is eligible to benefit from free boiler grants.  Applicants for ECO Scheme Funding must be in receipt of certain qualifying benefits.  They must also have a boiler that is a minimum of eight years old, and must be a non-condensing model in order to be eligible.  What’s more, things have changed further and have become more complex in the last couple of months.  To make sure you qualify now, your old boiler needs to be:

  1. More than 12-15 years old.
  2. Be a non-condensing boiler.
  3. Be below 85.9% efficiency.

Boilers must be either Gas, Oil or LPG in order to be eligible for replacement under the scheme and the scheme is only open to those who own their own property or who rent from a private landlord.  Social housing applicants are unable to apply for this scheme.


You can click through to our ECO Qualifying Requirements page and read it in detail.  But to save you a click, below is a list of benefits you need to be in receipt of, to qualify for a free boiler grant:

  • Child Tax Credits / Working Tax Credits? (*Household income applies)
  • Income Related ESA.
  • Income Based JSA.
  • Pension Guarantee Credits?
  • Income Support?
  • Universal Credits? (*Household income applies)

Alternatively, the boiler can be aged between 8 and 10 years, however it must be faulty with a problem that has an impact on how well it operates, and its overall efficiency.  If you have a broken boiler which is not that old (5-10 years), but you are still eligible for ECO Scheme Funding, you can still apply.  If a qualified engineer deems that the boiler is beyond economic repair, then a replacement can be sought.  Also, the type of property in which you live should also be borne in mind.  Those who live in an inefficient and older property will be able to obtain a higher level of funding for their free boiler replacement.  Meanwhile, if your property is already very efficient, your boiler grant may be part funded, which means you may have to pay a contribution amount towards the installation costs.  Your old boiler must also be on an Mains Gas, or LPG/Oil supply.  The latter became possible after ECO Scheme Funding was made available to people living in non-gas or off-grid areas.

How can you get ECO Scheme Funding?

Anyone who qualifies for a grant will need to first talk to one of our team members who will guide them through the procedure.  After that a survey will need to be done of their property.  This is done free of charge, and involves examining the existing type of boiler, as well as the home’s level of insulation.  The free survey may often lead to a completely free replacement boiler installation.  Or if the grant won’t fund the cost of your new boiler installation completely, it will still cover a sizeable chunk of the total amount, in many cases from 50% to 70%.  Which means your contribution can be as low as a couple of hundred quid.

You can apply for boiler grant online by clicking the link below:

Free Boiler Grants

PLEASE NOTE: ECO Scheme Funding May be Ending Soon

Because the ECO Scheme is in transition at the moment, from the current ECO2t Scheme to the upcoming ECO3, funding for Gas boilers is limited at the moment.  If you live off the gas grid and if your boiler is running on either Oil or LPG, there is still funding available, and our best advice to you is to act now, and don’t waste any further time.

Why Replace Your Boiler?

It is a well known fact that older boilers are highly inefficient when compared to the latest condensing boilers.  Even the best boilers from a couple of years ago struggle to get above efficiency levels required as per the latest Boiler Plus Legislation 2018.  Older, non-condensing boilers waste a lot of energy and need a lot more fuel to create a similar level of hot water and heat compared to a modern model.  What’s more, high-end boilers like Viessmann’s Vitodens range do energy modulations, which means they automatically modulate between 5kW and 30kW depending on your heating and hot water demands.  Which in turn save you even more energy.  This explains why all boilers in the Vitodens range are above 94% efficient, and the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W model is close to a whopping 98% efficient with Weather Compensation and Smart Controls.  With great efficiency, comes great power (or price?)

98% efficiency is almost 100% efficiency.  Which means all the fuel that you’re paying for, is used in the most efficient way possible by a new condensing boiler.  The Viessmann 200-W has all the bells and whistles, and is a high-end boiler, which also means it is more expensive, which will also increase your contribution (the amount you will pay on top of ECO Scheme Funding).  If you’ve got the money, and you want the best boiler possible, then by all means crack on with the 200-W or other higher end boilers.  But if you’re looking to get a completely free boiler grant or looking to pay the least amount of contribution, you can’t go wrong with mid to high range boilers.  Viessmann’s 050-W and 100-W are more affordable options, and are over 94% efficient, both Boiler Plus compliant and will do just fine.

We do encourage you to do a bit more of your own research, read unbiased boiler reviews and compare facts and figures before making a buying decision, and not go purely by word of mouth.

How Much Money Will You Save with a New Boiler?

ECO scheme funding

By replacing an older, low efficiency boiler, it is possible for you to save between £300 to £500 per year on your household energy bills.  Look at it from this point of view – if you currently have a boiler which is only 65% efficient, you will be wasting £35 out of every £100 that you spend on heating your property.  In comparison, a modern boiler will be a minimum of 90% efficient, and this means you’ll only be wasting under £10 for each £100 that you spend on warming your home.  That’s fuel taken care of.  As discussed above, because of the energy modulation that Viessmann boilers do, you will also save your money on electricity.  This gives you great value for money, a warmer home and peace of mind with extended 10 year warranties.

Smart Controls and Weather Compensation

Even if you benefit from the energy efficiency of a newly installed A-rated condensing boiler, you may not be able to obtain full energy efficiency in your home if you are unable to control how much and at what times the boiler heats up your property.  That’s why every new boiler installation benefits from brand new heating controls whenever necessary, that enable householders to programme, set times and change functions to ensure that heating only comes on when it is actually required to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

How Can Boilers Be Installed For Free?

As we are still part of the European Union, Britain has been given a very high target that we must meet to cut back our housing stock’s carbon footprint.  The Energy Company Obligation scheme or ECO Scheme Funding has a large role to play in hitting that target.  Built into all energy bills is a proportion of money that is paid towards the ECO scheme funding in the form of a Green Tax.  The six biggest energy suppliers control this money, and now they are obliged by the government to pay for free boilers and insulation to be installed in low income households as well as in the homes of those who are especially vulnerable.

Are You Guaranteed to Receive a Boiler for Free?

Even though the six largest energy suppliers support the ECO scheme funding, not everybody, and not even everyone who is eligible to receive a grant, will be granted an entirely free boiler.  Sometimes, the funding only contributes towards part cost of the replacement rather than fully covering it.  So, for example, if your existing boiler is running on Mains Gas, and the full boiler installation costs £2000, depending on your property type, the ECO Scheme Funding may fund about £900 of that cost.  Which means you will have to come up with the remaining £1,100.  Which is amazing when you think you can get a modern, UK Best Buy condensing boiler with all the bells and whistles for a mere £1,100.  Plus if you were going to replace your boiler anyway, any free money towards the cost is definitely a massive bonus.

What kind of Free Boiler Do You Get from Boilerhut?

The energy suppliers involved in the boiler replacement scheme offer new boilers on a like for like basis.  This means that they will supply a brand new boiler which is A rated for energy efficiency, and which is the same type as the boiler that is currently operational at your property.  Anyone with a back boiler has it replaced by either a combi boiler or a new system boiler.
If you are eligible to receive ECO Scheme Funding, our team at Boilerhut can make the whole process simpler for you.  We will hold your hand from the moment you apply for a free boiler grant to survey, to installation, to extended warranty registration.  From start to finish, we make sure you have your peace of mind.

Are We Certified to Do This for You?

Carrying out safe, high quality installations throughout the UK, Boilerhut is Gas Safe and PAS 2030 accredited, so you can have complete peace of mind that your home and your boiler are in very safe hands.  What’s more, the installation our engineers perform at your home will be of the highest quality possible, not just because of our quality control practices, but also because we have to comply with OFGEM rules and regulations required for ECO Scheme Funding.

Please click the image below to read our reviews on TrustPilot:

boilerhut reviews

Free Boiler Grant” – Is it just the boiler that is installed?

Actually no.  Whether you buy a boiler straight from us, or get it through a grant, included in the cost is all the stuff listed below:

  • A Modern, Brand New A-Rated Condensing Boiler with a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.
  • Flue Options – Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Chemical/Power Flush and Magnacleanse System Flushes.
  • Gas run upgrades and associated pipework.
  • Magnetic System Filter and Limescale Filters.
  • Boiler Plus Legislation 2018 Compliant Smart, Programmable Wireless Digital Thermostats.
  • Weather Compensation.
  • Registration of Extended Warranties (Up to 10 years).
  • Gas Safe Approved Installers = Expert Installation.
  • Expert Handover and Induction on Boiler, Controls and Best Usage.
  • Building Regulations Notification, Certification + Commissioning & Testing to Complete Benchmark.

What’s more, when you apply for a free boiler grant with us, we treat you just like a customer who is paying for it outright.  Which means we don’t fit any cheap boiler, but the best boilers in the UK market.  We also don’t need to give more than 3 years warranty under the grant.  But we give you extended 10 year warranties as a Viessmann Premium Partner.

If you are in the market for a new boiler, but are not eligible for ECO Scheme Fundingyou can get an online boiler quote by entering your postcode below and hitting the green button:

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