Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler

The Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler is an affordable boiler, perfect for homes on a limited budget but looking for quality and performance. It’s great value for money but we should stress, it’s not a premium boiler.

Our team of experts have comprehensively reviewed this model and below you can find the answers to all your questions.

Price (Installed): From £ (inc. VAT)

Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler Technical Specification

Manufacturer Glow-worm
Model Essential Combi
Condensing Yes
Efficiency Rating 92%
Energy Efficiency Class A-Rated
LPG Compatible No
Warranty 3-year guarantee
Central Heating Max. Output 28 kW
Mounting Wall-mounted
Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 740mm (Height) x 418mm (Width) x 300mm (Depth)

The Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler is available in the following models – 24kW or 28kW size

kW size Flow Rate
24 10 l/min
28 11.7 l/min

Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler Key Features

  • The Glow-worm Essential Combi is a wall-mounted boiler, including an analogue timer and flue
  • Can be installed on a wall and most standard cupboards
  • Offers adequate hot water flow suitable for most homes
  • Has an ‘A’ ErP energy efficiency rating and is 92% efficient for heat and hot water
  • 24kW and 28kW models available
  • Compatible with smart technology, including Glow-worm’s own smart thermostat range
  • Doesn’t require a hot water tank or cylinder

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About the Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler

  • The Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler is perfect for homes with limited space but looking for constant and fast access to hot water on demand
  • Low weight and compact making it easy to install
  • Can integrate with smart controls, including Glow-worm’s smart control package for an additional cost
  • Easy-to-use control panel featuring an LCD display
  • Includes a modulating Grundfos pump for reduced energy consumption

Our thoughts on the Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler

The Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler is a reliable boiler and available in two size options – 24 and 28kW, depending on your hot water needs and the size of your property.

Because of its high energy efficiency performance, it can offer instant hot water and heating to medium-sized homes. The Essential Combi includes a range of features, including an aluminium heat exchanger and soundproofing, low volume technology. Whilst the aluminium heat exchanger provides excellent heat transfer, meaning quicker access to heat and hot water, aluminium heat exchangers do come with their downsides – most notably the fact that they are more susceptible to corrosion, which can mean the boiler’s efficiency won’t last and cause problems in the future.

This boiler can fit in cupboards, so it’s perfect for homes with limited space. 

Glow-worm – a brand with history

Glow-worm is a well-known name in boiler manufacturing and has become a name synonymous with affordability and reliability in the boiler world. Its boilers have won multiple Good Housekeeping awards. The Essential Combi has a simple classic design with no sharp edges and an easy to use manual interface. 

The Essential Combi and comes with a reasonable warranty period of 3-years, but this can be beaten by competitors. The Glow-worm brand has been based in Belper, Derbyshire for over a hundred years.

Commitment to energy-efficient performance

The Essential Combi is available in two size models – 24 and 28 kW. The boiler also features an in-built analogue timer that can help you keep control of your heating.

Both the boiler models have a high energy efficiency rating, A-rated and with above 90% efficiency. This will help ensure that, despite the powerful performance and hot water system optimisation, that your home energy bills are low and you can reduce your home’s carbon emissions. However, as noted above, due to the aluminium heat exchanger, this efficiency is unlikely to last the lifetime of the boiler.

Easy to install and monitor

Because of the modern and flexible design, you can be assured that installation is straightforward. The Essential Combi is compatible with the full range of Glow-worm controls, flues and accessories. Our installers will be happy to walk you through the installation process and provide you with an accurate quote.

Wide availability of parts 

The Glow-worm Essential Combi, like the other models in the Glow-worm range, is manufactured in the company’s Derbyshire plant. However, if you need a replacement item for repairs or your annual boiler service, your gas engineer will easily find spare parts at Screwfix, Plumbase and other plumbing merchants both in-store and online.

Interested in the Glow-worm Essential Combi Boiler?