Glow-worm Ultimate₃ Boiler

The Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler is an innovative model available as a regular, combi or system model. But just how ‘ultimate’ is this heating system? Read on and find out whether this could be the perfect boiler for your home.

Price (Installed): From £ (inc. VAT)

Glow-worm Ultimate₃ Boiler Technical Specification

Efficiency Rating89%
Energy Efficiency ClassA Rated
LPG CompatibleNo
Warranty5-year guarantee
Central Heating Max. Output35 kW
MountingWall Mounted
Weight22 kg
DimensionsCombi & system: 740 mm (Height) x 418 (Width) x 300mm (Depth)

Regular: 600 mm (Height) x 375 (Width) x 280mm (Depth)

The Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler is available as a combi boiler in 30 kW and 35 kW, a system boiler in 25 kW and as a regular boiler in 25 kW output.

Glow-worm Ultimate combi boiler flow rates

ModelFlow Rate
3012.4 l/min
3514.4 l/min

Glow-worm Ultimate₃ Boiler Key Features

  • The Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler is a fairly compact, wall-mounted boiler available as either a combi, regular or system model
  • Can easily be installed in a cupboard or airing cupboard or on a wall with available space
  • Granted an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating with ErP
  • Simple and bright boiler control interface
  • Suitable for homes with high hot water demands
  • Covered by a 5-year guarantee

Interested in the Glow-worm Ultimate₃ Boiler?

About the Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler

  • The Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler is affordable and ranks well for energy efficiency and performance, which will keep your bills low
  • Because of its compact design and low weight– can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom or airing cupboard
  • Utilises an aluminium heat exchanger
  • Manufactured in Glow-worm’s plant in Derbyshire, UK – the same plant where Vaillant’s boilers are manufactured.

Our thoughts on the Glow-worm Ultimate₃ Boiler

The Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler is a very reliable boiler at a cheaper price point and is covered by an extended warranty of 5 years. It can accommodate larger homes with up to 2 bathrooms. Combi boilers are simple to install and operate, which means they are often preferred by households as they are cheaper to fix if things go wrong. 

However, the regular and system models also have advantages. – mainly that they are more suited to providing hot water to homes with multiple bathrooms. 

A quality boiler manufactured in the UK

The Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler is designed and manufactured in Derbyshire. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable name in boiler production, engineered in the UK, this could be the ideal model for you.

While Glow-worm is known as more of a budget boiler brand, it shares its production location with its parent company, Vaillant. Due to this, it benefits from Vaillant’s innovations and manufacturing prowess.

Reduce household emissions

The threat of climate change and the need to reduce emissions is on many people’s minds. It should also be a factor when considering a boiler upgrade. Energy efficiency is something to pay close attention to, and the Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler is very eco-friendly, boasting an ‘A’ ErP rating and operates at 89% efficiency. While there are more efficient boilers on the market, this is still in the top range of environmentally friendly products.

Innovative energy solutions

The Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler includes a built-in filling loop for straightforward maintenance, as well as a Grundfos modulating pump for reduced energy use.

Control with ease

With a Glow-worm Ultimate Boiler, there is a wide range of options available – from flues and accessories. What’s more, you can control the heating system from the LCD display with an easy-to-use interface, or invest in Glow-worm’s MiGo app-based smart controls so that you can turn your heating on and off wherever you are from your smartphone.

Wide availability of parts 

Glow-worm boiler parts are available at plumbing retailers and wholesalers across the UK. 

Interested in the Glow-worm Ultimate₃ Boiler?