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First Published: August 31, 2018. Updated: December 6, 2023

How Much is a New Combi Boiler?

If you’re wondering how much is a new combi boiler because you’ve suffered a boiler breakdown or you just want to replace your old boiler, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll try our best to help you understand all that goes into a combi boiler installation and how much is a new combi boiler.  Whether you’re buying a new combi boiler from a large energy company, an independent boiler installation company, an online plumbing merchant or your local plumber.

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Save up to £590 PER YEAR!

Before you Buy a New Combi Boiler

Unless you have had a boiler breakdown, before searching for how much is a new combi boiler, it’d probably be a good idea to review all other options you have to cut costs on your energy bills.  This would especially be helpful before committing to buying a new combi boiler.  A new combi boiler can be a significant investment depending on the type of installation you go for.  So, what are the things you can do before replacing your boiler?

Insulate your Walls, Windows and Loft

Apart from getting a modern, high efficiency condensing combi boiler, the second biggest factor that increases the energy efficiency of your house is insulation.  If you’ve insulated your walls, windows, loft and under the floors, you’re on your way to save another 30% on your energy bills per year.

Get Your Boiler Serviced

It’s good practice to have your boiler serviced at least once annually, even if it is working properly.  It does two things. a) Preserves the manufacturer’s warranty.  And b) Ensures your boiler works efficiently and doesn’t break down.  Internal components of a boiler go through ridiculous levels of thermal stress, so if they’re switched off all summer and then are suddenly expected to provide non stop heating and hot water for your entire house when you turn the wick up in winter, if not serviced properly, more often than not these boilers will fail.  This will be even more frequent with low tier boilers or “cheap boilers”, which is something we will talk about later in this post.

Make Your Home Draught-Proof

Because of windy weather in Britain, a lot of heat is lost through windows, doors, loft hatches, letter boxes, keyholes, unsealed floorboards and skirting boards, uncapped chimneys and damaged or worn parts of a building.  As per the Energy Saving Trust, you can save up to 10% on your energy bills per year by making your home draught-proof.  This can be done by using sealant to fill any gaps on skirting and floor boards, and using draught-proofing strips for doors, windows and loft hatches.  And brick work to seal off vents, chimneys or damaged parts of your wall.  Even if you have a new condensing boiler, draught-proofing is always recommended.

Get Smart Controls

A programmable thermostat like the Combi Pack 4 by EPH is affordable enough and can ensure that you don’t have to remember when to turn your heating on or off.  You can program it based on your schedule.  Then there’s the Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat (pictured below), which learns from your behavior, work schedule etc. and programs your heating on its own.  It also communicates with up to 3 nearby weather stations and maintains your room temperature accordingly.  It can also be controlled via the internet through a smartphone app.  Using smart controls can shave off another 10% of your energy bills.

how much is a new combi boiler, smart controls

Switch Energy Suppliers

You may be paying more on your energy bills.  It’s always a good idea to switch suppliers to make sure you’re paying the lowest amount possible.

Before searching for how much is a new combi boiler purely to increase your energy efficiency, and if your old boiler is still working fine, it’s prudent to ensure your home is insulated and you’re paying the least amount possible for energy.  In any case, replacing a non-condensing boiler (older than 12-15 years) with a modern condensing boiler will definitely improve the overall energy efficiency of your household and save up to 40% on your energy bills per year.

How Much is a New Combi Boiler?

Before we dig deeper into how much is a new combi boiler, maybe you’re still in wonderland and don’t know or understand what a combi boiler is or how a combi boiler works.  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.  Boilerhut have done detailed posts explaining combi boilers.  Please click on the links below to read those posts in their entirety:

Now onto how much is a new combi boiler.  It is important to understand how much are you prepared to spend on a new combi boiler installation.  Because if you search online for how much is a new combi boiler, you may get conflicting prices, or big variations in combi boiler prices.  It’s important for you as the consumer to understand that you may get prices back from several different sources, which may be:

  • Online Plumbing Merchants
  • Large Energy Companies
  • Independent Boiler Installation Companies
  • Local Plumbers or Heating & Plumbing Firms.

To have a brief understanding of how much is a new combi boiler, you can start by getting an online boiler quote on our website.  It takes a few minutes.  Don’t worry, it’s a free, no-obligation quote.  Simply enter your postcode below and hit the green button.  We don’t need your address info, and we are GDPR compliant.

Get Your FREE Online Quote Today!
Save up to £590 PER YEAR on your heating bills.
Quote in 30 seconds. No obligation. Next Day installation.
Save up to £590 PER YEAR!

Combi Boiler Makes

If your boiler has broken down, ceased, condemned, or needs frequent repairs, maybe it is time to replace it.  Also, if your property is the right size for a combi boiler, it makes sense to convert to combi.  That way you can get rid of attic tanks or hot water cylinders and save space.  There are also storage combi boilers available for larger properties.  To make sense of the different prices you get online, and to be able to answer the question “how much is a new combi boiler”, we’ve tried our best to save you the time of researching which boiler is best, we’ve compiled a list of best boiler brands in the UK.  They are split below in terms of tier:

Top Tier Combi Boiler Brands in the UK:

Why?  Viessmann, Worcester Bosch, Grant and Vaillant were given the “UK Best Buy Boiler” award by one of the largest consumer research magazines in the UK in 2017.  Viessmann have the most extensive range of boilers in the world at the moment, with a solution for every property size.  They also have the most efficient gas combi boiler in the UK, the Vitodens 200-W at 98% + energy efficiency.  And the unique Vitovalor 300-P, which is a power generating fuel cell heating appliance, which generates electricity and heat simultaneously with just a Mains Gas connection.  Viessmann also have the patented inox-radial stainless steel heat exchanger inside every boiler.  Whereas the rest of the manufacturers use aluminium heat exchangers.  Stainless steel is more durable, reliable and less corrosion prone compared to aluminium.  Worcester Bosch are market leaders in the UK in terms of sales, Vaillant are not far behind.  Ideal and Baxi are known for making affordable, yet fairly reliable boilers.  They may not be the highest efficiency boilers, but they get the job done.

Mid to Low Tier Combi Boiler Brands in the UK:

  • Ferroli
  • Ariston
  • Vokera
  • Potterton
  • Mistral
  • Biasi
  • Zanussi

While some of these boiler brands claim to be affordable and good value for money, but as far as quality goes, they are not comparable to the top brands mentioned above.  They also carry shorter warranties.  You can get any of these boilers installed fairly cheap by a local plumber and save some money in the short term.  But maybe it would be prudent to think about your investment in the longer term, especially if you plan on living in that house or rent it out to tenants who may call you every time the boiler’s not working.

How Much is a New Combi Boiler without Installation?

how much is a new combi boiler

If you were to buy your boiler online through a plumbing merchant’s website, that’s the boiler-only price.  Occasionally there will be deals with free flues, or packages with flues and other extras.  There are plumbing merchants where you can buy full “ready to install” boiler packages as well.  Then all you need to do is find a reliable, Gas Safe registered and accredited plumber to install it for you.  (Shameless plug incoming) Or find a boiler installation company like Boilerhut who will do everything for you.

Anyway, let’s look at Plumbnation for example, it’s an online plumbing merchant website.  If you searched Google for how much is a new combi boiler, chances are you will land on their website.  Some of the highest selling boilers are listed below with their price.  Please note, these are boiler-only prices.  They do not include extras or installation.

Pros and Cons


  • You may get a much cheaper price compared to a quote from a massive energy company like British Gas.
  • Online boiler + local plumber may be slightly cheaper than a boiler installation company’s online boiler quote.


  • Without talking to a heating expert, you may end up choosing the wrong boiler for your property.
  • A local plumber may install it for cheap, but may not be available in case of a boiler breakdown.
  • A local plumber or small heating firm may also take weeks depending on availability.
  • No finance options available.
  • If the installer is not company trained/accredited, you may not get extended 10+ year warranties.

How Much is a New Combi Boiler with Installation?

how much is a new combi boiler

We are obviously biased, but in our honest opinion this is the best way to go about it.  Whether you’re buying from us or anybody else.  To get a quick idea of how much is a new combi boiler or a full central heating system installation, whether you’re on Mains Gas, Oil or LPG, simply enter your postcode below and hit the green button:

Get Your FREE Online Quote Today!
Save up to £590 PER YEAR on your heating bills.
Quote in 30 seconds. No obligation. Next Day installation.
Save up to £590 PER YEAR!

Our intelligent quoting system will produce a fairly accurate initial price estimate, which can be finalized into a quote later after a chat with one of our heating experts.  If you can’t be bothered to get an online quote now, below are ball-park figures for how much is a new combi boiler.

Average Prices for the Most Common Combi Boiler Installations:

Combi Boiler + Installation + Extras

  • Combi to Combi Swap: £1,600 to £3,500 inc. VAT
  • Convert Open Vent/Regular/Standard Boiler to Combi: £1,800 to £3,800 inc. VAT
  • Convert Back Boiler to Combi: £2,200 to £4,500 inc. VAT

Extras Included in a Combi Boiler Installation Quote

Below are the extras that are included in combi boiler installation quotes from Boilerhut:

  • Horizontal or Vertical Flues.
  • Magnetic Filter.
  • Microbubble Deaerator. [If Required]
  • Limescale Filter [If Required].
  • Programmable Wireless and Digital Thermostats.
  • OR Smart, Internet Enabled Learning Thermostats.
  • Weather Compensation.
  • Gas Run Upgrade [If Required].
  • TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valves).
  • Lock-Shield Radiator Valves.
  • Chemical or Power Flush & Add an Approved Inhibitor.
  • All Associated Pipe Work to Complete Installation.
  • Registration of Extended Warranties:
  • 7-10 Years Parts & Labour Warranty on the Boiler.
  • 10 Years Warranty on Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.
  • Commission & Test to MFI & Complete Benchmark.
  • Building Regulation Notification with Certification
  • Landlord Certificates.
  • Hand Over & Induction on Boiler, Controls & Best Usage

Why is this the Best Option?

There is one important factor that makes buying a full combi boiler installation from an independent boiler installation company the best option; peace of mind.  Peace of mind can be achieved by avoiding clutter, saving time and making as few decisions as possible.  Which is where an independent boiler installation company like Boilerhut (another shameless plug) comes in.  Imagine having to source the boiler and all the extras listed above yourself.  You may have to go through 3-4 different plumbing merchants, and then finally begin your search for a trustworthy, certified and accredited local plumber.

How can Boilerhut help you?

how much is a new combi boiler

You can get a free, no-obligation online quote within minutes in the comfort of your home.  No need to talk with anybody or browse the phone book for local plumbers.  You can get a fairly accurate online quote for how much is a new combi boiler while you’re still in your pyjamas, before you’ve even left your bed in the morning!  Firm up the quote on the phone with our heating expert within hours (during breakfast) or on the same day (during lunch), and have the combi boiler or a full central heating system installed within days, not weeks.

Pros and Cons


  • No pushy salespeople. Free central heating advice and guidance.
  • Factual information to help you choose the right boiler for your property.
  • Expert Gas Safe and APHC Registered Installation.
  • Excellent After Sales Customer Support.
  • Boiler Care Plans to Service your Boiler Annually to Preserve Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Extended Warranties of 10 Years and Above.


  • Shameless plugs in Blog Posts.
  • Wait time on calls is too short compared to larger energy companies.
  • Not enough time to enjoy on-hold music. Advisors answer within seconds.
  • No more excuses to goof off work: “I’ve got an appointment for a boiler survey.”
Get Your FREE Online Quote Today!
Save up to £590 PER YEAR on your heating bills.
Quote in 30 seconds. No obligation. Next Day installation.
Save up to £590 PER YEAR!
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