interest free boiler replacement

Interest Free Boiler Replacement

If you have a broken boiler, or need an emergency boiler repair, an interest free boiler replacement could be the answer to your prayers.  Perhaps you weren’t even aware this existed.  In this article we will discuss the major benefits of buying boilers on finance.

The primary reason why most people actually pay cash when buying a boiler and not using finance, is because they have their boiler installed by local plumbers who can’t facilitate interest free boiler replacement.

Interest Free Boiler Replacement

Why You Should Consider Boilers on Finance

If you can’t afford to pay outright for a new boiler or central heating system, and don’t qualify for a free boiler grant either, we advise that you work with a boiler installation company with a trade license, or a company with a financial partner.  The reason being that you get financial help that meets the guidelines outlined in the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (revised in 2006).  When you go this route for an interest free boiler replacement, the boiler installer and credit company are both equally liable if contract breaches occur.  To qualify, the boiler installation contract must be over £100, but no more than £30,000.  This is not a problem as installing a gas boiler generally costs anything from £2,000 to £3,000.  With oil boilers and full central heating systems generally not exceeding £8000.

Because of the stipulation above, the boiler installers will ensure they carry out the work required to the highest standards possible, and will provide you assistance with maintenance services every year in order to fulfill the warranty.

If you are in something of a quandary though, over whether to accept a cheaper quote by a local plumber, or the little bit extra required by a boiler installation company, there is a lot to consider.  Some of the major benefits of paying for a boiler this way, are outlined below.

What about a bank or a personal loan?

If you can’t afford to pay for one outright, then one option open to you is applying for a bank loan for a new boiler.  However, if anything goes wrong with you your boiler installation, you will still be held accountable by the bank for your loan and are expected to pay it in full.

At the time of writing of this article, we did a comparison on Compare The Market, and the best rate we could find over 10 years was 11.8% APR for an amount of £3000, which comes to about £42 per month.  Of course that may change every week.  Please click the link below to find out what are the current best personal loan rates available –

Below is a snapshot of latest personal loan offers:

interest free boiler replacement rates

0% Interest Rates with Boilerhut

We work with our finance partner, Tradehelp, who organises the finance.  We can offer 0% finance over 12 months, and other payment options over 24 to 120 months.

With payments starting at as low as £19 a month.

Boilerhut can also get you rates as low as 4.9% over 120 months.

Real Savings on your Energy Bills

Without a doubt, one of the biggest buying decisions you will make in life is a brand new boiler or a complete central heating system.  This is why many people prefer interest free boiler replacement.  It allows you the opportunity to spread out the cost of a brand new boiler, so that you are paying only a little each month, for a number of months or even years.  It’s very similar to buying a car really.  But what you get in return is huge savings on your energy bills.  Which really makes it worthwhile even paying a higher interest rate, because you make that money back on energy savings.

Replacing an old, inefficient, non-condensing boiler with a modern, brand new, A-rated condensing boiler with high quality internal components, you are not only able to enjoy consistent and constant hot water and heating, but will not use energy unnecessarily.  The additional bonus of getting an interest free boiler replacement, is that the savings you make on your energy bills may actually be around the same as the interest you have to pay (if you have to pay any at all).  While an older, good quality, regularly serviced and well maintained boiler will still be able to efficiently burn fuel, it’s still limited by two factors.

  1. It’s not a Condensing Boiler. (Eventually there will be a certain degree of heat loss when hot gases escape through the flue.)
  2. Dated internal parts like heat exchanger running on older technology, which means lower efficiency.

How do Condensing Boilers Work?

Modern, A-Rated condensing boilers are able to recover heat that usually escaped through the flue in older non-condensing boilers.  The waste gases travel through a heat exchanger cooling and condensing the gas back into a liquid, called condensate which goes into the drain.  The additional heat recovery means your overall efficiency percentage for the fuel you burn goes right up.  From an 87% starting point for older boilers to 94% and even a whopping 98% efficiency on high-end models like Viessmann Vitodens 200-W.

Interest Free Boiler Replacement with Boilerhut

Raving Reviews

We are rated excellent with 5-stars on TrustPilot, and a rating of 9.3 out of 10.  The common theme emerging from all the reviews is that our clients are amazed by our helpful advice and the professionalism and expertise of our engineers and installation team.  To read full reviews, please click the image below:

interest free boiler replacement, boilerhut reviews

Extended Warranties

Along with being able to pay for your new boiler over a longer period of time, you will also benefit from extended warranties for an interest free boiler replacement.  That is only if you use a manufacturer approved/trained boiler installation company.  Take Boilerhut for example.  We are Viessmann Premium Partners, and Grant G-ONE Accredited Installer, which means when you get a boiler installed by us, you get exclusive, extended warranties of up to 10 years.  You then are completely covered for any damages or problems throughout the length of your finance duration, even if this is as much as 10 years.

Gas Safe/APHC Registered – Your Installation Is Safe With Us

At Boilerhut we make sure our boiler engineers and installers participate in comprehensive and thorough training with our boiler manufacturers of choice, Viessmann and Grant, before they can be called Approved/Accredited/Trained/Premium Installers.  So, when you pay for an interest free boiler replacement with Boilerhut, you know it will be done efficiently and safely.

Furthermore, as a legal obligation in the UK when working with mains gas, all the installers here at Boilerhut are Gas Safe Registered.  Additionally, our engineers who install oil boilers are also APHC registered.

Instant Online Boiler Quotes and Flexible Boilers on Finance options with Boilerhut

Initially, if you choose to get an online boiler quote from Boilerhut for an interest free boiler replacement, our system is designed to give you an estimated price.  Following on from this, one of our customer service team will give you a call and based on your particular circumstances, finalise the quote for you.  This may or may not differ from original price estimate.

Boilerhut’s quoting system is very quick and easy.  The initial estimate takes a few minutes, and we can also finalise a firm quote within hours of you first landing on our website.

Another thing that we are pleased to mention is the fact that if you require a fairly straightforward interest free boiler replacement, such as a like for like boiler swap, you may not even have to have a technical survey.  Only a couple of photos of your current boiler system should suffice.  Which means by clicking some snaps on your smartphone, which can literally take mere seconds to a few minutes (crazy fast phones with amazing cameras these days), you are in control of how much money you can save on the final quote.

Click here to see best examples of photos we need to finalise your quote.  You will find information on how to send photos to us at the bottom of the page.  When you email these photos, just mention your name and postcode in the subject line, and put your address and phone number in the body, so we can do the quote for you.

interest free boiler replacement, online boiler quote

You May Even Qualify For A Free Boiler Grant

Until March 2018 you could possibly get an Oil/LPG boiler for free, and a gas boiler part-funded under the UK Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme.  At the time of writing of this article, the ECO Scheme for Free Boiler Grants was in transition from ECO2t to ECO3.  Which means no funding available anymore.  However that may change in the future, so please Follow Boilerhut on Facebook and we will post updates as soon as free boiler grants are available again.

At Boilerhut we are fully committed to giving our customers the best service we can and most reasonably priced boilers we can.  Which is why we are happy to offer interest free boiler replacement.  So if you are interested in boilers on finance, please do give Boilerhut a consideration.

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