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Witten by Bernard Morgan (Engineer) & Adam Apperley (Marketing). Published: February 1, 2024. Updated: March 25, 2024

L2 On Boiler Fault – Ideal Boiler Issues

If you see the code L2 on boiler it signals a flame loss in your boiler. This is specific to Ideal Logic boilers.

It will shut down until this is resolved. This is commonly due to gas supply issues or component failure, and it’s a problem best addressed by a Gas Safe engineer.

This fault doesn’t always mean a new boiler is needed but it is a possibility. In many cases the issue can continue and get worse over time. This can mean the new boiler cost can be cheaper in the long run.

Understanding the Ideal Logic L2 Boiler Fault Code

The L2 fault code on Ideal boilers indicates a problem that causes the boiler’s flame to extinguish, leading to an automatic shutdown. This issue is typically linked to gas supply problems or the failure of specific components within the boiler. Addressing this fault requires the expertise of a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Common Causes and Solutions:

  • Flame Sensor Failure: A leading cause of the L2 code is a malfunctioning flame sensor. If the sensor fails to signal the presence of a flame to the boiler’s control board, the gas supply will be cut off as a precaution. Replacement of the faulty sensor by a professional can resolve this issue.
  • Gas Valve Fault: A defective gas valve can also trigger the L2 fault code. Over time, the valve’s moving parts may seize, obstructing gas flow and extinguishing the flame. In such cases, replacing the gas valve is often more cost-effective than attempting repairs.
  • Low Gas Pressure: Inadequate gas pressure can prevent the boiler from igniting. Upgrading the gas pipe to a larger diameter or addressing supply issues with your gas provider can alleviate this problem.
  • Condensate Pipe Blockage: During cold weather, the condensate pipe may freeze, blocking the discharge of combustion gases. This will trigger the L2 code. Thawing the pipe and applying insulation can prevent future freezing.
  • Gas Meter Blockage: Similar to the condensate pipe, the gas meter can also suffer from freezing in winter, affecting gas flow. Insulating the meter or its enclosure can mitigate this issue.
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Addressing the Ideal Logic L2 Fault Code

If your boiler displays an L2 fault code, initially try resetting it. If the code persists, it’s likely due to a more complex issue, such as a frozen condensate pipe in winter or other component failures. A Gas Safe registered engineer should be consulted to conduct a thorough inspection.

When to Consider Boiler Replacement

While the L2 fault code does not necessitate a boiler replacement, it can be the most sensible option. If multiple components fail or if the boiler is significantly aged and out of warranty, a boiler replacement may be the best option. Opting for a new, more efficient boiler can enhance your home’s heating system’s reliability and performance.


The Ideal L2 on boiler fault code is a critical alert that requires immediate attention from a qualified professional. By understanding the common causes and seeking expert assistance, homeowners can ensure the safe and efficient operation of their central heating system.

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