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The Navien Condensing NCB Gas Combi Boiler is a versatile boiler that can be installed on a wall anywhere in your home or business. Manufactured from steel and brass components, and with easy to use controls, it provides reliability and high energy efficiency performance.

Price (Installed): From £ (inc. VAT)

Navien Condensing NCB Gas Combi Boiler Technical Specification

Manufacturer Navien
Model Condensing NCB
Condensing Yes
Efficiency Rating 92%
Energy Efficiency Class A Rated
LPG Compatible Yes
Warranty Up to 7 years when installed by an accredited engineer
Central Heating Max. Output 19.5 – 33.2 kW
Mounting Wall mounted 
Weight 38 or 42 kgs
Dimensions 695 mm (Height) x 440mm (Width) x 358mm (Depth)

The Navien Condensing NCB Gas Combi Boiler is available in the following sizes – 24, 28, 34 or 40 kW.

kW size Flow Rate
24 13.8 l/min
28 16.1 l/min
34 19.5 l/min
40 22.9 l/min

Navien Condensing NCB Gas Combi Boiler Key Features

  • The Navien Condensing NCB is a simple and effective model that offers an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating and is 92% efficient
  • Can be installed almost anywhere thanks to flexible flue lengths and IPX5 rating
  • Boasts a modulation ratio of 10:1, which works to optimise heat generation
  • Stylish and modern design, with manual “touch-type” control panel
  • Self-diagnosis and error feedback functionality means easy troubleshooting if problems develop

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About the Navien Condensing NCB Gas Combi Boiler

The Navien Condensing NCB is a highly compatible boiler that can be used with other products in the Navien range, including combi boilers and water units. It can also be used with natural gas or LPG, with no further purchase of equipment for installation necessary.

This model is compatible with all the latest smart energy management technologies, including Tado, Hive and Nest.

  • Due to the compact size and weight can be installed anywhere. Can fit in a cupboard, or an airing cupboard, or fit on the wall in a kitchen or bathroom
  • Includes a control panel with blue touchscreen access for boiler as well as troubleshooting management
  • Integrates with smart technology, including the major names in the market.
  • Energy efficient with an ErP ‘A’ rating
  • Available with an extended warranty period of 7 years

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Our thoughts on the Navien Condensing NCB Gas Combi Boiler

The Navien Condensing NCB is easy to install and offers a generous warranty period. It is also low polluting due to its high energy efficiency rating and is easy to control via the intuitive control panel display.

This range comes in four sizes which will suit any household. This style of boiler can generally provide adequate hot water for most average-sized family homes. 

The latest technology

You can use the Navien Condensing NCB via the conventional programmable control panel or thermostat. But the options don’t stop there. You can upgrade to a smart energy system which can improve the energy efficiency of the boiler even further. This model is compatible with smart thermostat brands such as Nest and Tado. A smart thermostat allows you to control your heating from your mobile device or tablet.

Engineering excellence

The Navien Condensing NCB uses stainless steel heat exchangers which prevent corrosion and reduce the risk of problems arising during the boilers’ lifespan.

The model also includes a compensation sensor, so you can run in condensing mode as well as speedy DHW supply function, so you won’t be left waiting for water to heat up. There is also an ECO mode, so you maximise energy efficiency when you need to.

Frost protection

A built-in sensor inside the boiler automatically detects the ambient temperature and can start a safety heating cycle to prevent damage to internal equipment due to freezing temperatures.

A newer name from South Korea

The Navien brand is relatively new in the UK market. However, they have quickly built a name for themselves and are highly regarded for engineering prowess and reliability. Boilers and parts are well-stocked across the UK.

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