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5 Ways to Save Money on a New Boiler Bristol

Buying a new boiler Bristol can be one of the biggest buying decisions for a household, and if done without proper research, can cost you more money, or you can end up getting amateur installation or poor after-sales service.  Which is why we’ve made this article to give you a couple of things you can do as a prudent consumer before you make the commitment.  We’re assuming you’re looking for advice, which is why you’ve ended up on this page.  Let us make things easier for you.

1. Should You Buy a New Boiler or Repair the Old One?

How much Money can a New Boiler Save You?

If your old boiler keeps breaking down, and you’re spending money on periodical repair, it’s a good idea to replace your old boiler with an A-rated, condensing new boiler Bristol.  As per the Energy Savings Trust, heating accounts for about 55% of your spend on energy bills per year.  Which means an efficient boiler can make a huge difference.  If your boiler is more than 12 years old, it may not be a condensing boiler.  Older boilers also have worn out, corroded internal components.  That means they lose efficiency over years and could be in the range of 50%  to 70% efficiency.  A modern, A-rated condensing boiler is over 92% efficient, with some models like the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W at an amazing 98% efficiency.

What Difference Does Efficiency make to your Energy Bills?

In simple terms, let’s say your old non-condensing boiler is most likely running at 70% efficiency.  That means it’s using only 70% of the fuel going in.  30% is being wasted.  So, in monetary terms, for every £100 you spend on heating, you are losing £30.  As we mentioned above, a modern condensing new boiler Bristol is above 92% efficient, and with tools like smart thermostats and weather compensation, can get as close to 100% efficiency as possible.  This means your boiler is making the best use of the fuel you’re paying to be put into it.

new boilers Bristol, energy efficiency

Can a New Boiler Pay for Itself over Years?

The short answer is yes.  Even if you get a new boiler Bristol or a full central heating system on finance with monthly payments, the boiler will pay for itself (including interest) over years because of money saved due to higher energy efficiency.  The 40% on your energy bills you save every month or every year adds up to huge sums of money over 10-15 years.  So, with better, more uniform heating, more consistent hot water, smart energy management with weather compensation and learning thermostats, it is a win-win situation.  If you get proper insulation done too, your energy bills will drop down to an all time low.

2. Buy a Boiler that is Right for You

You can refer to one of our earlier posts on this blog which goes into granular detail into what type of new boiler Bristol suits you best:  Which Boiler is Best in 2018

Depending on your property size, there are various sizes and options available.  In fact, even for larger properties with 2 bathrooms, there are larger capacity combi boilers with thermal stores like the Viessmann 111-W.  For anything larger, we recommend upgrading to a System Boiler or an Open Vent Boiler.  It’s always a good idea to communicate your needs clearly to a heating engineer, so that they can recommend the correct new boiler Bristol for your property size.  Companies like Boilerhut give you free, no-obligation online quotes for new boiler Bristol, where you can choose and specify the options to give you an initial price estimate which would be pretty close to the final quote, unless there’s a drastic change.

3. Ignore Large Energy Companies


new boiler bristol, ignore energy companies

If you want to save time AND money, going with large energy companies like British Gas, E.ON, SSE,  etc. may be a bad idea.  We’ve had numerous clients complaining that not only did it take them weeks to get a quote or a survey through any of these large companies.  But also that the quotes were sky high.  So, it takes weeks to get a quote, weeks to set up a survey, and further weeks to book the install.  And because these companies have millions of customers, they don’t care if they overcharge you or lose your business.  Which is one of the reasons why they might treat you as merely a number, not a client.  Whereas small to medium new boiler Bristol installation companies will give you instant quotes, install within 1-3 days, and give you excellent after-sales service and individualized attention.  Some of our clients have saved close to £2000 over like-for-like quotes against British Gas.

4. Look for Best Boiler Brands in the UK

You might have a back boiler that’s served you for 20+ years and you may be biased towards that brand.  But before you commit to the same brand again, perhaps doing a bit of research might help.  For example, Potterton, Baxi and Ferroli have made very good, reliable boilers in the past, but their latest range of boilers leave a lot to be desired.

As per unbiased reviews around the web, market data from Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, Energy Savings Trust and recommendation from our in-house experts and rankings from independent, prominent consumer research magazines, below is how the brands stand currently in the UK:

Top Tier:

  1. Viessmann
  2. Worcester Bosch
  3. Vaillant
  4. Grant
  5. Ideal
  6. Baxi
  7. ATAG

The technology, innovation and internal components on these boilers are far and above all other brands in the UK at the moment.  Especially the Viessmann boiler with an inox-radial stainless steel heat exchanger, pressure release valve and condensate combined, in-built shock arresters, around the same competitive price point as other brands in its tier.  That makes it great value for money.


  • Zanussi is a rebadged Ideal boiler, and we wouldn’t highly recommend those in all honesty.
  • Keston Boilers are ideal for new builds as they have complicated input/output flue options.

2nd Tier (In no particular order):

Special mentions to Biasi, Keston, Mistral, Zanussi etc.  These boilers are on the cheaper side, and that’s their biggest strength.  They don’t really shine in any other areas.

5. Research New Boiler Bristol Brands

As we discussed above, going with established brands via word of mouth or plumber recommendation because of their history can seem more reliable on paper.  But oftentimes larger, more established brands have a tendency to sit on their laurels and not innovate.  Which means newer players in the market can swoop in and take the mantle with new boiler Bristol.  Which we believe is happening in the UK market when we look at Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann.  For an in-depth review and comparison, click the following link:

Worcester Bosch are THE established new boiler Bristol brand in the UK.  Have been for decades.  Even though they were acquired by the German company Bosch in 1992, the “Worcester” name still evokes feelings of national pride for many Brits.  Most of the new inquiring customers who get online quotes for new boiler Bristol on Boilerhut’s website often ask us about Worcester boilers, not even bothering to look at what else might be on offer.  Which, in our opinion, can be a mistake.  If we buy any product, we take a look at several different manufacturers.  We just don’t go and buy the first British product on the shelf.  Looking at cars, a Ford Fiesta or a Focus would be a no brainer for many people; the most reliable, most reviewed, high efficiency, probably biggest value for money.  But we still shop around.  New boiler Bristol should be no different.  We’ve done an in-depth, comprehensive boiler shootout in our post Which Boiler is Best in 2018.

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