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New Boiler Cost in the UK – How Much is a New Boiler in 2024?

Witten by Bernard Morgan (Engineer) & Adam Apperley (Marketing). Published: January 5, 2024. Updated: May 29, 2024

Below we’ll look at new boiler costs and different installation scenarios to help you understand what can affect the price of a new boiler.

  • A new boiler cost ranges from £550 to £3,900 depending on boiler type, brand, and efficiency.
  • The cost of installing a new boiler ranges from £1,200 to over £3,000, and it is influenced by the boiler type, the complexity of installation, regional labour rates, and any additional central heating hardware.
  • Premium gas and oil boiler installation will save you money over time on your gas bill and eventually pay for themselves.
  • Boilerhut fixed quotes include full installation and everything needed to ensure the boiler works for as long as possible.
  • Ongoing repairs of boilers can quickly cost more than the cost of a new boiler.
  • The best boilers from Viessmann start from £1,490, before installation.
If you want a tailored new boiler cost, get an instant and fixed online price. It takes less than 1 minute, and you are not obligated to buy.
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Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
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Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.

Understanding New Boiler Cost

If you need a new boiler, understanding the costs involved is essential. The price range is huge, ranging from as little as £500 to £3,900 or higher for ground or air source heat pumps (which we’re not covering in this guide).

What can affect new boiler cost?

The type, brand, model, power, features, warranty, ease of installation, build quality and materials used all contribute to new boiler cost.

Cheap combi boilers start from £500 but will only have 2-year warranties meaning you could need to replace it very quickly. Whereas a premium new combi boiler, like the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W, starts at £1,060 and comes with a 10-year warranty. All new boilers should come with a warranty, but you need to decide if a short one is worth the risk.

Boiler installation costs can vary for many reasons. A simple boiler replacement should be the easiest kind of installation as not much has to change to accommodate the new boiler. However, moving a boiler, or changing to a different type of boiler will incur a higher boiler installation cost. New pipework may be required, new cylinders or tanks, gas pipes may need replacing and flues need to be vented through walls or lofts and roofs.

Another major consideration is long-term energy efficiency. More efficient boilers lead to larger savings on energy bills over time, they can increase the value of your home (a Viessmann warranty will remain with the boiler even if you move out), and pay for themselves in fuel savings.

Combi boiler on a kitchen wall | Boilerhut

Boiler cost by type

Boiler Type Boiler Only Cost Cost Including Installation
Gas Combi boiler £550 – £3,200 £2,050 – £4,500
Oil Combi boiler £2,600 – £3,900 £3,700 – £6,400
Storage Combi boiler £1,980 – £3,700 £4,000 – £5,200
System boiler £750 – £2,600 £2,200 – £4,750
Regular/Conventional boiler £650 – £2,100 £2,200 – £4,200
Electric boiler £900 – £2,500 £2,300 – £5,000
Air source heat pump £8,000 – £12,000 £13,000 – £25,000

The type of boiler system will affect the overall price of the installation. For example, a combi boiler replacement doesn’t require tanks but has a maximum hot water flow. System and conventional boilers require tanks to store hot water, with the latter also needing a cold water header tank in the loft. Cylinders and tanks require additional pipework and more time from heating engineers.

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Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
Next day installation & finance available.
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.

New Combi Boiler Cost

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W 35kW Combi BoilerA gas combi boiler is the most popular choice in the UK right now. This is thanks to their compact design and high efficiency. The cost of a new combi boiler varies a lot, for example, the lowest-priced Viessmann 050-W boiler is available for approximately £1,100, while the most expensive, and rare, floor-standing 222-F costs around £3,700.

It is worth noting that, in general, boiler installation costs for combi boilers are lower than system and conventional boilers.

Combi boiler cost by brand

Brand Boiler Only PRICE
Viessmann combi £1,060 – £3,700
Worcester combi £850 – £2,940
Alpha combi £790 – £1,720
Vaillant £1,310 – £2,250
Baxi £850 – £1,780
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Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
Next day installation & finance available.
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.

Storage Combi Boiler Prices

A storage combi is a combi boiler with an integrated hot water tank. This allows a greater flow of hot water than the cold water mains could handle by itself. These boilers are a great mid-point between a combi boiler and a system or conventional boiler.

Storage combi boilers range from £1,980 to £3,700 depending on the size and power. This is more expensive than a normal combi, but less than a system boiler and hot water cylinder.

Viessmann 222-F £3,400 – £3,670 £4,900 – £5,260
Viessmann 111-F £1,980 – £2,260 £3,300 – £4,130
Vaillant 938 £1,940 – £2,430 £3,400 – £4,590

222-F Floor-Standing Storage Combi Boiler

System Boiler Prices

System boilers can range from £750 to £2,600, not including installation. Installation and supply of a basic new system boiler with a 5-year warranty can cost around £1,900, while premium boilers, including supply, installation and a 12-year warranty, average around £3,500.

As with other boiler types, other factors can influence the final price. These include the boiler manufacturer, warranty length, required controls, additional filters, plumps, valves, water tanks and the general complexity of the installation work.

System boiler cost by brand

Brand Boiler ONLY PRICE
Viessmann system £1,045 – £2,050
Worcester Bosch £860 – £2,010
Alpha £860 – £1,500
Vaillant £1,210 – £1,990
Baxi £1,010 – £1,590
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Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
Next day installation & finance available.
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.

Conventional Boiler Prices

Conventional boilers, also known as regular or heat-only boilers, are a popular choice for larger homes with multiple bathrooms. However, these boilers are more expensive than other types as fewer are produced. For instance, the cost of a new conventional boiler ranges from £650 to £2,100, with installation pushing this up to £2,200 to £4,200.

It’s worth noting that these boilers need a cold water storage tank alongside a hot water cylinder. Some benefits of regular boilers include the continuous flow of hot water to multiple outlets, making them ideal for larger homes.

Hot water storage cylinder removal cost – £150. Feed and expansion tank removal cost – £250. Both are included with Boilerhut quotes.

Conventional boiler costs by brand

Brand Regular Boiler
Viessmann heat-only £1,030 – £1,640
Worcester Bosch £810 – £2,600
Alpha £760 – £1,050
Vaillant £1,210 – £1,470
Baxi £1,080 – £1,540

New Oil Boiler Cost

Oil boilers are a great option for homes not connected to the main gas network. They function in the same way as gas and LPG boilers, except they burn oil. However, oil boilers are more expensive than gas and LPG boilers because there are fewer of them, and they are more complex.

Despite the higher initial new boiler costs, oil combi boilers can be a cost-effective choice in the long run. They offer the benefits of their gas counterparts, such as instant access to hot water and comfortable heating, whilst external models can be placed outside, saving you room in your home.

Oil boiler costs | Boilerhut

Oil boiler costs by brand

Brand Regular Boiler
Navien £2,610 – £3,320
Worcester Bosch £3,170 – £3,520
Grant £2,100 – £3,200
Get Your New Boiler Quote
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
Next day installation & finance available.
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.


Electric boiler £900 – £2,500 £2,300 – £5,000

Electric boilers are available in combi, system, and conventional types. An electric combi boiler is a good choice for off-grid homes, but oil and LPG are still far more popular and tend to work out cheaper to install and operate in the long run. We suggest careful consideration before installing an electric boiler replacement.

The benefits of electric boilers include no local emissions or exhaust, compact and quiet and they can work with solar panels. Some disadvantages of electric boilers are that electricity is 3-4 times more expensive than natural gas, you may require a three-phase electricity supply upgrade, and a large portion of electricity in the UK is generated by natural gas, reducing any positive effect by not burning gas in the boiler.

Different boiler installation scenario costs

Cost of a combi boiler swap

The average new combi boiler swap cost is between £2,100 and £4,900, including VAT and installation. Boilerhut’s average price for this job is £2,696.

Swapping one combi boiler for another, also known as a combi-swap, is one of the quickest installations. The heating system is already set up to work with a combi, meaning there is less pipework to change.

The high top-end price in this example is down to the floor-standing 222-F storage combi boiler option.


The average system boiler swap will cost between £2,500 and £4,750, including VAT and installation. Boilerhut average price is £2,996. Replacing boilers with the same type tends to be quicker than converting from one type to another. This is because pipework and tanks are already in place and are unlikely to be changed.

Back boiler replacement costs

Back boiler replacement with a combi boiler

The average back boiler to combi boiler installation cost is between £2,200 and £4,500, including VAT and installation.

Replacing old back boilers requires additional steps compared to a combi boiler swap. The back boiler will need to be decommissioned, adding complexity and time. We recommend the new boiler be placed in the airing cupboard in place of the old hot water tank.

Replace a system boiler with a combi (boiler conversion)?

The average cost of replacing a system boiler with a combi boiler is between £2,690 and £4,600. Boilerhut average is £3,266.

Normally, when replacing a system-type boiler with a combi boiler the hot water cylinder will be removed from the home and pipes will need to be rerouted to different places.

Putting the new boiler in the same place as the old one will save on costs by not having to move the heating pipes but the hot water pipes for taps and showers will need to be moved. This additional work means the boiler installer will need to be at the property for longer.

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Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
Next day installation & finance available.
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.

What can affect new boiler costs?

It is worth noting that your gas supplier probably won’t be the best-value installer. All the prices and costs listed in this guide are correct as of February 2024.

  1. Fuel type
    Natural gas is the cheapest fuel you can use. Most natural gas boilers can be converted to LPG with a conversion kit for £50 – £300. Some boilers can burn LPG with a simple setting change. Oil boilers can be £600 – £1,000 more than their gas equivalents.
  2. Size of your home
    Larger homes will require higher power output boilers. These are more expensive than boilers with lower outputs. Large homes may also need system boilers requiring a hot water cylinder.
  3. Full central heating installation
    Full central heating costs £5,900 – £10,000. It will include everything needed to ensure a warm home and a good hot water supply.
  4. Boiler location
    Moving a boiler will incur additional costs. Moving a boiler can cost £100 – £1,000, depending on the distance of the move. Generally, keeping your boiler in the same location is the cheaper option.
  5. Boiler warranty
    Boilers come with a standard warranty ‘out of the box’. Using certain filters can add time to your warranty. Specific installers will include extended warranties as part of their price. Extended warranties can add £200 – £500 for the additional protection.
  6. Magnetic and hard water filters
    Good quality filters will cost £100 – £300. They will ensure the boiler performs best by reducing issues with the heat exchanger and other internal components.
  7. Advanced flush/chemical flush
    A flush involves pumping water and chemicals around your heating system to clean it out. Flushes cost from £250 – £600. There are different flush levels; a mains-powered chemical flush is a basic option, and a power flush uses an external pump.
  8. Heating controls
    Thermostats will cost £50 to £300. A basic wireless RF thermostat should be included in any quote. A smart thermostat that connects to your phone can cost up to £300.
  9. Gas upgrade
    If you need an upgrade, this costs £25 – £35 a metre. Building regulations require 22mm pipes for your gas supply when boilers are over a certain power output. So, a gas supply upgrade, from your gas meter to your boiler, could be required.
  10. Condensate pump
    All condensing boilers produce acidic water as part of the combustion process. This needs to drain away safely. A pump can be used if this can’t be achieved with a pipe flowing to a drain. These cost £150 – £500.
Get Your New Boiler Quote
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
Next day installation & finance available.
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.

What should be included in the price of a boiler installation, swap or replacement?

While all installation companies differ, the following is a comprehensive list of what we believe should be included in your boiler installation, swap, or replacement. Boilerhut provides everything on the list, including 10 or 12-year extended manufacture-backed warranties.

  • The new boiler
  • A standard or extended, manufacturer-backed boiler warranty
  • Removal of the old boiler
  • Removal of tanks and cylinders, if required and possible
  • A flue, either horizontal or vertical
  • Microbubble deaerator – if needed
  • Magnetic filter
  • Limescale filter – if needed
  • A Boiler Plus-compliant programmable thermostat or an internet-enabled smart thermostat
  • Chemical flush & chemical inhibitor
  • All pipework
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Commissioning of the boiler and benchmarking
  • Building regulation notification with certification, including landlord certificates
  • Handover and induction of the boiler and controls

When getting quotes, it is worth asking about the additional work and hardware to ensure you get the best deal. Not all quotes are equal.

Get Your New Boiler Quote
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
Next day installation & finance available.
Get the best deals & save up to £590 per year on heating bills. Next day installation & finance available.

Post-installation boiler costs

Expected running costs

Below is the current average spend on gas in the UK. It’s worth noting these costs are for gas, not specifically for heating. British Gas [view webpage] (average annual cost of gas – January 2024)

  • Flat/1-bedroom house – £713.19
  • 3-bedroom house/flat – 1,025.48
  • 5-bedroom house – £1,453.89

As these are average, yours may be different. However, it’s good to understand the average cost.

Service costs

Servicing costs vary across the UK, from £80 to £180. It is worth understanding who is servicing your boiler. A manufacturer service will be more expensive than a local heating engineer, but they know the boiler better than anyone. Plus, a manufacturer’s service will protect your warranty.

Payment options and finance

New boilers are not cheap. But they are required. There are a number of ways you can buy a new boiler.

  • Deposit and pay on completion – Pay a small deposit to book the installation and pay the remainder on completion.
  • Pay upfront – We can reserve payment for your boiler on a credit or debit card. You could also find a low-cost loan to pay for your boiler. Money will only be released on completion of the installation.
  • Finance – Some installation companies will offer finance, allowing you to spread the cost over a fixed period of time.

Do you need a new boiler?

The cost of a new boiler will vary depending on your requirements, the boiler, your home and the fuel used. We suggest getting quotes from a couple of companies and speaking to them for the best price and service.

If you need a new or replacement boiler or are looking at having a central heating system installed, get an online quote and you’ll get an instant price.

But why choose Boilerhut:

  • Next day boiler installation.
  • Instant, no-obligation quote in less than 1 minute.
  • Boiler finance options available for new boilers and central heating installation.
  • 10 to 12-year warranty on boilers.
  • ‘Excellent’ 5* customer satisfaction on Trustpilot.
  • Fixed & final prices. No hidden extras.
  • Get up to three quotes for different-tier boilers.
  • Monthly payment plans for annual manufacturer services.

Why trust Boilerhut?

We’ve been in business installing boilers nationwide since 2013. We’ve installed thousands of boilers and have an Excellent rating on Trustpilot. Our installations speak for themselves, and we’re honest with customers.

Frequently asked questions

In general, it should take no longer than 2 days to install a new boiler. However, if you are having new radiators fitted around the home as well this can extend installation to 4 days.

Boilers are complicated machines that need to take high stresses from heat and running water. Some models are designed more cheaply than others, so they won’t last as long. We try to work with Viessmann boilers as often as possible. They offer a minimum of 10-year warranties with premium components, high efficiency and great customer service.

Converting from one type of boiler to another can add costs to a new boiler installation. It will depend on two things: 1) what type of boiler you are replacing and 2) where the new boiler is going.

If you are changing from a regular or system boiler to a combi boiler, then the conversion is relatively simple. This is because you are going from a more complicated setup to a simpler setup. A combi boiler does all the work, and no tank is required. Therefore, all pipework must lead to and from the boiler.

If you are changing from a combi boiler to a system boiler, the engineer will need to make runs of pipes from the boiler to the hot water cylinder. This will take longer than doing it the other way around. You will also need a location for a hot water cylinder.

There are added considerations if you are changing from an old back boiler. Do you want to keep the old boiler in place or remove it? The most common scenario is leaving it in place, decommissioning it, and ensuring it is safe.

Moving a boiler can be a complicated job, but nothing is impossible. There will be more pipework to run, water and gas. The condensate will need to be added and flow into a downpipe or drain, too.

Once you have a quote with Boilerhut, we will discuss all the options and ensure the quote is correct. We don’t like hidden costs for customers.

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