new boiler quote online

New Boiler Quote Online

New Boiler Quote Online is without doubt the fastest (and probably the safest) way to get your boiler installed.

Allow us to explain why.

We’re in 2019 now and have made the transition into a truly digital age.  You can now buy everything from a pin to a plane online, from your smartphone!  This wasn’t possible just 15 years ago!  Ecommerce has taken a massive leap in the last decade.

New boiler quote online or new central heating system quotes should be a thing of the past, but surprisingly they aren’t.  A lot of people in the UK still buy boilers the old fashioned way, and end up creating more problems for themselves than they originally started with.  The old-fashioned way to get boiler quotes is also a massive time drain, and possibly a money drain as well.

Why struggle when you have convenient options available?  Our aim is to help you in every way possible to get a more accurate new boiler quote online for your boiler replacement or new installation done as soon as possible.  Let’s dig deeper.

How Most People in the UK still get Boiler Quotes

Most people haven’t truly harnessed the power of the internet by searching for a new boiler quote online.  Older, slower methods still seem to be the norm for people who haven’t really embraced technology.

If you decide to get a boiler quote the old fashioned way, your next probable step is to contact up to 3 plumbing and heating firms locally or find a company online that promises to organize 3-5 firms to call to your home and offer you quotations.  Most plumbing and heating companies, in our experience, can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to provide a quotation (larger energy companies like British Gas, E.ON etc. seem to take the longest).  Most plumbing and heating firms would prefer to quote you during a weekday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Wait for Appointments

You will not always get appointments in the evening or weekends, which may be more suitable for your lifestyle.  If the company only offers you a daytime appointment, you’ll be forced to take a day off or half a day off work, depending on how far your work is from your home.  Or you’ll have to ask your boss for a 1 hour break from work to drive back and wait for the surveyor/plumber to arrive.

Once you’ve gone through this 3 times, you’ve compared boiler quotes and decided on the company or plumber you wish to use.  Depending on their availability, it may take weeks to get your boiler installed.  Especially if it’s a one or two man team, they simply cannot survey and install within a convenient time frame.  That’s because they’re down on manpower, and speed, optimization and efficiency is not always high on their agenda.  Which is probably why they don’t offer a new boiler quote online either.

Appointment Cancellations / Reschedule

When you buy a boiler the old fashioned way, it may cost you hours of your time and inconvenience and potential pain with the possibility of surveyors not showing up, appointment rescheduling etc.  I’ve gone through the pain of being assigned a time slot of 8 am to 1 pm, and the surveyor showing up at 2 pm.  Reason?  “I got held up at the previous appointment mate.”

This could very well happen to you, and I’m sure you can agree that this is an old fashioned, very inefficient way of purchasing a boiler.  Time = money for everyone, especially you, the customer.  Furthermore, not only have you spent precious time for a physical site survey, you will end up paying money for that site survey too, as the cost will be factored into your final quote.  Which if our math is correct, makes it more expensive for you.  New boiler quote online can help offset some of that cost.

If Your Boiler Breaks Down When You Least Expect it

Picture this, you’re in the middle of December, done with all your Christmas shopping, and all you need to do now is wait for Christmas and New Years.  You make plans with your family.  Your old boiler is barely alive, is on its last legs, chugging along, making strange noises.  You’ve had your eye on it, because you’ve already spent hundreds in boiler repair, and you’re praying it makes it to the next year.

But unfortunately right in the middle of holidays and family time, it’s come to a grinding halt.  Fortunately you may still have 3-4 days until everybody shuts down shop for Christmas.

What’s your next logical step?

Would you call your trusted plumber or boiler service engineer to repair it once more and risk another boiler breakdown during the holidays?  Or do you contact a larger energy company to schedule you in the coming weeks and risk going the entire holiday season without heating and hot water?

boiler survey cancellations

Is there a Way to Avoid all this Pain?

NASA sent people to the moon almost 50 years ago using computers with less than a tenth of the processing power of an average smartphone that sits in your palm today.  I’m sure we can use it to get a legitimate new boiler quote online within minutes and agree on an installation date within days?


New Boiler Quote Online

Quick, Affordable and Efficient Way to get Your Boiler Installed

What if you could avoid the time and money drain associated with a physical site surveys all together?  What if you could leverage modern technology using just a smartphone or any other device of your choice, like a PC, laptop or tablet?  What if you could speed things up considerably, saving you money and time?

While there are some heating firms offering online boiler quotes, each system may work differently.  We can only tell you how our own new boiler quote online system works in detail.

To see it in action, go to the Boilerhut homepage or click the green button below:

  • Based on the answers you give, you get a fairly accurate online price estimate.
  • The price may not be final, and can be confirmed over the phone with a heating expert.
  • Our experienced engineers have developed a system whereby no site survey is needed.
  • You may have to provide some photos (so we can check for Gas Safe and OFTEC Regulations Compliance).
  • You can take these photos on your camera phone and send via WhatsApp or email in minutes.
  • We will give you a final confirmation on price, which may vary from the original online price estimate.
  • If you accept the final price, we will organize a mutually convenient install date.
  • The install date can be within 48 to 72 hours, or the next 3-4 days or another date convenient for you.

We’ll come install the boiler on weekends if need be!

Finance Options Also Available

new boiler quote online, boilers on finance

Read more here: Boilers on Finance

So, from a new boiler quote online to complete installation, it takes hours to a few days.

Depending on slot availability, your new boiler can even be installed the next working day!

Why Should You Buy a Boiler Online?

Save Time & Money

Like we mentioned earlier in this post, no need to schedule time for a physical site survey.  Also, no need to factor in the cost of a physical site survey into your final boiler replacement price.

Free Online Boiler Quote in a Few Minutes | No Obligation

New boiler quote online is free, takes 2-3 minutes max, depending on how straightforward your boiler installation is.  And that quote can be finalised with a heating expert over the phone within an hour.

You DON’T have to Pay Everything Upfront (At least with Boilerhut)

That’s right.  While other boiler companies may ask you for full payment upfront, Boilerhut don’t.  You can make a small deposit upfront to book your installation slot, and pay the remaining amount after the installation has been successfully completed and you’re happy with it.

Highest Rated Energy Efficient Boilers in the UK

new boiler quote online, best boiler brand in the UK

Online Quote in Minutes, Installed in Days

We chose to work with Viessmann, a boiler manufacturer with the best and highest efficiency boiler range in the UK market today.  It’s also won the Which? Best Buy Boiler UK award for the 2nd year in a row now.

To read about Viessmann boilers in detail, please click the following link:

Viessmann Boilers

They were world leaders in commercial heating before they turned their attention to domestic boilers recently.  In fact some of the biggest stadiums, factories and large corporate buildings and offices around the world run on Viessmann’s commercial heating solutions.

A newcomer in the domestic boiler space compared to established brands like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Ideal etc. Viessmann have already made up massive ground and have some of the best boilers in the UK market today.

Why does Boilerhut work with Viessmann?

Our heating engineers have a combined experience of over 60 years, and they have installed boilers from every single boiler brand operating in the UK.  All of them now unanimously prefer Viessmann, because not only are they compact and easier to site, they’re also reliable and durable, which means fewer service/repair calls.  Ease of installation is one of the reasons why a Viessmann boiler lends itself well to a new boiler quote online because the installation is easier to plan.

Viessmann’s UK headquarters are in Telford, and all their parts are stocked in Plumbase stores everywhere.  With extended 10 year warranties (if installed by Boilerhut), you’re guaranteed a Viessmann engineer at your doorstep within 48 hours for any boiler related faults.

Furthermore, Boilerhut believe in using products with high energy efficiency to make sure we leave a cleaner, greener planet behind for future generations.  And Viessmann’s boilers are known for high energy efficiency, durability and reliability not just in the UK or Europe, but around the world.

Their premium, top of the line boiler, the Vitodens 200-W works at an amazing 98% energy efficiency, and may even go beyond that by recycling outside air and condensing constantly.  Almost 100% efficiency is amazing value for money, and above and beyond anything else in the UK market.  The reason Viessmann boilers are able to deliver such amazing efficiency is in part due to superior engineering, and high quality internal parts.  Especially their patented Inox-Radial Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, which carries a 10 year warranty.  All other boiler manufacturers in the UK use aluminium heat exchangers sourced by a third party to cut costs.

boiler quote online

Not only is inox stainless steel superior by leaps and bounds to aluminium.  It is also highly corrosion resistant.  Which means that even after the 10 year warranty has expired, inox stainless steel will not lose its efficiency.  Compared directly to the aluminium heat exchanger in Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Idea, Baxi etc. and other boiler manufacturers in the UK, a Viessmann boiler will maintain its efficiency much longer, as can be seen in the comparison diagram below:

new boiler quote online, stainless steel heat exchanger

To get your new boiler quote online, simply hit the green button below:

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