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New Boiler Quote

New Boiler Quotes are no longer done by a surveyor at your house.  While taking a day off of your busy weekly schedule for a boiler survey is a great excuse to clean up the mess in your house, you can now get a new boiler quote online!  Leave that mess be, or clean up, whatever.  Simply enter your postcode below and hit the green button.

Our intelligent quoting system will guide you through the process, and based on the options you choose, give you a price estimate for what your boiler installation will cost, including all the extras.

These days, almost everything can be done online, – from buying clothes, toys, games, cars, motorcycles and even helicopters.  However, a lot of people in the UK don’t seem to be availing themselves of the benefits of getting a new boiler quote online.

Many are still using the old traditional method, which means calling a boiler installation company and setting up an appointment.  While there is nothing majorly wrong with that method, it can actually mean you will end up paying extra going that route.  You might also have to deal with more problems along the way.  In the following post we are going to look at possible reasons why you may still prefer the traditional methods of obtaining boiler quotes, and why you should seriously consider getting a new boiler quote online.

Traditional way of getting a New Boiler Quote may not always be Feasible

Remember the Beast from the East during winters in 2018?

new boiler quote, middle of winter

We do.

As a boiler installation company, we had a barrage of calls where people’s boilers stopped working, the condensate pipe was frozen, no heating, no hot water etc.  We had the will to help those people, but no way, as we could not send installers or engineers out because the roads were undrivable!

Imagine you were in that situation, deep into the coldest part of winter.  Even if you were grateful that you didn’t have to go to work, and that you could finally binge watch your favorite series on the TV with warm food indoors.  There is always a chance your boiler can stop working.  At which point, forget about TV and warm food!  You will be searching for emergency boiler repair or emergency boiler replacement online, or rampaging through the yellow books to find a local plumber.  Who may not really be local and be from a nearby town, and can’t make it to your place because he’s inundated with other requests, or the roads are blocked.

Why oh why did that boiler break down?

When you think about it, it is not really a surprise that it did.  If you hadn’t been getting it serviced annually, or if it had already broken down in the past, it’s actually more of a surprise that it lasted so long.  But as it goes with all things with mechanical moving parts inside, something’s bound to go wrong, unless you had been proactive.

What do you do next?

Your next step, if you are going to follow most of the British population, would be to get in contact with at least three heating and plumbing companies in your local area.  Or make use of a company that operates online and guarantees that you will receive calls from three to five different businesses at your home.  For them to offer you a new boiler quote for the work you require.  However, what they sometimes neglect to tell you is that many energy companies and heating and plumbing firms seem to take around three to four weeks to provide quotes to prospective customers.  In our experience of the market and industry, it always seems to be the biggest of the big six, like E.ON and British Gas that take the longest to provide a new boiler quote.

It is also worth noting that the majority of heating and plumbing companies prefer to give a new boiler quote to customers during the week and not the weekend, during their office working hours of 9 am to 5 pm.  This is obviously, not very ideal if you are at work yourself!  And as many don’t have the option of weekend or evening appointments, you may have to accept a survey appointment during daytime in the middle of the week.  And you may have to take the day off from work.

Remember, you will have to do this at least three or possibly even more times.

Why is the Traditional Way of getting New Boiler Quote Time and Money Consuming?

Time off from Work to be Present for the Survey

As we mentioned above, you will have to be present at your home for the physical survey.  If you live far away from work, that could mean at least a half day off.  Something that can easily be avoided, which we will get into more detail later on.  After you’ve received a couple of new boiler quotes, and even after you have found the heating and plumbing business that you want to install your boiler, it could take a further couple of weeks for the boiler to be actually installed.  These companies do not always put efficiency, optimisation and speed on top of their list when it comes to boiler installation.

Who pays the surveyor?  You do.

If a surveyor travels to your house to survey the property, he is obviously not working for free.  The company definitely doesn’t pay for his services.  That cost is added to your quote.  Therefore, in order to get the boiler installation that you need, by going the tried and tested, “traditional” method – it may actually cost you in terms of the inconvenience and disruption to your day to day life it causes.  And the survey surcharge added to your new boiler quote.

new boiler quote surveyor

When the Surveyor Doesn’t Show up

Imagine you’ve convinced your irate boss to allow you a couple of hours to get the survey done, or you’ve taken a full day off because you live far away from work.  Forget the possibility of your face going red because the surveyor didn’t turn up when they should have.  You will now waste even more time rescheduling the appointment, and possibly even money.  Time is money anyway.

However, as we briefly touched upon earlier, there is a more cost-effective and time-efficient way to get a new boiler quote.

Get Online for a New Boiler Quote with Boilerhut

Now that we have discussed just how troublesome it can be to get a quote using the traditional way, let’s look at one of the best alternatives.  After all, we are a 100% sure you would be interested in reducing the wasted time and survey costs as outlined above?  This is possible if you do things in a modern, more efficient and less time consuming way by getting a new boiler quote online.

Although Boilerhut was established in 2013, our engineers have a combined experience of over 40 years, which means you will get the best, most technical advice compared to anyone else in the UK.  We know all the permutations and combinations and costs associated with a boiler installation.  Which is why, using a combined team of experienced heating engineers and talented programmers, we’ve developed an intelligent quoting system, which based on the options you choose, gives you a price estimate literally within minutes.  It’s quick.  It’s effective.  It’s hassle free.  And most importantly, it’s completely free and carries no-obligation.

How getting a New Boiler Quote from Boilerhut works

Step 1: Enter your postcode and hit the green button.

Step 2: Select options that apply to your property


  • Fuel Type
  • House Type
  • Number of Radiators
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Type of Boiler
  • Extras, Water Flow, Flue Location etc.

Screenshot of the “House Type” screen from our quoting system below:

new boiler quote, property details

Once you have gone through all of the steps listed above, you will enter your details (which are kept safe as per the latest data protection laws), and the system will give you a price estimate.

Step 3: Take out the Middleman

It’s 2018, everyone’s got a smartphone, or at least a camera phone.  All you need to do is take a couple of pictures of your current boiler system as explained in the link below:

Best examples of Boiler Photos for Survey

Once we’ve received the photos, we may discuss any additional technical details over the phone.  This is to ensure that everything is fully compliant with the latest building regulations, Gas Safe , Boiler Plus Legislation.  After this, our surveyor will give you a final quote, which may be lower or higher than the initial price estimate you received through our quoting system.

As a reliable and highly trained boiler installation company, we at Boilerhut consider ourselves to be experienced enough to provide you with the best possible advice and new boiler quotes for your boiler installation.

If the final quote is okay with you and you agree to it, we can then arrange your new boiler installation date, at a time that is best for you.  You can even choose a date within 1-2 days of the quote.  We can even install on weekends if need be!

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy High Quality Expert Installation that our Clients rave about

boilerhut reviews

Click here to read our TrustPilot Reviews  

Disclaimer: We may have received a lot more 5-star reviews since the posting of this article.

We provide our customers with the highest quality boilers available on the market, at incredibly reasonable and affordable prices.  With help and advice from surveyors and engineers with over 40 years of experience in the industry.  No pushy salespeople.  But people who actually know what they’re talking about.

Further to this, from the start of your new boiler installation to the completion of the work, our highly trained engineers and installers will do it all to an extremely high standard, in terms of both efficiency and quality.

If you are used to contractors and subcontractors leaving mess and just not finishing the job properly, you are in for a pleasant surprise with Boilerhut.

If you prefer to talk on the phone, please give us a call on 029 2009 9898 or send an email to us at  Or just get an online new boiler quote.  It literally takes minutes.

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