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7 Newport Plumbing Tips to Get the Most out of Your New Boiler

This Newport Plumbing article pertains to the town of Newport, Gwent, Wales – United Kingdom.

This post aims to give you tips and information on how you can get most out of your new boiler installation done by a Newport plumbing company.  Whether you’ve already bought the boiler or are thinking about investing in a new condensing boiler through a Newport plumbing installation service, this post is for you.  To get a quick boiler/central heating installation or replacement quote, simply enter your postcode below and hit the green button:

1. Make Sure You Buy the Right Boiler

We’ve done an extensive guide on our blog which will help you to choose the best boiler for your property size.  Which Boiler is Best

If your property is small to medium sized, a combi boiler is best suited for your property.  Maybe this post will help: Best Combi Boilers 2018

It is very important you choose the right size and type of boiler for your property.  Whether you’re getting an online boiler quote or a site survey with a Newport plumbing company, discuss every detail about your existing boiler or central heating system and your property with the surveyor or heating expert over the phone.  Any complications with how the flue exits the property, or boiler location, or plumbing related complications need to be communicated clearly.  This way you won’t have any surprises later on.

2. Think Long Term, not just Short Term

There will always be cheap boilers at cheap prices.  You’d want to think about whether short term money savings will translate into long term pain.  If you just want a boiler to work for 2 years, and then plan on moving to another country or Mars, then by all means get the cheapest deal you can get.  However, if you plan on living in your home (on Earth) and want the best comfort for your family for years to come, care about energy efficiency and saving money on energy bills every year, then buy a premium product.  In our opinion these are the best boiler brands in the UK at the moment:

The hierarchical list above is based on technological innovation, energy efficiency and depth of boiler range.  In our opinion, backed up by strong facts, Viessmann are the most technologically advanced boilers in the Newport plumbing and even the whole of UK at the moment.  All boilers in Viessmann’s vast range include an inox-radial stainless steel heat exchanger, combined pressure release valve and condensate, in-built shock arresters.  They also have unique boilers like the high end, almost 100% efficient (and above!) Viessmann Vitodens 200-W.  Or the combi boiler with a 46 liter thermal store, Viessmann 111-W.  Or the boiler with a fuel cell, which takes in gas and generates electricity for you,  the Vitovalor 300-P.  The list is simply endless.  While Worcester Bosch are the market leader in terms of brand name, loyalty to the name “Worcester” (and a bit of national pride), they are definitely lagging behind Viessmann in terms of technological brilliance.  They are still high efficiency boilers though, and you can’t really go wrong with buying a Worcester Bosch or a Vaillant, Ideal or Baxi.


If you plan on converting to solar in the near future, it is a good idea to make sure the boiler you are buying now is solar compatible.  Also, if you plan on converting your loft or extend your living area, it’s best practice to communicate that clearly to the heating engineer/expert/surveyor over the phone or in person BEFORE you choose your boiler or finalise the deal with a Newport plumbing company.

3. Invest in Smart Thermostats

While analog thermostats will do just fine for controlling the temperature manually is what you want to do.  However smart thermostats are the way to go if you plan on saving some money on your energy bills.  Imagine this, if the weather outside is constantly changing, and the temperature inside your house is not quite right.  And throughout the day you have to constantly move around and adjust the temperature, adjust the TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) on your radiator so your tiny man cave is not too hot.  Imagine if all of that was controlled by a smart, learning thermostat like Nest.

newport plumbing, smart thermostats

The cool thing about Nest is it’s a learning thermostat.  So, it learns from your behavior, connects to nearby weather stations and adjusts the temperature inside your home automatically.  You can just put your feet up during winters with a glass of cognac, and the temperature changes are all controlled by this smart thermostat

4. Weather Compensation

As per environmental studies done around the world, with a weather compensation sensor, the estimated energy savings are 10%, and in some cases even up to 40%.  It really depends on which boiler you’re using weather compensation with.  For example, weather compensation combined with any flagship model from best boiler brands in the UK can get you up to 94% energy efficiency.  But as we mentioned above, high end, unique boilers like the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W can get to 98% and even above 100% in some cases (with air recycling).  According to tests and reports, in a 3 bedroom house with one family living in it, you can save a lot of money by coupling a high efficiency condensing boiler with a weather compensation sensor.

Another thing to note is that legislation regarding boilers and energy efficiency is changing everywhere, and now encourages installation of high efficiency boilers, programmable thermostats and weather compensation.  Look at Boiler Plus Legislation 2018.  In many cases there are government boiler grants as an incentive for you to upgrade to a higher efficiency central heating system.

5. Help your Newport Plumbing Boiler with Insulation

It is no secret that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home dramatically with proper insulation.  Both insulation and a high energy efficiency boiler complement each other perfectly.  If you don’t have good insulation, any efficient heating produced by the boiler will escape through the walls and will be wasted.  However, if you’ve invested in cavity wall insulation, and also insulated your loft, the heat will remain inside your home longer.  And with the help of weather compensation, the boiler will only come on when needed.  On top of that, modern condensing boilers like Viessmann’s Vitodens range modulate between 5kW and 30kW as and when needed.  This will not only save on the fuel you’re using, but also cut down on electricity usage, bringing your overall energy costs down over the long term.

6. Annual Service to Preserve Manufacturer Warranty

All of the best Newport plumbing boilers or boiler brands around the UK now offer up to 10 years warranty and above.  But every manufacturer highly recommends getting your boiler serviced at least once per year to preserve manufacturer’s warranty.  That ensures that you don’t void your warranty and that the boiler runs smoothly for years, and there are no surprises during the winter time when you start it suddenly after inactivity during the summer months.  Usually an annual service will cost you anywhere between £100 to £120.  There are Boiler Care plans available from Newport plumbing boiler installation companies like Boilerhut, where for a nominal monthly fee we set reminders, manage and schedule your annual services.  If you have had your boiler installed by Boilerhut, you can set up a Boiler Care Plan by calling 029 2009 9898 or emailing:

7. Choose Boilerhut for your Boiler Installation

Newport plumbing reviews trustpilot

Read our reviews here: Boilerhut Reviews

When you get an online boiler quote from Boilerhut and agree to a deal, you’re not just buying a boiler.  You’re buying a full fledged, Gas Safe, accredited and trained, expert installation, and excellent after sales service, along with tons of extras like:

  • Chemical Flush
  • Powerflush
  • Microbubble Deaerators
  • Magnetic Filters
  • Limescale Filters
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Internet enabled learning thermostats
  • All associated pipework
  • Gas Upgrades
  • Extended Warranty Registrations
  • Commissioning and Testing to Complete Benchmark
  • Building regs and certification, including landlord certificates
  • Training, hand over & induction on boiler and controls for the customer

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