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No hot water? Tips to get your hot water back

As one of the more common problems that can occur with your central heating system, having no hot water can be very frustrating.

In order to help you solve this problem quickly, we’ve collated all the information you need to identify the issue.

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Do you have an issue with your electricity, water or gas supply?

It may seem obvious, but you should check the supply to your boiler.

You can check any other gas appliances, like a hob, to see if your gas is still flowing. Try lights and check your fuse box to check the boiler’s electricity feed hasn’t tripped. Lastly, check your taps to ensure your water hasn’t been cut off.

Reset your boiler

Sometimes, the old ‘try turning it off and on again’ really does work. As boilers get more efficient, they are getting more computerised and every now and then a computer needs resetting. Check the instructions for your boiler to see how to reset your specific model.

Check your boiler’s clock and timer

Check your boiler is set to the correct time and that the timer is all correct. If they’ve been reset or become stuck you may need to change them or reset the boiler.

Check your thermostat

Thermostats can easily be knocked or changed by mistake. Ensure it’s set to what you expect it to be set to. If your thermostat has been turned off it may be affecting your hot water.

System pressure

Check that you combi or system boiler has enough pressure. There could have been an airlock in a radiator, which moved and reduced the overall pressure. Boilers need a certain pressure to work and they will turn off to protect themselves. Top up the system if this is the case.


If you have low pressure and you can’t fill it up you may have a leak. It could be a radiator or a pipe. You may need a plumber to help you trace pipework throughout the house to find and repair the leak. If the leak is inside the boiler you will need a Gas Safe engineer to sort this out.

Could your pipes be frozen?

A frozen pipe can block incoming water or your condensate flow pipe. Either will prevent your boiler from working to protect itself. To unfreeze an external condensate pipe, pour warm water onto it.

Check your diverter valve

If you are getting hot water to your radiators but not your taps your diverter valve could be broken or stuck. This valve, as it suggests, diverts water from the central heating system to your taps. You will need a Gas Safe engineer to look at this as it is inside your boiler.

Have you had a power cut recently?

Power cuts can affect all appliances. Most of the time a power cut does nothing apart from turn the boiler off. When the power comes back on, it should restart correctly.

However, sometimes a boiler could reset and you may need to re-input settings. In extreme cases a power surge could damage the control board of the boiler.

Do you have credit?

If you have a prepaid meter it’s worth checking to see if you have credit available. It’s easy to forget.

Pilot light

If you have an older boiler you may have a pilot light. This is a continuous flame to ignite the boiler when the timer kicks in. Modern boilers use an electrical spark. If the pilot light has gone out you will need to relight it.

Still no hot water?

If you still don’t have hot water after all these steps you will probably need a new boiler. If you has a Gas Safe engineer out to help you they may also be able to tell you if the boiler is beyond repair or not.

If you need a new boiler, get a few quotes, including local engineers and companies like Boilerhut.

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