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Benefits of an Oil Boiler

Oil Boiler – When you’re living off the gas grid

If you’re not using gas for your home, chances are you’re living off the grid. By “off the grid”, we don’t mean a hermetic life in the Himalayas. But that you might use Oil Boilers, LPG Boilers or electric storage heaters for central heating. Some people also use woodburners for room heating. Air source heat pumps have become more common lately. Electric storage heating can cost you a fortune if you’re not careful and you’re not using a lower economy tariff.

Now the air source heat pumps and electric storage heating can both be very expensive options for you. One for installation and setup, and the latter for energy costs. Whereas the cost of oil and kerosene have come down recently, making oil boilers a much cheaper option. If you’re prudent in using an oil boiler, as you are with a gas boiler, you should be fine on your energy consumption.

Unless you find a cheap source of wood, woodburners are not an ideal or recommended choice, as the heating is not efficient and you’re not doing great things for the environment. Fact is almost 82% of energy used for heating in the UK is Gas, with just 8% Oil and 7% coming from electricity. But as mentioned above, if you’re living off the grid, a condensing oil boiler is definitely one of the options you should be looking into.

Condensing Oil Boiler – High efficiency

oil boiler efficiency

Condensing oil boilers are different from older, more traditional boilers in that they are engineered to capture the heat which is normally lost through the flue during the combustion process. Boilerhut works with Grant, and their Vortex condensing boiler has a built-in stainless steel heat exchanger, similar to the technology that Viessmann use for their condensing gas combi boilers. Grant use a unique turbulator baffle system for their boilers, which cools the gases where the heat which would be normally lost through the flue, can be recovered. And that recovered energy enables these oil boilers to operate continuously at higher than usual levels of efficiency, helping you save tons of money on heating and hot water running costs.

Oil boilers are easy to maintain

At the time of installation, Oil Boilers require commissioning. It ensures that the boilers are working at the highest efficiency, resulting in lower running costs and longer term reliability. Oil burners may also require annual maintenance from time to time. If oil boilers can’t be sited internally, external oil boilers are a great option. They are just as efficient as oil boilers which are sited internally.

Below is an example of an externally sited oil boiler:

oil boiler, external oil boiler

Condensing oil boilers are highly efficient, producing cool flue gas temperatures, resulting in a visible vapour out of the flue. This is normal with a condensing boiler, and indicates that the appliance is working efficiently. As an alternative, several different flue kits are can make the vapour exit at a higher level.

How to get a FREE Oil Boiler worth £3995.

Many of our customers who are working, and on tax credits have qualified for a free oil combination boiler.

These customers had an old inefficient boiler costing them a ton on repair costs and sky-high energy bills. If you want to replace a broken Oil or LPG boiler, costs can be anywhere from £2500 to £5800. If you’re on benefits, this becomes twice as difficult. With very little help out there on this, this can be not only expensive but also worrying.

There is HOPE.

Thanks to the Affordable Warmth Scheme known as ECO (Energy Company Obligation) there is help available to replace the cost of an Oil or LPG Boiler (Limited funding for gas). The non-repayable grants are controlled by the ‘Big Six’ energy companies also known as EDF, EON, Scottish Power, NPower, SSE, and of course, British Gas.

How can you qualify to get a free boiler?

If you receive any of the following, you can obtain a grant under the scheme to obtain full or partial funding for a boiler replacement.

  1. Child Tax Credits / Working Tax Credits? (*Household income applies)
  2. Income Related ESA
  3. Income Based JSA
  4. Pension Guarantee Credits?
  5. Income Support?
  6. Universal Credits? (*Household income applies)

Click here to check if you’re eligible for a FREE Oil Boiler

Or call us on 029 2009 9898 if you’d like to speak to any one of our friendly staff.


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