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Central Heating Flushing

At Boilerhut, we offer central heating system flushing services
to safely and easily remove debris and sludge from your radiators.

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Central Heating Flushing

We provide fast and effective central heating system flushing with ongoing protection

Many of the common issues with domestic boilers could be avoided with the right maintenance and care and this is where boiler flushing comes in. Boiler flushing is an innovative way of cleaning your boiler and ensuring its long life and continued energy efficiency.

  • Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass.
  • System flushing could now be achieved in as little as TWO hours.
  • Effective system flushing results in ongoing protection.
  • Cleanser remains concentrated within the system throughout the process.
  • Cleanser remains heated within the system throughout the process
  • Saves water – Disposal ONLY at the end of the process.
  • Ongoing protection for improved performance and efficiency.

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Magnacleanse Boiler Flushing lifetime system protection

While power-flushing is extremely effective when carried out by a qualified engineer it’s a fact that the build-up of iron oxide is an ongoing issue within the system.

Our central heating engineers are here to provide you with the highest quality in boiler servicing and maintenance.

Our boiler engineers have provided boiler flushing services to hundreds of home owners across the UK.

ADEY’s MagnaCleanse delivers an extremely effective solution because it removes almost all of the sludge that builds up in your boiler over time.

With the installation of a MagnaClean domestic filter it provides unrivaled ongoing lifetime protection for your boiler. Our industry leading central heating flushing service enables installers to carry out a routine system flush in as little as two hours. This innovative flushing system provides a more productive and profitable flushing solution for central heating professionals.

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