Heating Controls

Heating controls fitted to a domestic boiler and a wet central heating
system will allow you to control the temperature of your home.

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Heating Controls

Heating Controls for Boilers and Hot Water Cylinders

Heating controls fitted to a domestic boiler and a central heating system will allow you to control your home (and hot water where appropriate) and the temperature it is heated to.

Using the heating controls correctly will improve energy efficiency and reduce your running costs without affecting comfort. Central heating systems are fitted with a timer, room thermostat, and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on each radiator.

Where the system has a hot water storage cylinder (not a combi), a cylinder thermostat will also be installed together with a motorised valve so that the boiler heats the cylinder only when required.

Combi heating controls are easier to set up and very often do not require wiring in, as the programmable room stat connects directly to the boiler via wireless technology or WiFi.

The new trend in thermostats is to have the option of accessing the system via a smartphone app such as the Tado and EPH advanced smart options.

Heating Controls

We will supply and install everything that is required for a full central heating system.

EPH Heating Controls

EPH Heating Controls Ltd. is a specialist heating controls company serving both the residential and commercial markets in the UK.

Tado smart thermostat - New boiler costs guide | Boilerhut
tado° Thermostat

Control your heating system wherever you are. Control heating separately in different rooms of your home, and save you up to 31% on your energy bills.

Viessmann Vitotrol 100-E - Nest vs Hive vs Tado | Boilerhut
Vitotrol 100-E

Viessmann’s own smart thermostat connects effortlessly to your boiler and smartphone app. It also has the same warranty as your new Viessmann boiler.

Viessmann Climate Sensor
Viessmann Climate Sensor

Viessmann’s climate sensor allows mobile control of your boiler but it removes all manual control from inside your home.

Viessmann ViCare App
Viessmann ViCare App

The ViCare App allows you to connect to your Climate Sensor or Vitotrol 100-E smart thermostat from your phone. It cannot be used by itslef.

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Which smart thermostat should I buy?

A bit like a lot of answers surrounding central heating and boilers; it depends.

We can discuss all this with you if you get a quote, but in general, we would recommend the tado° or Viessmann’s own Vitotrol 100-E.

The tado° is a great smart thermostat, and you can buy additional smart TRVs for your radiators, which will increase the functionality and potentially bring your gas usage down depending on your requirements.

When installing a Viessmann boiler, however, it’s often a good idea to go for the Vitotrol 100-E as we can offer a warranty that lasts as long as the boilers, 10 to 12 years, depending on the model.

Below are some comparisons and reviews that you may find helpful:

Not going smart?

Although a lot of people go smart with their heating you don’t need to. An argument should be made to say that smart technology obviously depends on WiFi and companies outside of your control.

All our boiler and central heating installations come with a EPH Combipack 4 thermostat. This is a very well-reviewed and very well-made ‘dumb’ thermostat.

Building regulations state that boilers have to have thermostats to ensure that they run efficiently and this EPH stat is a great product. It allows a simple on-and-off, plus a temperature setting and daily timings.

Read the full EPH Combipack 4 Thermostat review >

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