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EPH Heating Controls

We Provide EPH Heating Controls For Your New Boiler

Who Or What Are EPH Heating Controls?
EPH Heating Controls is a business that provides a comprehensive array of heating control solutions tailored to meet different and specific needs. Committed to exceptional customer service, EPH stand behind each of their products with solid warranties…which is why we use them here at Boilerhut.

Why Do We Use EPH?
EPH Heating Controls, including their wireless room thermostats, are very easy to program.

It’s an easy-to-use product and very functional. It can be fixed to a wall or kept on a free standing device. It is robust and the battery life is good, making it an ideal choice as an entry level programmable room thermostat.

EPH also have some great ‘smart’ options available adding the ability to control your system on the go from your smart-phone.

Will You Show Me How To Use It?
Once our engineers install a new boiler, they will teach you how to use this as part of the induction and hand over to your new system.

Don’t worry if you forget, because all of our office staff have been trained to use EPH Heating Controls and can advise clients of set up options over the phone.

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Want To Go Smart?

Ember smart heating controls, from EPH, are convenient, easy-to-use and cost effective.

The Ember App allows you to control your boiler, radiators and heating system from your smartphone.

This version of the EPH Heating Controls system will save you money and allow control and flexibility over the heating system.

Once again, on handover and commissioning we will teach you how to use the system and our office staff are on standby to help if you forget.

How Will It Save Me Money?
The App allows you to turn your heating on and off whist you are away from home. No need to rely purely on pre-set timings. Going to be home later than normal, stop the heating coming on and heating the house with no-one in it. Going on holiday? Set the system to protect from the cold only. Nice and easy.

What’s Next?
We install EPH Controls with most of our boilers, so grab a quote through our online system or give us a call on 02920 099898 to discuss it further.

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