Microbubble Deaerator and Dirt Separators

In untreated central heating systems, air may cause problems such as flow interruptions or even a complete system breakdown. Air in a system is the largest contributor to creating magnetic sludge, that can accumulate wherever a magnetic field is present. In valves or heat exchangers, pipes, radiators, pumps and Heat Exchangers. Next to costs associated with repairs, parts and downtime, contamination also leads to reduced system performance and, therefore, higher energy costs. Boilerhut have decided to work with Spirotech to offer an extensive range of SpiroCombi deaerators along with our boiler installation. These remove air, microbubbles  from system water continuously.

microbubble deaerator

  • Removes circulating air and micro bubbles effectively.
  • Very small particles, from 5 μm (= 0.005 mm) are separated and removed.
  • No shut-off valves or bypass required
  • Exceptional 20 Years Guarantee

A SpiroCombi Microbubble Deaerator combined with a Viessmann boiler can be a match made in high efficiency/reliability heaven.

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How can a Microbubble Deaerator Benefit your Central Heating System?

A microbubble deaerator removes circulating air and even the smallest air bubbles from installation water in an exceptionally effective manner.  This is crucial to central heating installations, because if air is not sufficiently removed from the installation fluid, all sorts of inconveniences and installation issues will arise. This can only be prevented by manually venting your heating, cooling or process installation every once in a while.

  • Keeps your System Clean.
  • Protects Critical System Components.
  • Saves Energy.
  • Rooms heat up quicker.
  • Boilers last longer.
  • Retrofits to new or existing heating pipes.
  • It works on any type of Oil, Gas, LPG or Electric boiler.
  • Provides up to 20% more heat from your radiators.
  • Sizes for all heating systems domestic or commercial.
  • Made in the UK.

microbubble deaerator twin pack

Pictured above is a SpiroCombi MB3 twin pack for optimum performance:

  • Deaerator fitted on Boiler Flow [ Higher Temperature Removes More Air ]
  • Magnetic Filter fitted on Return Pipe [ Traps Magnetic Sludge before entering Boiler ]