should I get a combi boiler

Should I Get a Combi Boiler?

“Should I get a Combi Boiler?” is probably the biggest question on your mind if your boiler has packed up just as it’s starting to get cold in October, or whether you’re in the middle of holiday season at the end of the year.  In this post, with help from the best heating experts in the country, we’ll try our best to help you understand if combi boilers are suitable for your property, and whether you even need a combi boiler.

Before we answer that question, if you’re completely new to combi boilers or central heating, or if you have basic, but not complete knowledge of what combi boilers are or how they work, we recommend reading the posts linked below:

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The posts above will also help you understand the different types of heating systems available to install i.e. Open Vent, Sealed System, and Combi (short for combination).  If your central heating system runs on an Open Vent configuration (attic tank and hot water cylinder) or a Sealed System Boiler (hot water cylinder) and you’re thinking of changing to a combi boiler, that is definitely possible in 2018.  It may not have been possible some years ago, but we large capacity and storage combi boilers now.

To answer your question of “Should I get a combi boiler”, you need to ask a couple of clarifying questions first, which will make your final decision much easier.

Should I get a Combi Boiler to Save Money?

Instantaneous Hot Water

When you ask “Should I get a combi boiler?” you’re obviously interested in the on-demand or instantaneous hot water feature that combi boilers are famous for.  If your existing central heating system is built around an Open Vent boiler or a Sealed System boiler, changing to a combi boiler may save you a lot of money as it brings your energy efficiency up.  Because combi boilers do not require an external hot water tank for storage, they don’t need to reload and reheat the water throughout the day.  Which cuts down on your gas and electricity usage.  And over days, weeks, months and years, those little savings add up.

Fewer Components to Fail

With combi boilers there are fewer pipe runs and connections required compared to an Open Vent or a Sealed System boiler.  There are no attic tanks or hot water cylinders, so there are very few components that can fail.  Having said that, please keep in mind that one of the disadvantages of a combi boiler is if anything goes wrong with the boiler, your hot water won’t work either.  Whereas with an open vent or a sealed system boiler, as long as you have a backup immersion heater, even if your heating stops, hot water may still be available.  There are pros and cons to all types of systems.  After reading that if you’re wondering should I get a combi boiler, don’t worry.  In the boiler marketplace as manufacturers compete at a higher level, combi boilers become more reliable, especially German brands like Viessmann.

What is My Hot Water Usage?

should I get a combi boiler

If you require hot water from multiple taps at the same time, including showers, then perhaps a regular combi boiler won’t be enough.  Storage combi boilers can handle hot water demand from several taps, but you should either discuss that with a heating expert or refer to the product brochure on the manufacturer’s website.  If you live in a fairly large house with 4 bathrooms and several people, chances are there will be high demand for hot water.  In which case the question “Should I get a combi boiler” wouldn’t really apply.

How many Bathrooms are at My Property?

This is probably the first question a heating expert is going to ask you when you ask him “Should I get a combi boiler?”  If you have more than two bathrooms, chances are a normal combi boiler may not be adequate.  But don’t worry if you’re low on space, because like we mentioned above, there are storage combi boilers available now.  We’ve done an extensive post on what storage combi boilers bring to the table, and have recommended best storage combi boilers.  You can read the post in its entirety by clicking the following link:  Storage Combi Boiler

One of the best, and most cost effective storage combi boilers available in the UK is the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W which has a 46 litre integrated stainless steel thermal store with CLS (cylinder loading system).  CLS technology makes sure that it refills the in-built thermal store within a few seconds without affecting the final flow rate.  One of these should be able to handle up to 3 bathrooms.  Anything above that, you’re better off going with a Sealed System boiler, or an Open Vent boiler.  Or if you can afford it, the larger premium storage combi boilers from Viessmann.

How many People Live in the Property?

Combi boilers (including storage combis) should suffice for up to 3 people living in a fairly decent sized house with up to 3 bathrooms.  If you live in anything larger, and there may be simultaneous hot water demand from multiple sources (more than 3-4), then instead of asking should I get a combi boiler, perhaps you should be asking which boiler is best for your property.  We’ve again done an in-depth post on our blog on this, which you can read by clicking here:  Which Boiler is Best

Proximity of New Combi to Bathrooms

should I get a combi boiler

If you are planning to install your new combi boiler in the garage and your bathroom is all the way across on the other side of the house, you could experience what is called “hot water dead legs”, where the hot water can take anywhere between 3-5 minutes to get warm and travel to where you want it to be.  Because of longer pipe runs due to boiler position, the hot water will travel that much slower to your shower or other taps around the house.  So if the answer to your question “Should I get a combi boiler?” is yes, then for best results, your combi boiler should either be installed reasonably close to your bathroom, or equidistant to the kitchen taps and bathroom.

Should I get a Combi Boiler Installation Online?

Yes, you should.

If you can buy a house or a car online, combi boilers should be no different.  When you ask “Should I buy a combi boiler” and completely ignore the internet, you’re missing out on a big chunk of information, discounted online deals, and a chance to save time and money.  Without advertising our services too much, we don’t just sell boilers, but complete central heating peace of mind.  We are premium partners with the manufacturers of one of the most durable, reliable and highest efficiency boilers available in the UK.  All our installers are Gas Safe and APHC Registered/Accredited.  Every single Boilerhut installer is chosen after careful consideration and vetting based on experience, skill level and quality of installation.

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We are rated Excellent with 5 stars on Trustpilot.  Click here to read our reviews.

On the technology front, the busy minds at Boilerhut have developed an intelligent quoting system.  Depending on the answers you give to questions about your property, it will generate an online price estimate which can be discussed with our heating experts and confirmed on the same day.  The online boiler quote only takes a few minutes, is completely free, and you are under no obligation to buy.  If you put your correct details in, you can also get crucial, free central heating advice.  To begin, please enter your postcode below and hit the green button:

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