Solar Panel Installation In Cardiff: Everything You Need To Know

Witten by Bernard Morgan (Engineer) & Adam Apperley (Marketing). Published: March 20, 2024. Updated: March 20, 2024

With the cost of electricity rising, there’s perhaps never been a better time to consider solar panel installation in Cardiff. Solar panels can help your home to be self-sufficient, save you money in the long run, and even generate an income on their own.

In this guide, we share everything related to solar panel installation in Cardiff, including the benefits, things to consider, and how you can find an accredited installer. Boilerhut also looks at the two different grants that are available for financing solar panel installations.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many different types of solar panels to consider.
  • Solar battery storage can help to improve the efficiency of the solar panel system.
  • You can save up to £800.00 per year by using solar panels to generate electricity.
  • The number of solar panels needed in Cardiff will often range from 6 to 13.
  • The average cost of solar panel installation in Cardiff usually sits between £8,000 and £13,000.00.
  • Grants can be used to reduce, or even completely pay for, the cost of solar panel installation.
  • Solar panels have an average breakeven period of around 12 years.
  • Solar panels can be used to complement boilers or heat pumps.

Solar Panel Technology and Options

Solar panels allow you to generate electricity by utilising available space on your roof. All types of solar panels revolve around this principle, however, some are better suited to different-sized roofs and budgets.

Types of Solar Panels

Here’s an overview of the different types of solar panels available in the UK. We compare the cost, efficiency, and average lifespan of each, helping you to identify the perfect solar panel solutions for your Cardiff home:

Type of Solar Panel Av. Lifespan Efficiency Approx. Cost Per M2
Thin Film 10-20 years ~13% £110
Transparent 25-30 years ~10% £260
Polycrystalline 25-30 years ~16% £290
Solar Tiles 25-30 years ~20% £300
Monocrystalline 25-40 years ~24% £360
PERC 25-30 years ~20% £370

Finding the best solar panels for Cardiff is entirely up to your preferences. For example, if energy efficiency is the main focus, then Monocrystalline could be the best option, but they will cost more.

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Save up to 70% PER YEAR on your energy bills.
Save up to 70% PER YEAR on energy.

Solar Battery Storage

In addition to the cost, lifespan, and efficiency of your solar panels, you must also evaluate whether you could benefit of solar battery storage. These batteries will be placed somewhere in the home, often in the garage, to store the electricity created by your panels.

Installing solar battery storage can help you power your home more effectively, meaning you will have to buy less electricity from the grid. These solar batteries cost around £2,000 on average; however, they have an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. This gives you plenty of time to recoup your investment and save money.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Cardiff

Of course, it’s also important to mention the different advantages of solar panel installation in Cardiff. Although the initial cost can seem steep, you can benefit from the following for many years to come:

  • Lower Electricity Costs (Save Up To £800 per Year)
  • Earn Money for Unused Energy
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Another thing to mention is that there is a range of government grants available to subsidise the fee paid for solar panel installer services.

Do Solar Panels Work in Cardiff?

Yes, solar panels work in Cardiff. There is sufficient solar radiation in Cardiff to keep these systems operating effectively. Many people think that direct sunlight or high temperatures are required for panels to generate electricity; however, it relies entirely on solar radiation.

Cardiff’s lack of exposure to different weather extremes is actually a benefit, as this can keep solar panel maintenance to a minimum and limiting damage.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed in Cardiff?

The exact number of solar panels needed for homes in Cardiff will depend on the size of the building. Another thing to take into consideration is how much electricity the home requires, should you wish to go completely solar.

With that being said, here’s an overview of the average number of solar panels needed in Cardiff:

House Size Required size of solar Number of 450W panels
1-2 Bedroom 3kW 6-7
3-4 Bedroom 5kW 10-12
5+ Bedrooms 6-8kW 13-16
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Save up to 70% PER YEAR on your energy bills.
Save up to 70% PER YEAR on energy.

Cost and Savings of Solar Panels in Cardiff

Now that we’ve touched on the requirements for an effective solar panel system, it’s time to look at the solar panels Cardiff cost:

Solar System Size Average Cost
3kW £8,000
5kW £12,000
6kW £13,000

As you can see, the cost of Cardiff solar panel installation is not proportionate. This is why homeowners can often receive additional savings by opting for a system that generates the most electricity.

Are There Grants Available for Solar Panel Installation in Cardiff?

Yes, there are many grants available for solar panel installation in Cardiff that can help to greatly reduce the amount you pay. Grants are designed to make Cardiff more energy-efficient and sustainable. Some of the options available include:

Grant 1: ECO4

The ECO4 grant is designed to help lower-income households to improve their energy efficiency. If you have a household income of lower than £31,000 per year, are recommended by a trusted body (Such as an energy provider or doctor), or receive certain benefits, you can apply for the ECO4 grant.

This grant is offered by various energy providers and applying will lead to a telephone assessment. Questions that may be asked during this stage revolve around:

  • The yearly income of the household
  • Any benefits that are received
  • The energy efficiency of the property
  • Whether or not the home is insulated (If not, this can also be covered by the grant)

A date will then be scheduled for a physical viewing of the property, which is often the last step of the process. If successful, you can be given up to £14,000 that can be used to make energy-saving changes to your home. Naturally, this includes solar panel installation.

Grant 2: Nest

Introduced by the Welsh Government, the Nest scheme is available to people who own their own home, privately rent their home, have poor levels of energy efficiency, pay large sums of money in heating bills, or have a means-tested benefit. You can also be eligible if you have a chronic respiratory, circulator, or mental health condition.

Nest can offer impartial advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home, with a grant being issued to complete the work. Check out their website to apply for a Nest grant online today.

Savings Generated from Solar Panels

By making use of a solar panels your home can save up to £800 per year. The average price to install solar panels in Cardiff sits at around £10,000, meaning you could reach breakeven in around 12 years. After this point, solar panels can help to generate savings year-on-year.

While there is the potential to sell electricity that has been generated using your solar panels, the biggest savings come from simply using this instead of relying on electricity from the grid.

Finding Local Accredited Solar Panel Installers Cardiff

When it comes to finding local, accredited solar panel installers Cardiff, Solar Hut is the place to be. With over 11 years of experience in the new boiler installation and solar industry, you can rest assured knowing that your installation will be completed by an expert. Of course, all of this is done while also helping Cardiff to transition over towards sustainable energy sources!

For a free, no-obligation quote, complete the online form and find solar installers in Cardiff today. This can save you hours of research time, with a selection of top-rated and cost-effective options being present in just a few clicks. Of course, Solar Hut can also help you with any questions you have regarding the installation process, government grants, or energy efficiency.

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Save up to 70% PER YEAR on your energy bills.
Save up to 70% PER YEAR on energy.

Frequently asked questions

No, but it is preferred. You do not need a south-facing roof in Cardiff for solar panels to work on your property effectively. The only thing required to generate electricity from the panels is solar radiation, not direct sunlight. This also means that solar panels can create electricity even on cloudy days.

The main advantages of a solar panel installation are decreasing the cost of electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and creating an additional income source by using available space on your roof. Being less reliant on the grid is another advantage to consider.

Solar panels in Cardiff often last from 10 to 40 years. Interestingly, solar panels can have a longer lifespan in Cardiff, should they be maintained correctly, as there are fewer extreme weather events that can cause damage to the system.

No, you don’t need to apply for planning permission for most solar panel installations in Cardiff. This is because they are considered to be covered by ‘permitted development’.

Solarhut is Boilerhut’s sister company, which was set up to take on solar installations across the UK. We’re focusing on Cardiff and South Wales while ensuring our processes are robust.

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