Viessmann Boilers Reviews

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Viessmann Boilers Reviews

Viessmann boilers are recognised for their reliability, durability, energy efficiency and industry leading products. They also produce various heating equipment for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

Their product line includes gas and LPG combi, system and heat-only boilers. Their lineup includes oil boilers, air and ground source heat pumps, and solar panels and batteries.

Viessmann designs products with sustainability in mind. This results in some of the most energy-efficient boilers in the UK, like their 200-W combi boiler which is 98% efficient.

A key feature of Viessmann gas condensing boilers is their patented stainless steel heat exchanger. It has great efficiency and doesn’t degrade over time, unlike aluminium heat exchangers.

Viessmann’s history

Viessmann was founded in 1917 in Germany by Johann Viessmann. It has grown from a small family business into a leading international manufacturer of heating systems.

Over the decades, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the heating sector. They pioneered advancements in new boiler technology and renewable energy solutions.

Viessmann Boiler Reviews

Here at Boilerhut we think Viessmann make some of the best boilers in the world. Big statement.

Their build quality is fantastic. They only use the best materials, ensuring that boiler components last a long time. For example, their stainless steel heat exchanger.

Most companies and boiler models still use aluminium for their heat exchangers. Unfortunately, aluminium doesn’t stay very efficient over it’s lifespan. This means every year of use an aluminium heat exchanger will lose efficiency which costs you more money. Stainless steel doesn’t lose efficiency at all. In fact, it gets more efficient for the first year or so.

Viessmann’s customer service and aftercare is great, but if you get a new Vitodens boiler from us, we’ll become your first point of call. When we install a Viessmann boiler we will look after you for the life of that boiler, and that’s where we differ from other installers. In the unlikely even you have an issue, Boilerhut will prioritise your issue and report it to Viessmann. For the highest priority cases, Viessmann usually attend within 24 hours.

What’s more, the integrated WiFi on the latest models allows Viessmann and Boilerhut to monitor the boiler and even fix certain issues that might arise, without having to visit your home.

Do things go wrong? Yes of course, manufacturing isn’t perfect for any business. But if an issue is found and the boiler has been serviced correctly Boilerhut and Viessmann will work together to fix your boiler. Under the 10 to 12-year warranty (model dependent), all call-outs, parts and labour are covered.

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Customer reviews

Viessmann are rated in a few places online.

“Good quality product…not had any problems….very efficient boiler….provides plenty of heating and hot water.” – Philip.

“Excellent boiler easily fitted to existing pipe work . Runs very efficiently and we have no problems at all.” – Trevor

“We called to report an issue with our boiler. Tech called us back and talked us through some things on a video call. For peace of mind an engineer came out and checked the boiler.
Everything was handled as smoothly and helpfully as we could have wanted.” – Ronald

Viessmann models and pricing

If you would like to dive deeper into the models available from Viessmann, view the models available on our Viessmann page >

Viessmann combi boilers

  • Vitodens 050-W
    • Sizes available: 25kW, 30kW & 35kW
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,060
  • Vitodens 100-W
    • Sizes available: 26kW, 30kW & 35kW
    • Warranty: 12 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,427
  • Vitodens 200-W
    • Sizes available: 30kW & 35kW
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,975
  • Vitodens 111-W
    • Sizes available: 25kW & 32kW
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,980
  • Vitodens 222-F
    • Sizes available: 19kW, 25kW & 32kW
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Boiler price: from £3,399

Viessmann system boilers

  • Vitodens 050-W
    • Sizes available: 19kW & 25kW
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,045
  • Vitodens 100-W
    • Sizes available: 11kW, 19kW, 25kW & 32kW
    • Warranty: 12 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,330
  • Vitodens 200-W
    • Sizes available: 11kW, 19kW, 25kW & 32kW
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,844

Viessmann heat-only/regular boilers

  • Vitodens 100-W
    • Sizes available: 11kW, 16kW, 19kW, 25kW & 32kW
    • Warranty: 12 years
    • Boiler price: from £1,183
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Save up to £590 PER YEAR!

Viessmann boilers reviews – the pros and cons

Viessmann are a very well-known brand in Europe. They are one of the largest boiler and heating producers in the world. They have 14,500 employees working across 74 countries.

In summary, Boilerhut like working with Viessmann. They are fast to respond to questions or issues. Their boilers connect to WiFi enabling Boilerhut to monitor it for you. They use stainless steel heat exchangers to ensure high efficiency across the boiler’s lifespan.

Viessmann boilers are a great choice for many households. But, like all brands, there are advantages and disadvantages. We think that you should be aware of all the details before choosing.

Viessmann advantages

Long lifespan: Viessmann boilers are built with high-quality components that contribute to their extended lifespan. This is further enhanced by the incorporation of quality parts like the Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger, which promotes long-term efficiency.

Quiet operation: Viessmann boilers are quiet, ensuring a peaceful home environment.

High efficiency: Viessmann boilers are among the most efficient on the market, with many models operating at 98% efficiency. This translates into significant energy savings and lower heating costs.

Weather compensation: Viessmann boilers incorporate a range of smart heating features, including weather compensation. This system compares the outdoor temperature to the thermostat settings and adjusts the boiler’s operation accordingly, ensuring optimal heating efficiency and comfort.

Extended 10 or 12-year warranty: While a standard 5-year warranty is provided, Boilerhut can extend it to 10 years (on the 050 and 200 models) and 12 years (on the 100-W model) as we’re a Viessmann premium installer. This extended warranty provides peace of mind, knowing that your home heating system will receive the necessary care. As long as the manufacturer service plan is followed, the Viessmann boiler warranty covers individual parts within the boiler, such as the signature stainless steel heat exchanger.

Viessmann disadvantages

Higher cost: Viessmann boilers can be more expensive than some competitors, such as Baxi and Vaillant. However, if you get a boiler quote with Boilerhut you may be surprised. Often a premium Viessmann boiler and installation will be cheaper than our competitors.

Occasional system errors: Like other brands, Viessmann boilers are not immune to occasional errors and faults. The system does show error codes to assist in troubleshooting or informing your boiler engineer.

Quick comparisons

Viessmann vs Worcester Bosch. You can read the full comparison in our article, but in essence, Viessmann makes the best boilers in the world. They beat Worcester Bosch in most categories apart from how well they are known in the UK. The heat exchanger alone pushes Viessmann above Worcester boilers.

Viessmann vs. Alpha. We like Alpha boilers. They’re a great mid-range boiler with a stainless steel heat exchanger. However, they lack the efficiency of some Viessmann boilers or the connectivity that allows remote fault monitoring by Viessmann themselves.

Viessmann vs Vaillant. Viessmann boilers tend to be slightly cheaper than Vaillant for what we consider to be a better boiler. They’re more compact, better connected and have near-surgical steel heat exchangers. Viessmann vs Vaillant is a hard choice, but, in most circumstances, Viessmann will come out on top due to their better value.


Viessmann boilers are well-regarded for their super-efficiency, dependability and ease of use. This is backed by excellent customer support and long warranties.

Viessmann boilers offer a combination of great features. This is why we chose to partner with them: if we didn’t think they were good, we wouldn’t install them.

Their range suits a lot of different homes and family requirements. They are a premium product with industry-leading components. In our experience, Viessmann boilers do their job well and for a long time. Not only this, they will save you money compared to older boilers and a lot of competitor models.

Viessmann is not as well known in the UK as other brands but they’re growing in popularity because they’re so good.

If you would like a quote to see how much a full installed Viessmann boiler would be for you and your home, please get a free, no-obligation quote today.

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