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ViCare App

Control your Viessmann heating system via the internet whilst
saving time and energy. Connects to the Climate Sensor,
Vitotrol 100-E and Weather Compensation Unit.

Save up to £500 PER YEAR a year

ViCare App

The ViCare app allows remote control of your Viessmann boiler via the internet. You will need the Viessmann Climate Sensor or the Vitotrol 100-E thermostats to enable control.

This simple yet powerful app allows full integration with your boiler, saving money through smart heating control. Why heat your home when you’re not home?

Product Features

  • Save money when not at home
  • Easy smartphone operation
  • View the status of your boiler at any time
  • Set preferred temperatures for heating and hot water
  • Integration with Viessmann solar systems
  • Quick functions at a tap of a button
  • Will follow the Viessmann boiler warranty
Viessmann ViCare App

Take control of your heating system from anywhere with the Viessmann ViCare app

Viessmann ViCare app allows you to control your heating system online. The app’s simple interface provides intuitive operation, making it easier to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint while ensuring convenience and security.

The ViCare app provides an overview of your heating system’s status, allowing you to program different switching times and activate Comfort or Economy mode. You can also use the “I want hot water” function for a long hot bath.


The Viessmann ViCare app will work with several Viessmann devices, including the Climate Sensor and Vitotrol 100-E Smart Thermostat.

The Vitotrol 100-E allows you to control your heating from a base unit inside your home and on the app. The climate sensor only allows control through the app. So, if you are out of the house and someone inside wants to turn the heating on for a while, the Vitotrol 100-E is the preferred option.

When buying a new boiler it’s worth considering your control options.

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