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Viessmann Climate Sensor

The Viessmann ViCare Wireless Thermostat & Climate
Sensor allows full control of your heating and hot water from
your mobile phone.

Save up to £500 PER YEAR a year

Viessmann Climate Sensor

The Viessmann Climate Sensor is a convenient way for homeowners to manage their heating and hot water. Control is moved to a smartphone and app, removing all in-house controls.

This thermostat is designed to work exclusively with the latest Viessmann Vitodens 050-W, 100-W & 111-W boilers.

Product Features

  • Modulates your boiler for high efficiency
  • No third party controls required
  • Uses Viessmann ViCare app for all settings and control
  • Wireless RF connection with boiler
  • Follows boiler warranty when installed with a Viessmann Vitodens boiler
  • Additional sensors can act as wireless repeaters
Description Details
Power 1x Battery – CR2450 – button cell
Radi Frequency 2.4GHz
Wireless Range Up to 14m – depending on wall thickness, material and structure
Viessmann Part Number ZK05991
Viessmann Climate Sensor

Please be aware, the Viessmann Climate Sensor moves all control of your boiler to the ViCare App. There is no in-home control of heating or hot water.

This means if you have internet connectivity issues you will temporarily lose connection to your boiler.

If you would prefer a physical thermostat for your new boiler in your home the Viessmann Vitotrol 100-E smart thermostat will be a better option. However it is only available on the 100-W and 111-W series boilers for now.

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