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Updated July 2021

Updated for 2021, the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W is a high-performance storage combi boiler designed for family homes. As one of the most popular boilers we install for households with higher hot water demands, we have taken a look at the new 2021 Viessmann Vitodens 111-W range in detail and have highlighted why we recommend it to households where a system boiler may not be suitable or where it’s not practical to have separate units.

Price (Installed): From £3300 (inc. VAT)

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Viessmann Vitodens 111-W Technical  Specification 

Manufacturer Viessmann
Model Vitodens 111-W 
Condensing Yes
Efficiency Rating 94%
Energy Efficiency Class A Rated
LPG Compatible Yes
Warranty Up to 12-year comprehensive warranty*
Central Heating Max. Output 32 kW
Mounting Wall Mounted
Weight 64kg
Dimensions 900mm (Height) x 600mm (Width) x 480mm (Depth)

*when installed by a Viessmann trained installer

The Vitodens 111-W is available in the following sizes: 26kW and 35kW

kW Size Flow Rate
25kW 18 l/min
32kW 20 l/min

Viessmann Vitodens 111-W Key Features

  • Modulation ratio of up to 1:10
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Easy to read in low light backlit LCD touchscreen
  • Provides a domestic hot water supply equivalent to a 150L unvented cylinder due to the advanced CLS (Cylinder Loading System)
  • 46-litre capacity stainless steel integrated storage tank 
  • Hot water delivery of up to 18 L/min
  • Modulating stainless steel cylinder burner
  • Compatible with Opentherm technology
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Remote control via the ViCare smartphone and tablet app
  • Low operating noise – 49 decibels
  • All components can be accessed from the front
  • Can fill a 140-litre bath in 8 minutes whilst supplying a sink or washbasin simultaneously

About the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W

  • Suitable for family homes with 4+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms
  • Designed for installation in a number of locations such as a utility room, kitchen or an airing cupboard
  • Compact dimensions ensure space-saving and allow for the boiler to be installed in living areas 
  • Made and assembled in Germany 

The Viessmann Vitodens 111-W is a storage combi boiler designed for homes with high hot water demands. Unlike standard combi boilers, it has a water cylinder housed within the unit itself, this means that there is no need for a separate hot water tank.

With a 46-litre storage capacity, the stainless steel storage tank integrated into the Vitodens 111-W is equipped to provide hot water to multiple sources simultaneously. This makes it an ideal choice for larger houses with multiple bathrooms.

Utilising a Cylinder Loading System (CLS), the Vitodens 111-W replaces the heating coil utilised in most unvented cylinders with a plate heat exchanger. This technology utilises a DHW (Domestic Hot Water) pump to circulate cold water from the bottom of the cylinder through the plate heat exchanger and puts hot water back to the top of the cylinder.

New for 2021, the Vitodens 111-W has been upgraded to have a modulating ratio of 1:10. The high ratio makes the boiler suitable for use in apartments and well-insulated buildings, whilst also ensuring less operating noise – with the boiler operating at 49 decibels. The modulating ratio also means less stress is placed upon the boiler and ensures a longer service life for the components.

Up to 10-year warranty

The Vitodens 111-W comes with a 5-year comprehensive warranty as standard, with an extended warranty option of up to 10 years available if fitted by a Viessmann Trained Installer.

Viessmann Vitodens 111-W installation video

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Our thoughts on the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W

Customer Handover

Which? Best Buy

The Viessmann Vitodens 115-W was first awarded Which? Best Buy status in 2017. 

The Vitodens 111-W’s Best Buy status was first awarded based on feedback from 219 registered Which? Trusted Traders heating engineers and 9,610 domestic customers. This feedback covered the experiences of the boiler owners and the views of the installers in regard to the ease of servicing, fixing a common fault, availability of parts and spares, build quality and recommendations.

Having also received Which? Best Buy status in 2018 and 2019, the boiler has been noted for its reliability each time.

Integrated Wi-Fi

Launched in April 2021, the new Vitodens 111-W notably now comes with integrated Wi-Fi. This along with the 111-W’s new control platform makes commissioning and servicing the boiler easier. From an engineer’s perspective, this means that they are now able to monitor and make adjustments to customers’ boilers remotely using the Vitoguide software. This shortens services processes and improves customer service by showing the engineer the status of customers’ systems at a glance. Here, they are able to see fault messages instantly and respond to any issues promptly.

For the engineer, the compatibility with Vitoguide also makes commissioning the boiler easier and provides a step-by-step guide covering time programmes, heating circuits, heating curves, DHW and the circulation pump.

For the end-user, the integrated Wi-Fi means that the Vitodens 111-W is now fully compatible with the battery-powered, RF-connected ViCare Thermostat. This means that the boiler can not only be controlled using the boiler’s large seven-inch colour touchscreen, it can also be controlled using this device whilst at the property and not only that, it can also be controlled wherever you are in the world using the ViCare app on a smartphone or tablet – all without the need for third-party controls. 

The ViCare app provides the Vitodens 111-W with the following functionality:

  • Information on the current operating status
  • Quick adjustments to the heating system
  • Time programmes for heating and hot water, by zone


Viessmann, the manufacturer of the Vitodens 111-W are renowned for their reliability and the quality of the components housed within the boilers they manufacture. All of the components utilised within the Vitodens 111-W are manufactured by Viessmann themselves and are designed to work together for maximum performance and reliability.

The reliability of the Vitodens 111-W has been commended by Which?, with the boiler receiving a Which? ‘Best Buy’ award for the last three years.


The Vitodens 111-W offers rapid abilities, offering one of the highest draw-off rates of boilers currently on the market.

It can fill a standard bath in just eight minutes, whilst also supplying a sink or washbasin at the same time. Alternatively, it can also supply hot water to three showers for up to 15 minutes.


Thanks to Viessmann’s patented stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger, the Vitodens 111-W offers exceptional efficiency of up to 94%. This is due to Inox stainless steel having a maximum of 1.2% carbon and a minimum of 10.5% chromium content, which efficiently converts the supplied energy into heat whilst consuming lower amounts of fuel, emitting lower CO2 emissions and having less impact on the environment.

This technology creates a furnace-like environment inside a small space and increases the heat exchanger’s resistance to staining and corrosion, which significantly extends your boiler’s lifespan and contributes to higher savings on your annual energy bills.

Aluminium heat exchangers, which are utilised in many other boilers, on the other hand initially offer high thermal conductivity but the efficiency will degrade dramatically over time due to the material being prone to corrosion.

The Vitodens 111-W has a 94% efficiency rating and is A-rated.


One of the initial advantages of the Vitodens 111-W over the competition is the flexibility in where it can be located. Unlike storage combi boilers from competitors such as Worcester Bosch which are floor standing, the Vitodens 111-W is instead wall-mounted. This is a great plus point as it saves on floor space and allows you to utilise otherwise unused wall space.


Due to having an integrated water cylinder, the boiler offers space-saving abilities and means that the unit is just housed in one location without a hot water cylinder needing to be installed elsewhere. As everything is housed all in one unit, it also means that you can be confident that you are just dealing with one manufacturer. Plus with a warranty of up to 10 years available, you can be confident that you will have 10 years with no issues associated with any of the components of your boiler.


At 49 decibels, the operating noise levels of the Vitodens 111-W are relatively quiet. To put this into perspective, it operates with noise levels that are only marginally louder than those of an A-rated fridge. Due to this, this boiler is quiet enough to be installed into a bedroom with no danger of this disturbing your sleep.

Where this boiler can be installed

At 900mm (height) x 600mm (width) x 480mm (depth), the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W isn’t a small boiler. Due to this, it is crucial that you ensure you have the correct location to install this boiler. Suitable installations include garages, utility rooms and airing cupboards.  If intending to install in an airing cupboard, you should measure the space available to ensure it will fit. This is crucial, as not all airing cupboards have the space required and to meet Viessmann’s recommended installation guidance, you will also need to ensure clearance is available to the top, bottom and sides.

As it weighs 110kg when filled with water, it isn’t a light boiler either. Again it’s crucial that you consider where this boiler will be installed as you will either require a solid wall or a suitable wall for affixing fixing boards.

Water flow rate 

In order to ensure you are choosing the most appropriate boiler for your specific application, we advise that you check your cold water flow rate before choosing this boiler. We recommend that you have a cold water flow rate of 20+ litres per minute, you can check this by timing how long it takes to fill a 5-litre bucket using an outside tap.

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Our verdict

Viessmann Vitodens 111-W

Cost-effectiveness: 9/10

Energy efficiency: 10/10

Overall rating: 9/10

As storage combi boilers go, the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W is an excellent choice.

It really does deserve the crown as the best storage combi boiler on the market today. This largely comes down to the reliable stainless steel heat exchanger which ensures a long service life and excellent efficiency which can take off more than you might expect from your annual energy bills.

The new addition for 2021 of integrated Wi-Fi has enhanced this boiler even further. No longer are third-party controls required from controlling this boiler via a smartphone or tablet. Instead, the boiler comes equipped for this right out of the box.

We are increasingly finding that customers are choosing the Viessmann Vitodens 111-W as a replacement for older boilers such as the Ideal/Potterton Powermax due to fulfilling the same requirements and because it’s a similar size. You can see a Powermax boiler being swapped for a Vitodens 111-W in the video below.

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How much are the monthly repayments for a Viessmann Vitodens 111-W?

Using our boiler finance calculator, you will be able to see the typical monthly repayments for a Viessmann Vitodens 111-W should you choose to take out a finance plan for this boiler.


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