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Best Boilers UK – a 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Witten by Bernard Morgan (Engineer) & Adam Apperley (Marketing). Published: February 29, 2024. Updated: June 4, 2024

This guide will help you discover the best boiler for you. It should be dependable and energy-efficient, quiet and last a long time. We’ll compare the top boiler brands and models and we’ll also include the new boiler cost too.

Key Takeaways

  • The best boiler available right now is the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W. It’s a premium gas boiler with quality components for a good price. Read all about the Vitodens 100-W combi boiler here.
  • The top boiler brands in the UK in 2024, known for their quality, efficiency, and innovation, include Viessmann, Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Alpha, and Baxi.
  • Boiler types such as combi, system, and conventional/heat-only each offer different benefits which cater to the specific needs of varying households.
  • When choosing a boiler, consider key factors such as efficiency ratings, warranty length, fuel availability, component materials and features like smart controls and design.
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Viessmann Vitodens 100-W 26kW Combi Boiler - Best Boiler in the UKThe Vitodens 100-W is available as a combi boiler, system boiler, and regular/heat-only boiler across various power outputs that suit most small to medium homes with 1-4 bedrooms.

It’s expensive, but it’s the best boiler because of its high-quality components, long warranty, and integrated WiFi, which allows Viessmann (and Boilerhut if we installed it) to monitor your boiler for faults and issues for years to come.

It is our pick for the best boiler, and it features:

  • Up to 12-year manufacturer warranty
  • A modulation range of 1:10 due to the MatriX-Plus burner
  • Energy rating – A-rated, 94% efficient
  • Patented Inox-radial stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Integrated WiFi for remote monitoring and diagnosis

Read our 100-W 30kW combi boiler review for more information, or read our Viessmann reviews to learn more about the company.

Vitodens 100-W 26kW Combi 26 £1,430 (Boiler). From £2,760 Installed.
Vitodens 100-W 11kW System 11 £1,330 (Boiler). From £2,860 Installed.
Vitodens 100-W 19kW Heat-Only 19 £1,247 (Boiler). From £2,790 Installed.
Vitodens 111-W 32kW Storage Combi 32 £1,980 (Boiler). From £3,340 Installed.


Vaillant ecoTEC Plus - Best Boilers UKThe Vaillant ecoTEC plus is available as a natural gas and LPG combi, system and regular boiler. These boilers have stainless steel heat exchangers, are well-reviewed, are highly efficient, and have a 10-year warranty. The ecoTEC plus features:

  • Simple controls
  • Up to 94% efficiency
  • Modulation of 1:10

Read our ecoTEC plus review.

Vaillant ecoTEC plus 630 System 30 £1,790 (Boiler). From £3,140 Installed.
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 835 Combi 35 £1,690 (Boiler). From £3,090 Installed.
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 418 Regular 18 £1,288 (Boiler). From £2,910 Installed.
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Viessmann Vitodens 050-W Combi Boiler B0KA - Best boilers in the UKThis is Viessmann’s entry-level boiler. But, the 050-W is still one of the world’s best boilers. The warranty is two years shorter than the 100-W at 10 years, but it has the same heat exchanger and built-in WiFi for fault monitoring.

  • 10-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty
  • Durable, patented stainless steel heat exchanger manufactured in-house
  • A-rated, 92% efficient boiler
  • 1:8 modulation range to help save you money using OpenTherm communication with thermostats.

Read our Vitodens 050-W 19kW system review.

Vitodens 050-W 25kW Combi 25 £1,060 (Boiler). From £2,460 Installed.
Vitodens 050-W 19kW System 19 £1,045 (Boiler). From £2,690 Installed.


Alpha E-Tec 35 NXS System Boiler - Best boilers in the UK | BoilerhutThe Alpha E-Tec, available as a combi and system boiler, is one of our most popular boilers and is one of the cheaper options. This is great, considering all Alpha NX boilers have the latest version of their stainless steel heat exchanger. These boilers are good for medium-sized homes.

The E-Tec NX features:

  • Up to 7-year warranty
  • Modulation range 1:6
  • 94% efficient condensing boiler

Read our Alpha E-Tec NX review.

Alpha E-Tec 33 NX Combi 33 £870 (Boiler). From £2,090 Installed.
Alpha E-Tec 20 NX System 20 £920 (Boiler). From £2,210 Installed.
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Worcester Bosch Condens 4000 Combi Boiler - 5th Best BoilersThe Greenstar 4000 boiler is Worcester’s most popular model. It is a great boiler and comes with a 10-year warranty. It is efficient and reliable. It is compatible with the Bosch Easy Control thermostat and has a “Quick Tap” feature to minimise water wastage.

This boiler has an aluminium heat exchanger rather than a stainless steel one, so we recommend careful consideration due to potential efficiency loss over time.

The 4000 is available as a combi and system boiler in both natural gas and LPG fuel versions. Read our Greenstar 4000 30kW review.

Greenstar 4000 Combi 25 £1,540 (Boiler). From £3,140 Installed.
Greenstar 4000 Combi 30 £1,670 (Boiler). From £3,290 Installed.
Greenstar 4000 System 12 £1,420 (Boiler). From £2,820 Installed.

Top Boiler Brands in the UK 2024

When it comes to selecting a new boiler, the brand is more than just a name; it should reassure you by being a testament to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Some of the top boiler brands are:

  • Viessmann: known for its German-engineered premium boilers and heat exchangers
  • Vaillant: impresses with its quality and innovation
  • Worcester Bosch: the UK’s best-known boiler manufacturer
  • Alpha: offers a balance of affordability and quality
  • Baxi: a strong historical presence and dedication to customer service
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Best boilers in the UK - Viessmann

Viessmann boilers are known for their high efficiency and lifespan. With models like the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W and 111-W leading the market with a remarkable 98% efficiency rating, it’s easy to see why they’ve gained popularity.

Our best pick, the Vitodens 100-W, comes with a 12-year warranty. This shows Viessmann believes in its design, manufacturing, innovative stainless steel heat exchanger, and integrated WiFi.

Quality and dependability of Viessmann are confirmed by accolades like the Which? Best Buy Awards. Being committed to quality and innovation, Viessmann is among the top boiler brands in the UK.


Vaillant is recognised for quality in the boiler industry. Their tradition of delivering top-quality products has given it a loyal customer base throughout the UK. The ecoTEC plus model is a prime example of this, boasting up to 94% efficiency and advanced technology that simplifies control and maximises comfort.

Vaillant has carved out a reputation for producing boilers that deliver exceptional performance, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their extensive warranty options and highly regarded after-sales support.

Vaillant boilers are engineered to high standards within the UK, ensuring that each unit meets the demands of British homes. This combination of quality, performance, and support positions Vaillant as a trusted choice when seeking a reliable and efficient boiler.

Worcester Bosch Boilers

Best boilers - Worcester BoschWorcester Bosch is a brand that has been a household name for years. Worcester boilers are known for dependable and high-quality products. Their comprehensive range, including gas, LPG, and oil-fueled options, caters to a wide spectrum of customer needs.

The Greenstar 4000 is one of their most popular, with its sleek design backed by a 10-year warranty. Worcester’s position in the market is due to its exceptional products, dedicated customer service team and extensive network of service engineers.

This support ensures that Worcester not only sells boilers but also provides peace of mind, knowing that assistance is always available.

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Alpha - Best boiler brandsAlpha boilers offer a balance between cost and quality. Their range of boilers, including the popular Alpha E-Tec model, comes with a 7-year warranty and efficient condensing technology at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. The brand’s commitment to providing quality without compromise is evident in their robust customer service and after-sales support, making Alpha a brand that homeowners can trust.

With a selection that includes combi, system, and regular boilers, Alpha ensures that there is a fitting option for varying customer needs. The brand’s reputation for reliability continues to grow, fortified by a dedication to excellence that resonates with budget-conscious consumers who still demand high performance from their central heating.

Alpha’s standing in the boiler industry is a testament to their ability to marry affordability with quality, making them a smart choice for the discerning homeowner.


Baxi - top boiler brand in the UKBaxi’s storied presence in the boiler market dates back to 1866, cementing its status as a brand with deep roots and a rich heritage. This longevity is complemented by a commitment to innovation, ensuring that Baxi boilers stays at the forefront of the boiler industry.

Recognised for its diverse selection of products, Baxi stands out for offering boilers with healthy warranties, a reflection of the brand’s confidence in their British-manufactured products.

Award-winning customer service and superior aftercare are hallmarks of the Baxi experience, with customers lauding the brand for its performance and durability. Located in Lancashire, Baxi takes pride in providing value for money and ensuring that their customers receive the attention and service they deserve.

When it comes to finding a boiler brand that combines historical prowess with modern excellence, Baxi is a name that resonates with reliability and trust.

Choosing the Best Boiler for You

Selecting the right boiler for your home is not a decision to be taken lightly; it requires careful consideration of several key factors. Consideration of the following factors is critical when choosing a boiler:

  • Boiler size
  • Efficiency ratings
  • Warranty length and reliability
  • Brand reputation
  • Type of fuel available
  • Professionalism of the installer

We’ll delve deeper into these considerations, equipping you with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.

Efficiency Ratings

The efficiency of a boiler directly correlates with how much of the energy it consumes is converted into usable heat, meaning a higher efficiency rating equals more warmth for less money – and a smaller environmental impact. The Energy-related Products (ErP) label is a legal requirement in the UK, providing a clear rating from A-G, with A-rated boilers signifying the highest energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK (SEDBUK) rating system complements the ErP label by offering efficiency scores in both percentages and A-G rankings. Most new combination boilers boast an A-rating, signifying that they embody the latest in efficient heating technology.

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Warranty Period

The length of a boiler’s warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s reliability and durability. Longer warranty periods often signal a commitment to quality, with brands like Worcester Bosch and Viessmann leading the way with warranties extending up to 12 years.

Installation and Maintenance

A well-installed boiler can be the difference between a system that runs smoothly for years and one that encounters frequent issues. Combi boilers are particularly known for their less complex and more cost-effective installation due to the absence of external components.

Regular servicing is also essential, helping to maintain operational efficiency and safety while providing the added benefit of identifying potential issues before they escalate.

Fuel Availability

The type of fuel your boiler uses is a big consideration, especially in terms of availability and cost. For those connected to the natural gas network, a gas boiler remains the most common and convenient option. However, for properties off the gas grid, LPG (liquid petroleum gas) serves as a viable alternative, and many boilers are designed to be easily converted to use it. Oil is another option for those who prefer it, though it requires a separate review of the best oil boilers available.

Alternatives to gas boilers, LPG, and oil, such as electric boilers, biomass boilers, and air source heat pumps, require careful consideration. Here are some key points to keep in mind when comparing them to a gas boiler:

  1. Electric boilers offer great efficiency but come with higher energy costs compared to gas, and powerful models may necessitate an upgraded electrical supply.
  2. Biomass boilers, while sustainable, produce more local emissions and have a larger carbon footprint due to the shipping of pellets from abroad.
  3. Air source heat pumps are gaining popularity due to government grants, but most homes might not qualify for installation due to strict guidelines.
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Boiler Features to Look Out For

Beyond brand reputation and boiler type, there are specific features that can greatly impact a boiler’s efficiency, durability, and long-term performance.

  • High power output
  • High-quality components
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Long warranty period

Smart Controls

Smart controls have become a pivotal feature in the efficient management of home heating systems. Technologies like weather compensation can adjust the boiler’s output based on external temperatures, ensuring that your home is always comfortable without wasting energy. Additionally, remote access allow homeowners to control their heating from anywhere, providing both convenience and the ability to make real-time adjustments for optimal efficiency.

Smart thermostats from brands such as Nest, Tado, and Hive ocan learn your routine and automating temperature adjustments based on your location.

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Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

A boiler’s heat exchanger is the core component that transfers heat from the burner to the water within the system, and the material it’s made from plays a crucial role in its efficacy and lifespan.

Stainless steel heat exchangers are renowned for their:

  • Efficient heat transfer capabilities
  • Ability to withstand the test of time, even in the face of harsh operating conditions
  • Superior resistance to corrosion and thermal stress

Tips for Finding the Best Boiler Deals

Embarking on the quest for the perfect boiler doesn’t end with selecting a model – finding the best deal is just as important. The boiler market can be competitive, and with the right approach, you can uncover opportunities to save on both the boiler and its installation.

  • Comparing quotes from multiple installers is a smart first step, as installation costs can vary widely.
  • Professional advice can also provide invaluable insights into the best options for your specific circumstances.
  • Online quoting tools have streamlined the process, with services like Boilerhut offering competitive fixed prices for boilers and installations, eliminating the need to have an installer visit your property.

By leveraging these resources and being proactive in your search, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best deals on the market.


The best boiler works well for you and gives you confidence for the long term. All the leading boiler manufacturers are now producing energy-efficient boilers with ratings of 90% or more so that is less of a worry overall. Of course, the higher the efficiency of the boiler model the better but there may be other considerations you value more.

Reliability is probably one of the questions we get asked the most. The most reliable boilers in the UK are produced by Viessmann. Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Alpha also make very good boilers will long warranties, but in our experience, the quality of their internal components and manufacturing means very little goes wrong.

Another consideration when installing a new boiler is your existing setup. If you have a combi boiler, replacing it with a combi boiler is going to be the quickest and most cost-effective option. It’s the same with system and conventional boilers. Changing your heating system from a conventional/regular setup to a combi boiler will cost more, but you may get savings in the long term and better performance.

Good luck. We’d love to give you an instant, personalised, no-obligation quote. It only takes a minute.

Why use Boilerhut for your new boiler?

If you need a new or replacement boiler or are looking at having a central heating system installed, get an online quote, and you’ll get an instant price.

But why choose Boilerhut:

  • Save up to £590 per year on your energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Quick central heating system installation. Next day boiler installation.
  • 5* Excellent customer service satisfaction on Trustpilot.
  • Boiler finance options available for central heating or boiler installation.
  • 10 to 12-year warranty on boilers.
  • Experienced Gas Safe registered engineers.
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  • Get up to three quotes for different-tier boilers.
  • Instant, no-obligation quote in less than 1 minute.
  • Annual boiler service with the manufacturer to ensure warranty (annual or monthly charge).

Frequently asked questions

You can find the best boiler deals by comparing quotes from multiple installers, seeking professional advice, and using online quoting tools that offer competitive fixed prices for boilers and installations, like Boilerhut’s. This will help you make an informed decision on the best deal for your needs.

As a summary of this page, we think Viessmann are the best boiler brand available today. Their Vitodens 100-W has a 12 year warranty and when annually serviced through Boilerhut it is looked after be Viessmann themselves ensuring that warranty period. However, not all properties, fuel types and family situations would suit a Viessmann, this is why we talk to everyone about their quotes before moving forward to ensure all the details are correct.

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As discussed above, the Viessmann produce a fantastic and quality product. They’re made in Germany with non-composite (all metal) materials and a stainless steel heat exchanger ensuring long-term super-high efficiency.

It depends on your situation, but combi boilers are a fantastic type of boiler. They remove the need for a hot water tank saving you money by not storing hot water for long periods of time. They may take a few seconds longer to get hot water to you, but a combi boiler can save you £590 a year on your energy bills.

If you think a combi can’t handle your home’s hot water requirement, you can consider a storage combi boiler with a hot water tank built in. This means it can produce more hot water flow than your incoming cold water flow.

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Consider efficiency ratings, warranty length, brand reputation, power availability, new technologies, and the availability of boilers and parts when choosing a boiler. Also, explore alternative fuel options like biomass boilers, heat pumps, and electric boilers. Choose wisely to meet your heating needs efficiently.

As discussed above, the Viessmann Vitodens range (050-W, 100-W, and 200-W) are a fantastic and quality product. They’re made in Germany with non-composite materials and a stainless steel heat exchanger ensuring long-term super-high efficiency.

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Boilerhut are based in Cardiff, Wales – but we have a panel of approved engineers across the UK meaning we can install boilers from northern Scotland to Southern England.

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A storage combi boiler is a combi boiler with an internal hot water tank so that it is able to provide more hot water on demand than a standard combi boiler. They’re great for properties with lower cold water flow rates. You can read more about storage combi boilers in our guide >.

A floor standing storage combi boiler is the same but with a larger hot water tank. For example, the Viessmann Vitodens 222-F was a 100-litre tank compared with the Vitodens 111-W which has a 46-litre tank.

Back in 2022 these were our top 3 boiler models:

  1. Viessmann Vitodens 200-W. This has since been replaced with the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W which has a 12-year warranty and is less expensive than the 200-W. It’s still a great boiler (wth 98% efficiency) but the value of the 100-W means it wins in 2024.
  2. Viessmann Vitodens 050-W. A great boiler with good efficiency, customer service and stainless steel heat exchanger. Made even better in 2024 with integrated WiFi and a fantastic new look.
  3. Alpha E-Tec Plus. A great mid-range boiler with a stainless steel heat exchanger.
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